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  1. hmmmm you still poking around here?*hugs* Glad to see you pup!

  2. Silver

    Goku v. Rand?

    I'm sorry but Goku. As ridiculous as it sounds, he can move faster than light and can easily kill a normal person with his pinky.
  3. That reasoning doesn't fly. Just because you believe it isn't indestructible doesn't mean i's true. We have no evidence at all that cuen can break (exexpt with TP).
  4. Making plate armor is entirely possible. It's just nobody thought of it. It may have a high up front cost (like getting a Sedai to make it) but afterwards you'd never have to repair the armor since it'll never get damaged.
  5. I was a bit iffy for the first 2 but the 3rd point really sold me!
  6. I haven't seen others post this but I always assumed the 2 women Rand will link with to use Callandor is Nyn and Alivia(?).
  7. I wonder what part was spoiled for you. Was it the part were Mat is revealed to be the real Dragon Reborn and has a threesome with Tuon and Selucia?
  8. The annoying one for me was Denezel or something like that.
  9. Well, probably just accents. I mean, looks at the documentary series Life. The UK narrator is David Attenborough. The US one is Oprah. I choose UK version.
  10. Don't know if anybody has mentioned this earlier in the thread (too lazy to look) but did anybody else notice that Elayne can now dispel cloud cover by just concentrating on her bond with Rand? Since this doesn't seem to happen with Min, it might be a channeler or baby related thing.
  11. Silver

    Sexist Reader?

    Well, it's kind of hard to set an entire fantasy series in a kitchen.
  12. I don't think this has ever been asked, but does anybody know who killed Asmodean? This could be the BUT!
  13. How would that be an unstoppable bullet? Just cause it's made of cuendillar doesn't mean it can break through other stuff. And agreed with a couple others, compulsion.
  14. I know this has been mentioned before but I think the binding already happened since there is no more Daughter of the Nine Moons. The prophecy is usually metaphorical and takes a twisted bit of thought to figure out, but it's never outright factually wrong. And it wold be wrong to think of Fortuna as the DotNM, she's the Empress. edit: Huh, just reread the quote. It's binding the Nine Moons, not daughter.. Woops. Guess I'm wrong.
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