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  1. overall i like the look.... hey Roka, long time no see....
  2. i think it's most certainly possible.... and i didn't get that joke, sorry. hope that doesn't mean you dislike me already though.
  3. i see. it's just the natural thing to do.
  4. what are nebies, and why do you hate them?
  5. both of you will love DM. it's a great place to be around. my only advice: don't be shy, you'll be dragged into stuff if you even hint that you're paying attention to something. so be bold and meet people, make friends and enjoy yourselves!
  6. indirect means maybe, but Lanfear set the wheels of Asmo's death in motion i think.
  7. Asmo again! why does such an irrelevent mystery keep coming back up? anyway, i personally don't care who killed him. when i find out i'll just say, "oh, well there you go then" like the majority of people. my guess is Lanfear though. now, i'm afraid i have to run. i'm missing a Fish Fight back home....
  8. Cumadrin


    *deftly dodges Spacey's snugglebites* whoa big guy....
  9. hi! you don't know me, and that's probably for the best ;) but welcome, i'm sure you'll make many more friends and have lots of fun here at DM oh, and if i haven't scared you off already, here's my card. come see us if i caught your interest.
  10. to the Admin Staff! i wouldn't be here without you! i'm so sorry for the chaos i will no doubt leave in my wake if i ever leave the Band's boards, such as now. i'd just like to apologize now, to give myself a head start in the apology department. Kudos to you Admin Staff! *raises a Battle Brew in toast*
  11. Cumadrin


    *offers a Brew id true Cuma fashion* welcome to DM! i'm Cumadrin, YOUR BOSS. 8)
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