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  1. *kneecaps reyler's lawyers with a croquet mallet* It's a litigation mitigation sensation that's sweeping the nation!
  2. I'm ... I'm not here? *has a brief existential crisis* *forgets what she was talking about and absconds with reyler's earlobes*
  3. Damn it Play3r! That's the third time this thread has got me. I feel it's only fair to reply so that you'll lose the game too. And for reyler, a query: is one of your profile pics broken or are you including that symbol in the rotation to mess with people?
  4. Thanks Locke! This was fun, let's do it again!
  5. Post Restriction. They can limit the number or length of your posts, or force you to do things like speak with a funny accent, post in iambic pentameter, avoid all words containing the letter 'm', mention sausages in every post, declare your undying love for the person who posted above you, end every sentence with 'mon' or precede each post with an evil laugh. They generally last for the rest of the game. I've always wanted that role, but being on the receiving end is frustrating. I once had one that required me to post no more than six times a game phase, and to post no more than six words at a time, one of which had to be 'goat'. The mod eased the restriction on post length before I went insane and quit.
  6. Durrp, looks like I forgot to use my healing power on one night. Oh well, neither of the people killed were high on my list to protect (sorry guys). Awesome set-up, Locke! Loved every minute I spent obsessing over this game. So I take it that Song/Vambram was the unsnapped brother mentioned in my role PM? Were there any more roles like that?
  7. I protected myself, lol. Two abilities a night, remember? If I hadn't I guess we both would have ended up dead and the innocents would have won anyway. You might have made it if I had protected myself the night before instead, but I was busy killing Talya that night. As it was I was free to protect myself last night. I did go through a brief period of thinking you were innocent, but once Talya was dead and turned out not to be a vote stealer, I knew it had to be someone else on the Alanna lynch and that left you. The Wombat vote had me fooled for a while, though. I thought maybe there weren't any mafia left. I asked you and Key to reveal your roles because I figured an innocent who had tried to protect Talya out of a belief that she was innocent wouldn't lie about their role (having nothing to fear from an investigation). So that confirmed you for me. Key wouldn't have doomed her cultmaster, and I knew everybody else's role. That and the fact that you confused a Lurcher's power with a Coinshot I was more focused on Key though because I was sure she was cult, and I thought I needed a cult kill to shore up my credibility in case someone tried to expand on Talya's Griefy-is-cult theory later and made the town tear itself apart. Who says image management is only for scum?
  8. Damnit! Almost a month! You know you can just choose not to receive alerts, right Player? Then you wouldn't have lost just now. Also, wow. I wanna learn how to make physics.
  9. Woooo! Not bad for a comeback! I see more mafia in my future. *makes with the high-fiving* Kudos to Tina for coming up with the winning play. There was never really a question of me investigating Blackhoof, lol. I'd had him pegged as the one who must have stolen my vote since before his botched role reveal. So I'm guessing there weren't any more cult after Key because they alternated killing and recruiting and couldn't do either once Alanna was dead? That would explain the three night gap. On Night One they killed, on Night Two Alanna was blocked by Tina, on Night Three they recruited Key, so it wasn't until Night Four that they were free to kill again. Hence my initial assumption that they killed and recruited every three nights. Alternating makes much more sense, and I'm ashamed that I didn't see it immediately when we lynched Alanna. Tina even pointed out before that that she'd blocked Alanna on Night Two. Oh well, we got there in the end Good game, everyone!
  10. *proffers a cake covered in sequins* Don't get them stuck between your teeth.
  11. Talya was the first and only. As for your plan: oh do let's!
  12. Locke, if you update the front page I will give you a big cake. That is all.
  13. He's right, unfortunately. Apart from predicting the reason for Locke's silence my accuracy has obviously been considerably off. Whether or not any mafia remain, there has to be at least one cultist left. The spike that converted Key can only have come from Ellianora, who was nightkilled on night one. On that night, Leelou was also killed and revealed as 'Obligator pawn - PR giver'. My assumption that she was converted with Elli's spike was based on the fact that spikes can also steal mundane attributes. Obviously this was not the case with Elli's murder, as Key has cropped up with her power, so if Leelou had that spike she should also have been a Tineye. She wasn't, ergo she wasn't recruited with it. She started off cult. Key is the first cult convert we've killed, and the cult has acquired two spikes. Therefore there is one more.
  14. Locke could just be busy, Tina. That would account for the fact that the deadline passed hours ago as well. Last time day was extended (Mav's doing?) we were informed of the new deadline, so I'd say Locke's caught up. I don't think it can be a power being used to extend day, because I know for sure that neither you, me or Tiinker can, it is against Blackhoof's interests to do so and Key wouldn't get caught in a lie by false-claiming in front of a fellow mason, so she must only be a day-shortener like she said. Besides, my vote was taken and put somewhere else, yours just isn't there. I'd say Lock just hasn't updated.
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