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The 'Called It' Thread


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So, pretty soon it will all be over. We'll know the answers to most of the important stuff. If you have any crazy theories left, here's your last chance to get them out there before AMoL, so that afterwards you can point back here and say ha. Or, you know, probably not.


Mine are:

1. The DO will be destroyed.

2. Rand will be dead at the end of the book or alternatively lose his LTT memories.

3. Both members of one of the couples Perrin/Faile, Moiraine/Thom or Lan/Nynaeve will die.

4. Something relating to the Creator will be revealed about Rand's, uhm, fertility god tendencies (apples growing, multiple births etc.).

5. The future Avi saw will come true, or the book will be open-ended about it.

6. Not all of LTT's relatives were killed.

7. Mat's luck has some relationship to the ancient evil force in Shadar Logoth.



Go; and don't let lack of evidence hold you back :wink:

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Most of the Seals are already broken;

Perrin breaks the last one, in the process "being there" for Rand a second time;

The Aiel choose to wake from the dream rather than become worthless Tinkers, and shed their blood (that of the Dragon) on the rocks of Shayol Ghul;

Lehnsherr makes the chess piece move;


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1. Rand will be dead by the end of this book (and he will stay dead).

2. An Eclipse will fulfill twice danws the day.

3. Lan will die but his seed will endure through Nynaeve.

4. Logain will kill Taim.

5. Rand will close the bore to perfection using all three powers (Or he'll use callandor while Moraine weaves and he'll channel the TP). He will buffer Saidin and Saidar by using the TP as a bubble around the DO's prison.

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1. Mat will assume control of the Seanchan armies

2. Tuon/Fortuona will be collared to prove that all sul'dam can learn to channel

3. Elayne will have to sacrifice one of her twins to save Rand, the blood of the Dragon must be spilled

4. one of the forsaken will turn to the light again

5. Logain will win the battle for the Black Tower and it will be integrated into the Palace that Elaida had built

6. The "Song" must be found, a combination of the tinkers, Seanchan Ogier and randland Ogier will find the song with the Aiel.

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Cenn Buie singlehandedly reseals the Bore with a long-forgotten thatching technique known as "Lightthatching." Contrary to overwhelmingly popular belief, this is the 50k chapter at the end penned exclusively by RJ.

The BLANK in the Blight is and always has been "[a] book on Lightthatching" and most of the second act in AMoL is Cenn's quest to find it.


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I only have two theories I really care about, mostly due to how I think the book should feel...

  • Perrin dies early, but his soul goes to TAR like the wolves. He helps Rand seal the bore/kill DO there. Faile will not die as she has to help lead the empire he created.
  • Avi gets preggers from some divine act of life creation channeling habaloo Rand does during TG. He seriously has no time for a date night right now. This is why they are always holding the OP - they were conceived by it.

Other ideas I care less about:

  • Egwene is toast.
  • Lan and Nyn are toast, though Lan early and Nyn at Shayol Ghoul.

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I have just one..


- by sealing the dark one back again and to make sure he does not break out again or ever be able to, rand will destroy the wheel of time by destroying the onepower/true power so no one will be able to channel again. (this is how he breaks the world(world wont actually break like last time but will be considered a breaking)

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Cenn Buie singlehandedly reseals the Bore with a long-forgotten thatching technique known as "Lightthatching." Contrary to overwhelmingly popular belief, this is the 50k chapter at the end penned exclusively by RJ.

The BLANK in the Blight is and always has been "[a] book on Lightthatching" and most of the second act in AMoL is Cenn's quest to find it.



Felix? Is that you?

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I was making a list during my re-reads, that I have since "missed placed"..

1st : Logain kills Taim, reunites the Black Tower and...

1a : upon Rands death, since there has to be a Dragon to battle the Dark One, becomes the lights champion as the pattern will demand and will recieve the title Teramerylin (?)

2nd: The end will be.." As wittnessed and recorded by Loial,son of..., son of...."

3rd: Mat, after the defeat of the DO wil board a Seachan ship with Tuon and sail to Seandar to restore order.


Those are my main ones.

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For now, here are my two:


1. Lanfear helps Rand to seal the Bore either by giving him the knowledge to do so and/or actually helping him with the weaving of the sealing;


2. I'm not sure if Lan will survive, either way Nynaeve sires the next Malkieri King - a la the vision of the 7 Towers and the Baby holding the sword of Min's. Min's visions are only of the future.


