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Welcome to the band Hallia!!

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Yay!!  Welcome hun!!  I'm thrilled you've decided to join the Band.  I've sent in a usergroup request so you should be all set soon. 


*slides down some Battle Brew*


I'll be sending you a PM shortly regarding your Raw Recruit (RR) time.

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*nudges aside all the other distractions*




Hallia, welcome! Don't let these uncouth ruffians persuade you into doing... or drinking... something you wouldn't like :wink:


Here, try a Flaming Shot instead and when you get the chance come see me and the rest of the Archers out on The Range and I'll have some more waiting for you.

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*slices self free with hidden daggers before sufferring much more than a grazed back*


*pulls out a very special cuendillar flask*


*walks back up to the front and knocks Davrick to the ground, pinches his nose and pours a double strength FED down his throat*


*Stands and looks regretfully at the flagon*


That should just about do it.  My apologies on behalf of my fellow Banders, but the Infants can't really help themselves

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