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  1. I started in mid 1997 until 2 days after AMoL. Although I have read through them all prob 3-4 times. The last full "re-read" before the final book was done by listening to the audio books and forced a very slow 9 months to complete.
  2. One thing I can't shake is my shock over Perin reaching out and snapping Lanfear's neck; one sentence and WHAM - you could see him doing it casually with one hand as well. Also with Perin being able to shift to and from TAR he suddenly became very.. very dangerous.
  3. Given he is ta'veren he shapes chance and need to his will. I'll wager that during the initial part the Asha'man "messed up" before he got the weaves right to strengthen. So he remembers the way to make power wrought weapons but does not remember the initial part where he was still fumbling around. Nothing to do with Perrin pouring emotions just plain and simple plot device luck... sorry ta'veren luck. I'm still hoping on the hammer will return to his hand if thrown :P
  4. Not sure if you are referring to the characters perspective, or it actually being truth, so disregard it if it is the former. I had thought that aswell, considering Demandred's thoughts on the matter in LoC, however, apparently he was wrong. Unfortunately these are always BS's answers to questions; I'm XX% sure, as far as I know, Let me MAFO that one, email me and I'll tell you later...I do this all the time, especially on this forum, and you know why? Because I'm a reader that can't remember a damn thing. This is the guy that took over writing...ugh. Given it is not specifically mentioned in the books itself and only in RJ's (rather extensive) notes we can assume it was not plot integral to the final books.
  5. The clues are in the very first paragraph of Chapter 1 The Age of LEGENDS is named quite accurately I think; so it stands to reason that myths are from the Age of Myths; our age... so it stands to reason that our age is Age #1 or at the outside chance our age is the 7th age. This isn't a clue but I always find it interesting; I have a feeling that whatever the "current" age is it is always going to be the 3rd or the fourth age as you'll always see yourself in the "middle" of the cycle and never at the end or the beginning.. as a point in a circle is always in the middle :) Looking back at our history we have to consider the legends and myth's approach; every culture we know about always seemed to have 3 distinct ages, Now: Recordable History Legend: A time when men lived with gods had magical powers. Myth: A time before men when there were "Gods and Titans". Even in our scientific age there is still theories and discussions over a "previous" more global Civilization ~ 10,000 BC which was destroyed in the last ice age by a "great flood" (melting of the ice caps) - in fact EVERY culture across the planet seemed to contain a myth over a massive flood; a Breaking actually. Channeling does not happen in our age; but there were always legends of "men with magic" or "casting spells"; Merlin, Medea and traveling to the spirit or underworld.... always dates set "in the past" but never a correct date blurring into legend so lets assume that these are myths when gods and titans walked the earth... the 6th age. so the 7th and 1st Ages do NOT have channeling only the memory of it... or in our age; a legend told and re-told much like Merk and Mosk are told. Many of the "ages of men" always refer to the first age the age no-one remembers and is completely forgotten as a time when animals and men were as one ; lets assume that comes from the running with the wolves; I'm going to put it in our age of myths 1st Age - Our Age - no channeling 2nd Age - Age of Legends 3rd Age - Wheel of Time 4th Age - 5th Age not a clue I'm guessing it'll be a lot of wars, channellers trollocs and generally a very interesting time to live in - although more a conflict between men and not the dark one vs the world. and ending with a massive war which basically drives humanity back down to the stoneage with very VERY few channellers 6th Age Age of God's and Titans the "creation" running with wolves. being at "peace" with the world I'm guessing this is when channeling is dieing out but those who remain are considered as Gods and "in general" they are working for the betterment of all mankind. I'm guessing this is when the Portal Stones are created and legends of "god's fighting" were channeling battles between remaining channellers 7th Age Pre History, the first civilization prior to the end of the last ice age; destroyed by the melting of the ice caps; think Atlantis and legends of all previous civilization who were the first to use fire, farm the land and sail the world. Ends with the great flood, ice age, meting of ice caps.
  6. It is discovered that Logain only declared himself a (False) Dragon due to a prophecy he received but mis-interpreted; his glory and this prophecy are connected. Alanna Will die and break Rand's Bond and something "weird" will happen. Deamandred's big plan has something to do with Onions and Layers. A remnant of a remnant will be a memory only and the Aiel will be no more. Tam Dies Mat will NOT fight in the last battle; instead his tactics and generalship will be the forerunner of the next age.
