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  1. If you're a dork Doselan, so am I. This is probably only about 3 months old... ;) http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b86/Helike_/021-1.jpg
  2. Here's a new one. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b86/Helike_/memenmoreme004.jpg
  3. *quickly enters the hall, smiling* I will speak on her behalf. Narina has been a wonderful mentee, full of enthusiasm for the WT since her first day as a novice. Although I have been very scarce at DM, I did my best to keep an eye on her and she always sent an email to check on me in turn! lol I know she's given of her time for projects within the tower and made a sincere effort to visit and get to know all the ajahs both here at DM and their offboard sites. Narina is kind, thoughtful, fun, and, most importantly, dedicated to becoming the best Sister she can be. I believe Nari will be a credit to both the WT and her chosen ajah, the Green. *hugs Nari and glows with pride for her mentee*
  4. *arrives late, hugs her minty and her minty's new bondee* Congratulations!! Sorry I'm late.. :oops:
  5. Oh YAY!! A new aspie!! AND you brought brownies! :D The best of aspie's then... *munches*
  6. All I have to say is TYRION!!! I love that little man. All that brain is just plain sexy... And one question... where's Rickon and shaggydog? We pretty much know where everyone else is. Somehow, I think that might have an impact somewhere down the road. I hate overlooking little things that seem unimportant only to have them bite me in the a$$ later...
  7. He was my hero. Steve made the world a better place and its beauty is diminished with his passing. Now we're left with Jack Hanna.... it's like we're being punished. :cry:
  8. YAY!! Congratulations to all of you, ladies! I see my minty has gotten herself raised accepted already! *hugs Nari, and does her patented happy dance* I feel your pride, Lor! It's cuz our mentees are SOOOOO smart! :D *stands on Nari's left wearing a "That's my minty" t-shirt with an arrow and waits for the party to start*
  9. CO!! Long time, no see! Glad to see everything going well! *hugs* :D
  10. *sniffles* That was so sweet!!! *sighs and wipes a single tear from her eyes* Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you great joy from your bonding!! *weaves water and air into a rainbow over the buffet table* *ties off the weave* My gift to you both! *G*
  11. SHHHHHH!!! You're inuring him to the death to come!!
  12. Greetings Nari! *showers Narina with arrowhead shaped chocolate chips* Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Helike Sedai aka Your Mentor :D aka BotRH Archer Diva! Wow... :shock: I'm alot of people! Welcome and.. heck... they already told you everything! *huggles her new mentee*
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