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  1. Good morning angel. <3

    1. Luciena


      Good morning lovie <3

  2. More than anyone else, Release the Woman and Get On the Floor is my biggest scum read so far. Lils makes a good case. Rebutt, or be voted, eh?
  3. Gay marriage doesn't bother me in the slightest. Abortion, however, does.
  4. I was voting Release thr Kraken through most of Day two. Nothing I've seen since has changed my mind, I could vote there. Tina and Lily are too good of players to not see what's in front of them. Their need for clarification worries me. Could vote there as well. Hobbit is mia. Haven't seen much from her. Could vote there as well. Those four are my top contenders. The rest I feel okay with.
  5. Read between the lines. Verb's move made perfect sense. And he's right, we would have lynched Basel anyway. Removing the wifom does nothing except help us going forward.
  6. *books the next flight to London*
  7. Well, there's always the hyperloop..If that's some form of public transportation, no thanks. You know how we Conservatives break out in hives when forced to mingle with the unwashed masses.
  8. Anything that keeps me from riding behind schmucks doing 30 in the fast lane is fine.
  9. Call me when transporters are reality. I'm effing tired of traffic.
  10. See, I might agree on the points raised against Cruz and Ryan. But I firmly believe that Rand Paul's views cater strongly to a much broader group than the rest. His Conservative views on the economy, coupled with a little more Liberal lean on social issues appeal to both sides, and more importantly, Independant voters.
  11. You do all know that you troll religion just like Night trolls socialism right? It's getting old.
  12. I couldn't disagree more. Like it or not (and I do like it), the days of the establishment Republicans, such as McCain, Boehner and McConnell are numbered. The future is Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. And I guess we're getting our numbers from different sources.
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