  7. Actually most of the plot feeling "rushed" starts in KoD. But I think this was done on purpose. I mean after tFoH the plot slowed down significantly so there was only ONE important thing per book, KOD a *lot* gets wrapped up, this happens more so in TGS and TOM. I'm just glad we were not constantly introduced and described to each of the main characters in turn at the start of each book anymore.
  8. The three requests Moiraine asked for would of had nothing to do with escaping whatsoever so that narrows down the list considerably. Then you have to remember that Moiraine is a BLUE and blue to the core... she considers causes and particularly winning the last battle for the light far more important than her own life - or even Rand's life at times. I'm pretty sure one of her requests was: "The KNOWLEDGE of how to assist the dragon against the DO in the last battle"; I really hope she's a philosopher at heart and actually asked for the memories of people who were at the last "last battle" and the bore seven ages ago. As for the third?... actually I think that'll be a more personal request... like the ability to bare Thom's children in the future or something. (its very vague if Aes Sedai or womeone on the oath rod for extended periods of time can have children or just choose not to.)
  9. I first read the books in 1996 - I was on holiday and I follishly only packed one book which I managed to finish on the plane trip (it was rage of a deamon king by Raymond E fiest) thankfully my parents packed one book each as well... tEotW and TGH so I picked up tEotW and started reading. In total over the two weeks I read those 2 books through... and then again from the start again; in fact for the last few days I was more concerned with the conclusion of the series than the holiday itself as I "stupidly" assumed it was a trilogy as most of the books I read were part of a trilogy. When I got home the first thing I did was dig out book#3 from my parent's library and start reading! ... and I was so.... annoyed! from the tempo of the first two books people seemed to be doing nothing and taking their time about it - and Rand's POV was entirely missing! but I perseveared and finished the book finding out partway through the book that it was not one of 3... but one of "at least 7". TSR is what hooked me on the series line-and-sinker though; returning to the two rivers was especially ponient. And I finished ACoS in that summer and pretty much started reading the entire series again... and again... I must have read the entire series up to book7 about 4 times in that first year. I wasn't until 1999 when I got tPoD - when I went to university and bought the entire series for myself and I was shocked to find that there were MORE of these books! - unfortunally given the endings of the previous books with deaths of forsaken conquored cities etc I as extremely disappointed with tPoD but I must have re-read the series through another two possibly 3 times (by now tEoTW and TGH I must have read 10 times in 4 years). It was during this time I foudn DM and WoTmania... creating an account on the latter looking for theories, crackpot ideas and getting my WoT fix between book publishes. and I bought my first hardback copy when WH was released. WH I had to read twice just because I was in shock the first time... saidain cleansed! it was such a large segment of the story it took two reads just for it to sink in. CoT I got and read on a train journey.I must have bought it like 3 days after release as the other books I had to hunt down and find but CoT got its own separate table in the bookshop! I was so disappointed with this and WH I began to feel as if the books will never finish and the author woul die before its completion (sadly how right I was about the last :( ) KoD came out though after an agonisingly long wait... punctuated with new spring in the middle by this time I was getting desparate but the book finally delivered!... plot lines seeminly wrapped up in the space of a few pages Sadly an even longer and more worrying wait happened after KoD with the sad news RJ had a disease (first read on DM actually) and then that he died. The second was extremely sudden I was expecting a longer wait than usual especially with the news of the disease was first made public but like everyone else I expected him to pull through. For a WoT fan my first thought was sadness but then the overwhelming and selfish though of "what happened? it was just getting interesting again!" Well TGS came out and on its release day (or as close to it as I could manage) I went to the shop to buy it having saved up enough money (I was currently out of work) but it wasn't in the shop... on the shelves or anything! Asking the staff they also came up blank until I spotted it behind the till tucked away out of sight (it was obviously being held for a member of staff but ah HA!... I swiped it and bought it and after a slow and... weird start with the new author I read through the book FAST; read it through again just for it to sink in and then decided to re-read the entire series from the start again. I wasn't going to take any chances with ToM- I bought the book online and got the book delivered through the post - I even took a couple of days off work to read it! Sadly it didn;t come when it was supposed to but the next day and like 3pm as well... a lot of axnious waiting ! but I read through the book quickly and breathed a sigh of relief. This time I didn't re-read anything until months later when I re-read the last two books again at work. It was about this time (now) I started to browse the interweb for those old whaky theories finding out WOTmania was closed down but there was theoryland and obviously this site. Reading through theorylands interview database got my interest levels up again this time however I decided to take it slow and "read" through the books by way of audiobook. I'm currently on Chapter 1 tPoD and hope to finish it before December. (it has taken me since around feb/march to get this far). I'm enjoying the more relaxed pace but I know if it starts to be too slow and I won't make it in time I could prob read a book in an evening! Its amazing how much sticks in my head from WoT but it has been such a big part of my life for so long.Its an ending I've been waiting for for YEARS but one I'll be both sad and happy to read. As before I plan to re-read the series a few months after release and look for the foreshadowing in the series I know is there.
