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  1. So, I logged on for a minute and saw that you had stalked me last week. <3

  2. Yuck! I've had that problem before. You should be able to get the publisher to replace it though.
  3. ...There are protective weaves to stop physical attacks... I suppose, in the end, it'd be a matter of preparation?
  4. Grab the dragon's balls to make a wish, lol. That'd be dirty if it weren't so true. The whole point in the show seemed to be to make him become invinsible. The pacing definately sucked. The biggest thing is Rand's favor (and he's definately NOT a normal human, agreed?) is that Goku's attacks take FOREVER to build up from the super sayan (sp?) to the kamehameha wave. And we know he can die since he died so many times throughout. He may be brought back to life an inordinate number of times though. Btw, lava doesn't burn you from memory, existance and reincarnation. Balefire does. My
  5. the outsiders had violence and beer and swearing, iirc, and it was required.
  6. Is there a book called Barm Dies at the End? Or was that just a comment Kath made earlier? :D
  7. lol, now that's kivy love. you think you could get him off on the stalking too?
  8. when i read out loud to my kids, i paraphrase to cut down to understandable content. we started harry potter at 5. any classics. alice in wonderland peter pan amelia bedilia wayside school
  9. Even if you skip the rest of pratchett, good omens is a must read. that said, pratchett is my favorite for a light read.
  10. In that case, The Name Of This Book Is Secret by Psudonymous Bosch. It's an adventure about a girl ("survivalist") and boy (talks way too much/"codebreaker")who are searching for a dead magician's secret. I loved the author's sense of humor. The kids are 11, so it's around the right age, but may be a year or two younger. I'm a bad judge of those things (my third grader reads middle school books. *shrugs*). The magician is a sleight of hand type vs the Harry Potter type, though at the end there is a suggestion that maybe magic is real (villains are searching for immortality and have l
  11. That last line makes it hard (magic, horror, teen romance).
  12. I enjoyed the series. It's not quite as epic as wot, not as involved, but it's definitely comparable in several ways. worth the time. i would dispute it being an easy ready based on length, not content. they really are pretty massive when considering type set and thin pages. i have two main criticisms of the series. one he overstates religion in most of his work. but that's personal. the other is that at first, his plot twists are... easy to see coming. red herrings, if there were any, weren't strong enough. that said, he does get better at this with experience. indeed, i think
  13. Ok, post 2 up was great. Just sayin'.
  14. Finished Elantris, moved to Percy Jackson. Will be reading the first and second. Yeah... and movies should stop ruining books.
  15. As far as the city of elantris goes, i think it must be a focus for the power of the dor. remember that the city is made into an aon and the dor can be used elsewhere, it is just weak. it could be used before the final elantrian chasm line was completed as well. i think once the focal point was repaired, the well reopened to max power. of course this does not explain why the aons match the country's features...
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