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  1. One thing im curious about, is when Mat is talking to the Heros of the Horn, Mat is all worried that he might become a Hero, and they tell hiim that he has another destiny or something so he doesnt have to worry about it. Does that mean to be a Hero of the Horn is a conscience desicion? You can choose whether or not to be a Hero? Or was there gonna be something bigger with Mat Post Wheel of Time(books jordan would have written).
  2. I loved it, been reading it for a very long time. I loved the pace, loved the fact that it was non stop action(which makes sense since, these final three books were supposed to be one book so this final book is like the final chapters of the whole).. I was going into the book thinking that at least one if not two of the three woman in rands life would die, also cadsuane, Lan, Galad and Rand would also die. So going into it thinking that it was pretty cool he didnt kill them off(dont always have to have the heros die, its nice to see them survive). On another note the ones who did die hit pretty close to my heart(hard not to when I have been reading for 15 years).. On the othre side, am side it wasnt jordan who finished it(loved how sanderson did it so its not a knock), with it being this good with sanderson, just makes me wonder how good it would have been if jordan could have finished. I also am sad for the excitement of the books coming out, it always sucked waiting two years for each to come up, but thinking back on it, the excitement and happyness i always had when the books did come out will be missed. So, this series will be missed, (of course ill probably still re-read it every year lol).
  3. Suttree, id love to be on your pm list also for a non spoiler review from ya if that is at all possible. :) Thanks
  4. I always wonder how many fans of WOT there are in michigan, there are not ever any tours, its easy to get the books, nothing crazy when the new books come out. I feel this is one of the reasons authors never visit michigan for books signings. If im wrong and there are many fans in michigan that love the books as much as I do, we need to find some way to get Brandon to stop in Michigan(lansing preferably lol), so we can get our books signed. Just saying :)
  5. So, im just a normal person that wishes we could read the book now... This is what I wish for, i want Luckers, Herid, Barid Bel Medar, Suttree, and Mik to read the book and tell us what they think ASAP... Not to give anything away, just to hear if they liked it or not... That is my christmas wish... (these are the people i like reading posts from the most)
  6. Is it me or is it that everytime something is posted, the first couple responses have to do with the actual original post, and then for some reason the conversation always goes in some different direction and after a while the post has nothing to do with what was originally posted? I just thought this was funny and why its so hard to find things in the forums..
  7. You would find yourself in another demension as one of the three dragon rides for Deanerys in George RR Martins A song of ice and fire books.
  8. Thanks Suttree, thats awesome, I thought i missed something...
  9. Im re-reading KOD,( I keep picking things up on this re-read), and in the chapter A Cold Medallion with Mat, when he walks into the aes sedia and the Der suldam arguing, they try to channel against him and of course it fails.Mistress Anan said something very interesting, that Cadsuane supposedly had one of those types of ter angreals.. In the books has anyone every tried to directly channel against her? I cant seem to remember if anyone actually has. And what does this mean do you tihnk if she does have one? Thanks
  10. I kinda skimmed this but didnt see anything what im about to say in this, i really like this theory, makes lots of sense. Im on my re-read and on COT, and I noticed something else. In the chapter A Mark, Alvairan is in tremalking and is just returning, and she is in the part of the library where no one visits, and in a part of that two of the librarians are there and she makes a small remark about how no one is ever down there. These librarians are the sea folk, it would be very interesting if Dem did have total control and could also find an easy way into the tower using these sea folk aes sedia. Just thought that would be interesting
  11. I have a question about when Moria brought up the proposal to get into an agreement with the black tower COT (suprises). Now I assume this is a plan by the dark side, and I also understand not everyone knows all the plans, its just I found it weird that both Sheriam and Delana were sick and freaked out about the proposal (especially since both of them are in direct contact with a forsaken(Halima).. Did I miss something here, was this her own design or something? Thanks
  12. One of the reasons why i believe that RJ was one of the greatest authors is how he puts little remarks in books that have no meaning untill way later in the series. In the prolouge in COT (the portion with gabrelle(the aes sedai that is bonded to logain), she makes a remark in her mind about how the ashaman did not give the captured aes sedia to not harm the black tower(since the bond would make them obey that no matter what). She thinks that it is a weird thing not to order that since they are captives. Thinking about it now it makes total sense since they obviously will be there to help shatter it from Taims hands(kinda learning that a bit in the AMOL prolouge). I find this very fascinating how RJ had everything timelined and outlined in this series.
  13. I dont know, i understand that and makes sense, i just dont understand what the end of illusion is all about then, im probably reading way into it, it just seems like its one of those tihngs thta didnt even have to be in the book at all if it is pointless. It was such a big deal for them and they all killed themselves for it, so to be there has to be sometihng about it. Unless i totally missed something about that prophecy.
  14. So I know prophesies are talked about wildley here, and had a thought of my own on this, I wanted to post this without reading anyones elses posts on it to not be biased. I posted a theory on here about the one power either being destrtoyed or non usable at the end of the books, cause that seems to be the main cause of all the problems. Now the Amayar have that prophecy about the end of illusion.. Could this possibly be that the end of illusion is actually the end of the wheel? I might say this wrong so I do apologize, but we know that everything keeps happening through ishameal, they keep battling and have been since the begining of time.. What if that has all been illusion? And now that the end of illusion is here we wont get repeats anymore? They call this the last battle and I know Robert Jordan has said that this is no different then any other time, but i know he was good an mincing words and pushing us away from theories even though we were on the right track. So to sum up, the end of illusion really is the end, and when the last battle is finished it will all be different and an actual true begining. What ya all think?
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