  10. People often forget that armies carried food differently to todays standards. You don't have a salad; a selection of fine vegetables and a good bottle of wine. You had a bag of dried beans/legumes, a bag of flour and a bag of jerky. If a horse died on the march it was quickly butchered given to men to carry where it was dried and prepared in the evenings camp; ditto with any farm they came across... butchered and prepared. Also you ate *everything* of the animal - even the marrow in the bones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pottage that plus is what the majority of europe used to live off their entire lives; its also very easy to make, keeps for days. It is also something which can be made out of dried or stolen ingredients once a week by a group of men and then carried for the week. Providng your army is supplied with a wagon train once a week of dried grains/flours and you were lucky with game/stealing from farmers you can live off the land surprisingly well. It is only a modern invention that you supply *everything* to the front line. I'm not saying RJ wrote everything down perfectly but concepts we take for granted (such as ready prepared meals in a tin) will be unknown to the majority of soliders duing this time.
  11. I'll admit it does bug me that shields are not used; out of all the forms of armour the shield has the most use and versitility. The shield was dropped from combat in our world as it was impractical with the rise of firearms - something which has not happened in this world. One-handed fighting has its place - in fact it is more based on movement and speed than its two-handed counterpart and in many cases is superior although less likely to land a killing blow - especially against an armoured foe. I'm guessing the main reason the 2hander was prefered was simply due to trollocs where you would need the extra strength using two-hands will give. Whatever form(s) rand ends up with I'll wager it would be extremly interesting to see... I mean who would win between a master europen fencer or an master samuria - two completly different methods of fighting but both even RJ put on a pedastal of the "ultimate in swordfighting". Whether Justice is suitable and balanced correctly for consistant 1handed work remains to be seen... but swords in this world are designed to be used in both 1handed and 2handed forms.
  12. Most stances use two hands but it can be weilded with one. Whilst I admit that some sword fighting techniques use two hands (Kendo for one) there is an entire genre of sword fighting which not only uses only one hand - but keeps the other hand empty, Fencing with rapier or sabre are the most common. The sword in question is often lighter; but more importantly more balanced when used with only one hand; and speaking of Perin you'll notice he uses only one hand when weidling his hammer; even his great hammer. My query was that there is no reference to Justice being a short sword - in fact it says it is a long blade. There is obviously going to be a lot of practice and training to relearn the forms with only one hand - makes me wonder now Rand has all LTTs memories he'll know this already (given Mat's proficiency with his spear from other men's memories and LTT and Bel'al designed the first forms together)
  13. Where does it say the sword is short? All mentions I've seen of sword have been able to use in 1 or 2 hands (hilt long enough for 2 hands though). The only obviously pure 2handed swords were the swords used by shinarians. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the sword is Rand/LTT knows what it is and what its name is.but he hasn't told anyone - and the fact it has Dragon's painted on it from Hawkwing's time. (outside the Aiel Waste and the Dragon banner there are no other references to the dragons)
  14. This makes very interesting reading concerning economic stagnation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_demography
  15. The fact that this was shown to perhaps the only person who had the potential to change the entire outcome of the future shows it was not a future set in stone - but a "this is what could happen".
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