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Shayol Ghul's Annual Halloween Mafia Game Signups


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Welcome to my Trick-or-Treat mafia. In this game, you will be visiting houses and trick-or-treating. This will all happen on one night (Halloween) of course, but for game purposes, we will refer to the time you are visiting a house as day and the time spent walking between houses as night. You are all in costume and some of you have knives hidden in those costumes and aren’t afraid to use them.


Each house will have a trigger (ie the 9th post) and when the trigger is hit an event will take place. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. You have no way to know ahead of time. You also won’t know the triggers ahead of time, usually.


This game will start out balanced, but due to the fact that anyone (town, mafia, or 3rd party) can hit the triggers, it could go in any direction. Luck will play a big role in this game, so old fashioned scum hunting is going to be your best friend. 


If you played last year's game, this is the same format, but the setup, triggers, and events have been changed to protect the guilty. 


The game will start on October 7th.


1. Mish

2. Cloud

3. Ishy

4. RTE

5. Moon

6. Hallia

7. Verbal

8. Kat

9. Leelou

10. Aemon

11. Darthe

12. Tress

13. Andrej

14. Yates

15. Pralaya

16. Not Bob

17. Dap

18. Salami

19. Des

20. Lenlo

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