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  1. *kneecaps reyler's lawyers with a croquet mallet* It's a litigation mitigation sensation that's sweeping the nation!
  2. I'm ... I'm not here? *has a brief existential crisis* *forgets what she was talking about and absconds with reyler's earlobes*
  3. Damn it Play3r! That's the third time this thread has got me. I feel it's only fair to reply so that you'll lose the game too. And for reyler, a query: is one of your profile pics broken or are you including that symbol in the rotation to mess with people?
  4. Damnit! Almost a month! You know you can just choose not to receive alerts, right Player? Then you wouldn't have lost just now. Also, wow. I wanna learn how to make physics.
  5. GoodGrief


    *applies wet paint to a nearby bench* The next person to have a seat should be plenty colourful enough to be your sidekick.
  6. The person above me does not believe in triskaidekaphobia. Or so I assume.
  7. Hippo Birdy to me!

  8. Haaaaaaaaappy Birthday!

  9. Well I'm not in the game anymore, otherwise it might've been taken otherwise.

  10. lol thanks. I hope everyone stops laughing long enough to take me seriously though.

  11. *laughs* I liked your last Mistborn Mafia post. Not because any of it's true because I don't know that it is, but because it was hi-larious! Thought about sharing on thread, but thought best not to >.>

  12. I miss the old DM profiles where you could see what times of the day people were most active. So useful for playing mafia. And stalking. Mustn't forget the stalking.

    1. Locke


      The new layout is rather anti-stalking.


      A shame really.

  13. GoodGrief


    Usually threaten? I think her threats are quite interesting and varied.
  14. *tattoos the inside of reyler's skull* (yesthatispossiblethere'samembranethere)
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