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  1. Hippo Birdy to me!

  2. Haaaaaaaaappy Birthday!

  3. Well I'm not in the game anymore, otherwise it might've been taken otherwise.

  4. lol thanks. I hope everyone stops laughing long enough to take me seriously though.

  5. *laughs* I liked your last Mistborn Mafia post. Not because any of it's true because I don't know that it is, but because it was hi-larious! Thought about sharing on thread, but thought best not to >.>

  6. I miss the old DM profiles where you could see what times of the day people were most active. So useful for playing mafia. And stalking. Mustn't forget the stalking.

    1. Locke


      The new layout is rather anti-stalking.


      A shame really.

  7. Happy Birthday DM!! I miss this place a lot. I know I haven't been around much in, like, years, but never let it be said that I forget birthdays! Here's to another eleven years of great community, great WoT coverage and great times! *hugsqueezes the site* I will be back. Promise.
  8. You could say it's all google's fault, but I blame sport ;D One day in highschool I hid in the library to skip out on sport and started thinking about another time I had skipped out on sport in the library. On that particular occassion I had noticed a rather long series of books sitting in the fantasy section. It was, of course, the WoT. So I picked up the EotW and read. And read. And missed the bus home, and read. And was turfed out by the librarian and had to phone my grandmother to come and get me. Many recesses, lunches, band practices, spare periods, not-so spare periods and many, many sports lessons later, I was still reading. Then suddenly I ran out of pages and didn't know what to do. So during that fateful sports lesson I impulsively googled Wheel of Time. And it lead me here. And I lurked for a few months. And then I saw some gibbering lackwit squicking because he thought Rand and Elayne were siblings. Naturally, I had to correct him by exhaustively detailing the geneology of the Andoran Royal Line right off the top of my head. That was when I realised that I was obsessed. I've never looked back. :P
  9. I'm pretty sure I joined in 2004, but it could have been late '03. In any case, DM has been both a refuge and stage for me. I am the person I am in no small part because of this community and the world of fiction that brought me here. I think it's a shame that RJ isn't around to see this site still powering on ten years after it first started supporting his remarkable work. Happy Birthday DM, and the Light send many, many more to come.
  10. I can't find the last two anywhere :( I just reread the series up to 4 and I have to say, we need to see more of Juliet.
  11. GoodGrief

    Best Webcomics?

    xkcd deserves its own mention. Some examples ... http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/the_ring.png[/img] http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/hypotheticals.png[/img] http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/nihilism.png[/img] Uh, yeah, I didn't just spend half an hour pressing the 'random' button whilst debating which of my favourites to pick ...
  12. Hey Tube, I really hope that question you're talking about wasn't "Who killed Asmodean," cause oh boy ... I hope you stick around after you've found your answer. It's a lovely place :D 'Course, if your question pertains to Asmodean you'll be sticking around for a while anyway ...
  13. *just noticed Sven's address* I've been there once! The scenery was beautiful :D Have you ever been to the straits of Ileum?
  14. Hey, I'm from Aus! Don't hold it against me though, I mainly make crude jokes about Tasmanians :P It's always good to see other Southern Hemispherians. I don't know many people here who take life too seriously. Then again, I haven't been near the Debates & Discussions board for about a year. You'll love DM. Come for the fandom, stay for the community ;) I don't suppose you're the arty type at all, are you? Because we have a creativity Org called the Illuminators. There's an active writer's group there and a worldbuilding project which needs new blood (or just blood in general).
  15. You're not very far in are you? ;D I know you said no spoilers, but let me tell you, by the time you're past the erotic gypsy dancing, the wicked kung fu sequence with the identical triplets and the rampage of the psychotic ex-girlfriend from his previous life, you'll be hooked ;) Oh, and Bela did it. Oops! :o Yeah, so, all that aside, get ye to Fiddlesticks. Seriously. We have all the spam you can eat. And if you like writing, drawing, cooking, digital art or gluing toilet rolls together into animal shapes, check out the Illuminators ;) I expect photographic evidence of the impossible wonder that is your moneybox, too. Also, do you like old Who or just the revival? Welcome to DM and have fun!
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