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  1. According to their own rules, he would overshadow anyone but a Sitter, Amyrlin, or Keeper. In fact if the Towers become blended that may be reason enough for them to revise the idiotic "strength in the Power" heirarchy.
  2. I agree, I think we've fired the Shaido gun for the most part...
  3. Protection may be conditional on being in Town, as well... Isam isn't real clear on exactly what's going on there, with his limited/Talentless POV.
  4. Being a Dreamwalker, she can 'report' without being actually present for the Last Battle. Also she may be there for some other reason, like to report on what the rest of the Aiel are doing, or even the returning Shaido (not that I think that likely).
  5. Hrm. My brain is telling me that maybe the newly-violent Aiel didn't start sending men into the Blight until a thousand years after the Breaking, but I don't have a citation for it.
  6. Moridin will flip back to the Light. Fain will kill Shaidar Haran. Mat will kill Fain. Bashere is NOT a Darkfriend.
  7. I strongly suspect that given his attempts in English, Brandon wasn't allowed anywhere NEAR the Old Tongue lexicon...
  8. Birgitte is unlikely to die for the same reason Aviendha is unlikely to die—Min's viewings. Which viewing? Only one I'm aware of is in WH12, which just recognizes Birgitte for what she is, a Hero.
  9. Why would he? Fain's power has zilch to do with the One Power, and precious little (if anything) to do with the True Power. Would not be a bad way for Fain to be 'useful' without being Gollum.2. I also think he might get to off Shaidar Haran instead, since Moridin seems to be Rand's "twin". Also, going slightly sideways for a bit, I've got a new germ of a theory that Mat will be the one to off Fain. They've been paired since TEotW, and Fain's new abilities keep hinting at a sort of 'dark luck twisting' that makes him more like the Slayer to Perrin's Wolf, or the Moridin to Rand's Champion. Also they're both amalgamated characters, with old memories in a way separate from RandTherin.
  10. Also, it's not like Brandon was making decisions in a vacuum. He AND Harriet had to agree on these new things, but everyone wants to jump his shit instead of all of Team Jordan.
  11. That's exactly where I think we're headed...
  12. Gawyn deserves it most. Lan would be least surprising. Aviendha would be a poetic way to change the vision she had, but Min's visions pretty much preclude that, I think. Therefore, I'm going to go with Birgitte. She's diminished right now, but if she dies, the Horn can call her back in her full glory for the LB.
  13. I like either Dumai's Wells or Dragonmount/VoG, but not both. It's possible though... we know all three ta'veren need to be there at the LB, so Perrin having fulfilled this "side quest" would be okay. Still think it'll be Perrin/Slayer, though.
  14. Well, that was the time when the DO got to 'stretch' what Mierin and Beidomon made. There's pretty strong implication that he was able to reach further and further into the world as the Collapse/War of Power went on, and no real indication that the Seals actually made that hole any smaller. So if they're broken now, it's a reasonable fear that he would be starting from Q, not B. That said, I agree that the fear is probably a bit overblown right now, but hey, 3,000 years of fear and ignorance will do that to you...
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