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  1. Any thoughts on these, Kellen Lutz and Jason Rathbone ? Taylor Lautner ? David Henry as Mat ? I'll throw these out there....Let the dissention begin ! LOL !
  2. Well, Keanu has that presence in the John Wick series IMO. Not just a look but the presence as a whole. Look at Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Not the physical presence but the "attitude". Liam Neeson would be pretty good, but might be to old at this stage.
  3. I'll go into this OPEN. I read the "Hunt for Red October" after I saw the movie, then re-read the book. Big differences but I found it a worthy adaptation. Hopefully this will be the same. Really looking forward to this.
  4. I voted for AMoL. I enjoyed the others and have re-read them several times but could only pick one so this was it. I just loved the scene with Tam and Lan. Really wish there was more on him.
  5. All of them listed are awsome.I must add my own, some of them have already been mentioned...but here they are. 1: "I had long wondered," lan said to Tam. "About the man who had given Rand a heron-marked blade.I had wondered if he had truly earned it.Now I know."Lan raised his own sword in salute. Very powerful scene for me. Tam, a soldier who learned not to like it but never forgot. 2: "That one you have tried to kill many times,Rand said, that one who lost his kingdom, that one from whom you took everything...." That man,Rand shouted. That man still fights. Another scene that made me stop reading and re-gather some sense of control. I asked Brandon at the Milford,NH signing if Rand brought back Lan, certain he had died. He smiled and said," that's a really good question.There really is no answer.What do you think ?" My response was "Yes he did." So much had been taken from his ( Rands ) friends, he was not willing to let his friend go without knowing true peace. Not willing to let Nyn suffer the heart ache. Lan died,but he battled Shai'tan for his friends life and WON. 3: "I am Birgitte Silverbow," Loved the " Elayne blinked,looking up at him.Something silvery jutted from the front of Mellar's chest.It looked like.....an arrowhead. Come on,that was awsome!!! 4: CHAPTER 38 !! All of it !!! 5: Cornered and alone, a boy huddled....... Terrified,crying bloodied,the boy raised a golden horn to his lips. This still makes me shiver and the eyes water. There are many,many more. Oliver laughing while riding with Noal. Mat sending Hawkwing to talk to Tuon. Just so many....
  6. Lan vs Demandred. Loved the buildup. You knew it was going to be glorious no matter how it turne out. Riding down a corridor cleared by longbows, facing a dude that already beat Galad and Gawyn. I almost said taishar Malkier out loud. I did say it out LOUD !!
  7. posted a couple pics of yesterdays signing in Milford,NH

  8. A couple of shots of Brandon signing my 2 copies of the last book.
  9. My anticipation just keeps building !!!
  10. Rand along with Min,Elayne and Avienda. I would love to see Tam survive and know he is bouncing "ALL" his Grandchildren around back in the Two Rivers. His reunion with Rand was very emotional ! They both deserve it and I'm sure Rand would love to hear the full story about Tam. Mat I'm sure will. He'll go back to Seachan with Fortuna and reconsolidate the Empire there possibly leaving Egewene (with Llewellyn as an advisor)AND Logain to work things on this side of the Ocean. Tom.Moraine,Lan and Nyeneve I'd all like to see survive. As much as I'd like to see Perrin,I don't think he will survive. He will die saving Faile and she will avenge him, but not before she is with his heir.
  11. Well as the vision reads, Min looks at Thom and sees " a man, not him juggling fire". I can read that as Mat. As someone else pointed out he is very adept at juggling and Thom has commented on that before."and the White Tower". You could possibly read that as the Seachan. Now wait a minute before I get hammered about this. Mat is now part of the Chrystal Throne, Tuon also knows she can learn to channel, why not Mat with his Two Rivers ties to Egewene, not being able to "juggle" some sort of peace between them. Someone mentioned the Seachan and the oath rod. Well there is a binder for ALL female channelers that could be made as a new oath that the WT and Seanchan could agree on. OK let the whole punching begin...:)
  12. About the "Fat Man" angreal,@ Cem Onal, I thought Sevanna had gotten it when she had the Shaido attack the party holding Rand and took it from one of the captured Aes Sedai but can't seem to find it anywhere. Which means I was probably wrong in this respect and she never had it. ( @ fanolan,Yes I am aware she had/has one of the "call boxes") I did find a small section on Rand wondering if the coat he was wearing when captured actually had it in the pocket. He seemed to remember changing coats in a rush and does'nt recall if he actually transfered it. If he did not, that might mean it was in his room that got blasted and some worker clearing rubble might have come across it. Assuming nobody searched his room after he was taken and found it ( like Min who very likely forgot about it in her distress of his kidnapping ). Just tossing this out...
  13. I'd also have to say, a Wolf. They're dedicated to each other, honor bound and absolutely HATE the "shadow". Being a "Wolfbrother" would be also vey cool.
  14. Yes, I also hope that reunion is memorable.Rand still carries around a lot of guilt, maybe she will "heal" that hurt.
  15. There is alot of thoughts about this topic so I thought I'd put mine here. I just read something interesting about that...I'll thin the wording a bit but it was in CoT pg.225 with Perrin talking with Elyas.. Elyas tells Perrin:" They were wolves, once. The souls of wolves, anyway, caught and twisted by the shadow." he goes on,"Worse, if they fail(to kill the Darkhound) the Darkhound can eat the souls of those that aren't quite dead yet, and in a year or so, there'd be a new pack of Shadowbrothers that did'nt remember ever being wolves." Perrin asks Elyas,"Can they eat a man's soul, Elyas ? Say a man who can talk to wolves?" Elyas shrugged. An answer to that question might come only at the point of death. So my thought is Perrin will die, almost, and have the Shadowbrothers start to consume his soul and Fail will kill Perrin. Thus having Egewens dream of the Falcon come true and the "Broken Crown". Thoughts ????
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