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  1. End of this game... http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/96176-diablo-the-mafia-game/?view=findpost&p=3577333
  2. Meh. Upon further review I don't think you were around to know why I took my break in the first place. I'll call this null. Help a brutha out and enlighten me? In a word? Rage.
  3. Meh. Upon further review I don't think you were around to know why I took my break in the first place. I'll call this null.
  4. Alright. This is likely my last post for the day. I was really hoping to have a chat with Dice. [v]Dice[/v] I have a pretty good streak going. Here's hoping it continues.
  5. It's also something I do as a Townie when someone I didn't have a good read on mind melds with me. LOL - okay. I got a Town read out of my stuff with Hally. I got a middling Town read out of my stuff with Turin. I got a Town read out of how Zander handled AJ with prodding from me. I'm *still* waiting on Dice. But sure. You can think my posts haven't had any purpose... Also, I have a secret for you...
  6. I'm not defending her so much as challenging your logic. That said; she *is* currently a Town read. Also, as I stated in a post to her, I think you and Leelou were being pretty hard on her. And since I think she's Town and your accusation didn't make sense to me I hope you understand why your line of questioning required scrutiny - especially since you are here to interact irt.
  7. There was alot of subtle implications that you thought it was wolfy. Look - even if she *did* waffle on her read - how is that scummy? Don't you think Town waffle as much or more than scum?
  8. It's not who I would've said. Who were you thinking?
  9. Because you've flipped between calling me wolfy and calling me null. What? I don't understand your point. Can you clarify - specifically in *this* case?
  10. Consider it a compliment and a sign that he respects your game?
  11. Where did you get the scum equity from? Did you see that reads list? It was, in a word, "masterful."
  12. Quick follow up since it's fresh in your mind. Let's assume you are Town. I don't think EVERYONE giving you a hard time was simply Town misreading you. I would assume at least one of them are scum trying to push your mislynch. Of the people that were giving you the business, who looked the most genuine and who seemed to be blending in/forcing a scum read on you? This is of interest to me.
  13. I get it. But I know you know that no posting Hally is far more often than not scum Hally. So all I had was your previous body of work to deal with and it wasn't much. Just keep posting and don't worry about the haters.
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