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  1. Two things. First thing, isn't "never ever" more grammatically correct. "Never never" is a double negative, or am I missing something? I never never took ate human flesh = I am a cannibal. Oi Vei! Don't some of you know people in real life who use double negatives or struggle to get the words right. Why can't a person in a book suffer from similar problems? Wow ... this is a novel ... not someone's grammar homework. I imagine the same sort of people can't understand Picasso's paintings and why they all "look funny." I'm going to go with Egwene ... but I have no idea
  2. Eighth, he crafts a hand for himself out of OP and uses that :D In all seriousness, maybe LTT remembers some trick of using the OP as a prosthetic. I'm not putting anything past Holy Rand. Of all the things going on, it hardly seems to make any plot-sense to show anyone else sparring - Rand and Lan are the only ones we've seen frequently throughout many of the books. Anything else (outside of maybe the G bros) would seem too forced .. and I don't see that scene being that much of a tear-shedder.
  3. as I said the quote is definitely about Rand actively doing something incredibly stupid so a domination band doesn't fit. But as for working a crazy Rand into a link, Callandor will do that on its own. Durinax suggested the following idea which I'm pretty sure is correct. The viewing of the black hand holding Callandor and the prophecy "Light is held before the maw of the infinite void, and all that he is can be seized." mean that Rand will be possessed by the DO while using Callandor. If Rand uses the TP at any point for any reason that's all the more likely. "...and the Blade will bind him b
  4. The Sparring match ... I'm thinking Rand and Lan. We've seen them spar more than any other 2 in the entire series so it only makes sense that they'd have one last spar. Knife to a gunfight quote ... Lan, Galad or Gawyn. I'm leaning toward Lan as he seems like the most likely to charge one of the Forsaken with just his sword in some attempt of buying Morraine enough time to do something.
  5. People griping about other people's opinions of what will/won't happen. Oops ....
  6. Can I say other and respond with Sid Meier? :D Seriously, though, I'd prefer it more as a sim-type game in the vein of a Sim City/Age of Empires type thing. Maybe Heroes of M/M ... kinda a mix of the two :D If people had to adopt an ability like Perrin's but could pick which type of animal to be .. Would you rather ... Pick a peaceful prey animal? Pick a violent predator animal?
  7. A little confession ... I've started just skipping chapters that solely feature the Powerpuff Girls and don't hardly reference Rand, Mat or Perrin. So far, I've yet to read a chapter and have to fill in any plot holes I seemingly skipped. :D
  8. Opposite Sex ... unless the hideous body is Gaidal Cain which would garner me Birgette's love and affection :) Would you rather force the citizens of Earth to use the Oath Rod to .. Swear to never lie? Swear to never do violence to their fellow man? Note: let's presume there's no "out" to these oaths.
  9. I mentioned at the end of my post that this thread, in particular, has not been the target of my statements. I have seen people make such comments directed toward BS in other threads and, as this was my first post in this thread, I wrote my own opinion in response to those other posters. Just read any post by Mark D on the subject of Sanderson's writing and you'll see my supposed straw man ... living, breathing and writing. And he's not the only one. I honestly see the defects in this book as your typical overcompensation. He pushed too hard to make people happier with the book an
  10. Simply put, when people look back on these three books ... whatever their opinion them is ... they'll have to admit that is the largest undertaking anyone has ever done to finish the work of another author. Maybe there's a larger one out there, but I've never heard of it. Not exactly on par with a composer being asked to finish Mozart's Requiem, but that's about the only thing I can equate it to. Maybe Neuschwanstein would be a better comparison. If you walked through Neuschwanstein and didn't know that the mind that had originally planned the entire castle had died prior to its complet
  11. Seems to have a female voice to it. Formal, so I assume Aes Sedai. And directed to someone with stories. I'm going to say Androl ... which makes the Aes Sedai pretty obviously Pevara. But, of course, I could be plainly wrong on all of that and I'm sure people will have much better guesses :P Just saw Herid's post ... Jain Fairstrider popped into my head too because of all his journeys. Would be a GREAT twist.
  12. The Little Fat Man seems obvious ... but I feel Rand is more tied to Callandor during the LB than any other item. I think it is actually some trick with the Power that he remembered from LTT during that fight that he was able to use and was glad that no other male channeler had been able to see and learn. Imagine if LTT had tricks up his sleeve that he had been able to keep Ishy or Dem from learning? I mean ... why all the emphasis on Callandor if it's not even his primary weapon? Seems anti-climatic if that is the case. It'd be like Luke not using his Lightsaber when fighting Da
  13. Black tower. Honestly, I'd rather face foes that I can at least try to fight than drama twisted around more drama. Would you rather ... Be able to make Ter'angreal? Be able to forge Power Weapons?
  14. Reading through tSR right now ... just got done with one of most mysterious chapters in the whole series. The one where we see Mat go into the twisted doorframe and then find out that Rand and Moiraine went as well but never hear what they asked. Love the chapter. One thing I noticed (and I'm sure others have but I've never seen it talked about) ... the Snakes seem to view someone's future the same way Min does. Has there ever been discussion with what that could mean? It could just be that she happens to have the same ability, without the certainty of interpretation they have, but it
  15. There you go ... Gawyn kills Olver. Mystery solved. Next!
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