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  1. I still attest that the 2nd saving of Rand by Perrin is when he defeats Lanfear, not when he defeats Slayer. Slayer's fate was to focus and channel the skills of Perrin to be the owner of the dream world and capable of that feat. Fate is a long and winding path and rarely ends up where you expect it to be when you walk that path. You can argue that the viewing was completely fulfilled in this book. Everyone, even Perrin, assumed Dumai's well was the first time, but the BT really saved Rand in that encounter. If I know one thing,if the characters believe something it probably isn't true.
  2. Of Alanna were a true Darkfriend, she wouldn't have released Rand. I think that question was clearly answered. She could have used Verin's method of Last Hour I can forsake my vows, but either way I think the story that mattered was she released Rand. Verin's letter to her probably described how she was going to betray the shadow.
  3. This is the scene Rand opens himself to Mierin in a dreamshard. Brandon said there would be consequences for Rand's TP usage. This is it. It's how the DO knew where the Seals were. He probably sent Taim to retrieve them. Nothing exciting. No the question is how did Logain get them back. If Taim had them on the battle field, who does Logain have them before the Egwene and Taim fight Logain gets them from Leliwen who was given them by Egwene.
  4. I can see Nakomi being some TAR entity who met Avi in her sleep then somehow escaped TAR at the bore where they were converging. I can also see Nakomi being legitimate Jenn Aiel who has lived in TAR in the flesh for what would be thousands of years in the waking world. However, I have to agree that Nakomi being Verin is a silly prediction and is simply wishful thinking for those who wanted Verins role to be more prevalent in the LB.
  5. Forgotten or we missed something. Likely forgotten. They obviously weren't that important. Lol.
  6. She is dead and is not Nakomi. Let her go lol
  7. The only thing I could think of during that scene was "If they could channel...why the hell didn't they just kill Thom instead of trying to disguise themselves and sneak by him?!" Because Moraine would know. Or channeling would have been felt. They wanted surprise.
  8. I could maybe agree with this if it weren't for the fact that she was seen in the waste when the horn wasn't blown.
  9. I think the "great battle" in that prophecy is the Battle of Merrilor. The one at SG is ongoing and in the situation with Rand vs DO it can literally be said that the world is teetering on the edge of a blade, Callandor. Mostly because of this: Lol. I always assumed that prophecy was addressed on CoT. In fact, that about sums up the book and the world except the failed mention of DH, which doesn't mean it wasn't gathering at the time. Hell, the last scene covers this well, Perrin wants to find Faile, Matt want to stay at FoM while the storm in SG rages. I would say everything was teetering the too.
  10. I thought it was clear since avi's vision that the Aiel would be peacekeepers. I even posted a few times on it and people were hating. I think it gave excellent direction to a nationless race. I think it could have been presented better, but the concept was good, if not a little obvious.
  11. I thought it was addressed fairly well. At least that portion. I would definitley have to re read though.
  12. I think the fact that Nakomi comes from deep within Rands notes squashes the Verin theory. If Verin was Nakomi, it would not have been buried.
  13. It was more of a metaphorical resolution that happened during the last scene. Not well executed but that was a tough one. Who knos if RJ would have made it more literal.Since RJ wrote the scene as a final product, I would say that it was fulfilled as intended.We know for fact Brandon added elements to it. It wasn't all RJ skalors. While that may be true, I think BS's role is being overplayed as a convenient way to hate the end. I am sure that this ending was well documented by RJ. In fact, even Brandon said that all he had to do was get us to the LB. If RJ wanted it revealed, I think he would have had it in his notes.
  14. I simply dont think it mattered to Jordan. They were his books, not yours. People forget that. @Mark BS may have written the DO confrontation, but the closure, or lack thereof, belongs to RJ.
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