Edit to add more:


3. Callandor will serve some purpose in resurrecting Rand. Nynaeve will wield it (possibly with others) to resurrect him.

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*Lan and Nynave will live.

*IF the Dragon's Peace isn't established prior to the Shayol Ghol attack then Rand will live.

*Rand will die and pre ressurected

*Gawyn and Galad will die.

*Perrin help in TAR with the Black Tower. Allowing the Rebels to leave and get help.

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Either Lan will save Isam or Isam will save Lan ... but probably only long for the other to make one last act of awesomeness.

Egwene lives (because Bela rides her off to safety, of course)

Elayne lives

Min dies

Aviendha dies

Gawyn lives (after so much of the problems Andor has had keeping the Daughter Heir and her brother alive, it only seems fitting)

Nynaeve lives

Perrin lives

Faile lives

Mat lives

Tuon lives

Thom dies

Morraine dies

Elyas dies (along with many wolves to help Perrin do whatever it is he must do)

Dain Bornhald will be a bad ass

Galad will also be a bad ass ... and will probably live just to remake the Children into something better ... possibly with Dain

Birgette will finally do something worthy of her legend

Rand dies

DO is destroyed



... and my hope is that Ingtar is brought back by the Horn to hold off the entire Trolloc army singlehandedly.

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- Rand will live (since the beginning of the series, it has been predicted that it woud die, it would be too obvious if he did. Also as explained by someone, it is very unusual for the main character to die in Fantasy books. It would be a "bad ending" and I don't thin it is RJ's style to write a bad ending).

- Lan will live. He can't die because of Min's viewing and, also, as for Rand, his death has been so much predicted. He wil be a king again which is another similarity with Aragorn (figher on the road helping "commoners" and teaching them how to fight).

- Nyn will live (because Lan will... and because it would be another bad ending if her talent at healing was lost to the world)

- Egwene will live. She cannot be the youngest Amrylin and have such a short reign. I think she need to have time to put some of her innovation ideas.

- Min will live: what would be point of making her die?

- Elayne might die and her mother will go back to the throne of Andor

- Logain will kill Tam: they have been enemies for a while and Logain needs his moment of glory

- Demandred will help the Light (probably unwillingly)

- Perrin will kill Slayer in TAR

- The Town won't be much of problem for the Light. It is been introduced too late in the series to have a big development when there so much to clarify already.

- Mat... I am confused on what Mat's role will be...

- channeling will still be possible

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  • It is discovered that Logain only declared himself a (False) Dragon due to a prophecy he received but mis-interpreted; his glory and this prophecy are connected.
  • Alanna Will die and break Rand's Bond and something "weird" will happen.
  • Deamandred's big plan has something to do with Onions and Layers.
  • A remnant of a remnant will be a memory only and the Aiel will be no more.
  • Tam Dies
  • Mat will NOT fight in the last battle; instead his tactics and generalship will be the forerunner of the next age.

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I've always been certain that Nynaeve and Lan would survive, and Mat would survive - simply because I seem to recall some mention of outrigger novels about what happens after regarding those (the rebuild of Malkier, and Mat in Seanchan lands). I don't now recall where I heard about them, but it would have been around 2002 or 2003 (around when New Spring came out). And at this point, we are too close to the end for Aviendha to die since she still needs to get pregnant and have quadruplets.


I think the "odd" think about Aviendha's pregnancy is that they will be conceived in Tel'aran'rhiod (or possibly after number 2).

I think Rand dies, and comes back with the horn.

I feel like Dobraine, and Tenobia have to die, because I think Perrin will be a king by the end (this leaves all the Edmond's fielders as major rulers - Nyneave in Malkier, Rand of Illean and the Black Tower (and sort of Caemlyn, Carhein and the Car'a'carn), Mat in Seanchan (and the Band), Perrin of lots of places (Two Rivers, Saldaea, Ghealdan), Egwene of the White Tower. I feel like all of these people will survive.

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  • Rand will die and remain dead and the OP will be lost to mankind
  • Lanfear will abandon the Shadow and help Rand in some way (saving him from Demandred's surprise attack perhaps) because of her hatred towards Moridin and the DO for torturing and humiliating her - despite this she will die
  • Mat will die - I mainly think this because this would have the biggest emotional impact on readers - though I kwow that too it is unlikely because RJ never liked to kill off his main characters;)
  • Perrin will live
  • Logain will kill M'hael and live
  • Lan will die as well as Thom and Moiraine
  • Aviendha and Min die

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