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  1. The 2nd one has been released "I should like to hear one of your stories. Perhaps you could tell me of the time your father and you visited Shara?"
  2. 1. Mat will assume control of the Seanchan armies 2. Tuon/Fortuona will be collared to prove that all sul'dam can learn to channel 3. Elayne will have to sacrifice one of her twins to save Rand, the blood of the Dragon must be spilled 4. one of the forsaken will turn to the light again 5. Logain will win the battle for the Black Tower and it will be integrated into the Palace that Elaida had built 6. The "Song" must be found, a combination of the tinkers, Seanchan Ogier and randland Ogier will find the song with the Aiel.
  3. There is no way Demandred would impersonate Rand! Demandred despised LTT and feels way too superior to impersonate Rand.
  4. I'm afraid Mat is going to give his wife a beautiful new necklace as a belated wedding present!!! thus destroying the myth regarding damane and suldam
  5. I sit here after reading this with trepidation, a fear that soon an integral part of my library and life will soon come to an end. I've been counting down the days till January waiting for the time when I get my hands on THE book, but also the nervous tension that I will feel when I start to read it. Like all books I will skim read it first, just so that I can get through the story, then straight away I will start again, read it thoroughly, take my time to immerse myself completely into what I regard as the book of an age!!!! Over the last few years I've had one wrench after another, first there was Gemmell, then there was YOU and finally there was Eddings, three of my top three authors had passed away in the space of 3 years, but I always had the safety net that I could continue reading your books. now that time is coming to an end and I wait with baited breath till the day I read that LAST word.
  6. I agree about Demandred, it states NEWLY revealed, we know where the rest of the forsaken are.
  7. Brandon tweeted that other outlets will be announced in due course.. I've emailed and tweeted Orbit but they haven't responded yet.
  8. about Demandred's army, I don't think it's any race of people... I think that all the borderlanders, Aiel and other humans that have been captured and turned to the shadow and other darkfriends who were worthy of being in an army, warders etc... He is a great military commander so the obvious choice for leading the shadow army (not the trollocs and fade's) into battle.
  9. maybe our fellow friends on this board have a paypal account and a transfer of some gifted money might persuade them to say purchase it for you and send it too you.....
  10. I think the Hunter is Padan Fain, isn't he now hunting the Dark One out? or maybe since Rand and Ishmael mashed together, maybe he's in the blight thinking Rand is there, or is hunting Ishmael to hurt Rand as he can't get close enough to him???
  11. Moridin will forsake the shadow (good pun) and sacrifice himself so that Rand's plan comes through, as he will see it as the only way to break the cycle..
  12. Perrin has to find the Lost song and only the Ogier from the Seanchen know the song...
  13. I can't wait for the Scene where Mat turns up and says to the "Wife".. Hi Honey, just going to take this army here as I am Prince of the Ravens and go and help in the Last Battle.. oh and my friend Rand is coming to see you in a bit, just say yes to everything he says ok... thanks honey and I'll see you soon...
  14. I'm just wondering which one of the remaining forsaken will turn back to the Light and betray the Dark One They all left the Light because the Dark One looked to be the best option, they basically picked the better side. One of them will turn back to the light, Asmodean nearly did.
  15. Have to agree it IS Rand's Mother. She disappeared after his birth, no mother was found with the Baby, the obvious place she would go would be to the Three fold land, to watch over the time when her son would become the DR.
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