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  1. ...and everyone else. Good-bye, Pax Draconis, hello Emperor Logain the Terrible. I think that Logain's POV indicates fairly strongly that he's better off as a person and the world is better off with Logain not having god-like might at his fingertips, regardless of how it would have swayed the Last Battle in the short term.
  2. Taim. Egwene got Taim. Lan got Bao the Wyld.
  3. Offhand, I'd guess that either Rand signed for the Black Tower before anyone arrived, or the treaty has provisions for emerging parties to sign on.
  4. 881-882. Perrin drops Gaul off in the Two River's camp, Grady heals him. Obviously not Mayene, but he's safe and healed and has a story for his kids some day.
  5. I agree. The corrupt futures aren't the Dark One's goal. The corrupt futures were used to try to drive Rand towards accepting 'compromise,' while that compromise is actually victory. The corrupt worlds are the compromise.
  6. They only needed one more I guess. Gabrelle was/is Logain's lover. I think that a big part of Logain's arc, written with a little bit of subtly, was that Logain realized that Gabrelle didn't feel for him quite what he thought that she felt, and he was trying to win her over. Yes, there were other moral considerations, but his story in no small part was about a guy trying to impress a woman he cares about. Over the course of the book, I think that Gabrelle really does come to care for him. So, there's that.
  7. I don't think that Mat/Tuon in the garden has been handled much differently than Mat's sexual encounters with Tylin. Outside of this site, the bragging contest seems to be one of the universally best loved scenes in the book.
  8. The last few pages were fine. It doesn't provide all the answers, but it provides enough.
  9. Again, I disagree that Jordan had anything effectively pointed anywhere. He ended the Mat/Tuon road trip. He had Perrin finally rescue Faile. Rand continued to be relatively idle; enemies came to him, rather than Rand making forward progress. Jordan may have known where he was going, but KOD was more like coming to the end of a road than it was turning onto a new one. We'll never know if Jordan really would have been able to finish AMOL in one, but given the bloat that began in TSR (I say that with TSR being my favorite book in the series, but the Jordan of the first three books would have been able to write TSR and TFOH as one book), I expect it would have taken Jordan three or four books to finish things himself. He would have started new plots, he'd move the characters into place, he'd establish where the current relations between the characters stood, he'd have them resolve a few issues generated by minor characters, and he'd have written another 700 pages without the end in sight yet.
  10. 'Forward' is an increased pace compared to CoT. Just because it was moving forward doesn't mean that it was moving forward particularly quickly. Clear direction? The best that can be said is that it finally tied off plots that had been hanging too long. It did little to provide direction, it just reached the end of the roads that characters had started upon in LoC and ACoS.
  11. Every time Sanderson uses the word 'tempest' Egwene sniffs and Nynaeve tugs on her braid. Basically, it's a word Sanderson likes using but Jordan rarely used. You can tell the Sanderson sections because women sniff far less often, but there are usually tempests going on.
  12. Gaul makes it out. Pages 881-882. He spends the Last Battle watching Rand's back in TAR.
  13. He'll age. He understands better than anyone how just important the cycle is. He's been given a gift of extra years, but he won't abuse them and won't try to exceed his allotted span.
  14. I think that Rand will actually have a normal life span, now that he's not able to channel. He and Min will age at the same rate, though Elayne and Aviendha will continue to age slowly. He'll wander the world, seeing Min and Elayne and Aviendha regularly, but not settli down until a few years have passed. Aviendha will spend much of her time with the Wise One inner circle. She'll be responsible for huge steps in the establishment of the Dragon Peace and the settling of the Aiel. She'll be the first to join Rand, once the Aiel are settled and her kids are about five or six years old. Min will serve as Truthspeaker, but will also become the Fourth Age's foremost philosopher. She'll eventually spend a great deal of time traveling the globe, speaking at the new Schools, and her legacy will in some ways endure longest of anyone of the main cast except Rand. She'll meet Rand whenever she travels. She'll be the second to settle with Rand, 'retiring' to Western Andor. Elayne will be the last to settle. She's going to reign for twenty or thirty years, and slowly come to the realization that being a queen for 400 years isn't fair to anyone. She'll willingly step down, and she'll put into power a limited democratic system wherein the Queen is elected from among the Great Houses every five years or so, and will also create a 'House of the Commons' to give common people a voice in government.
  15. OK, here's a question: Rand gave gifts to several his closest friends, as Cadsuane pointed out. He made a point of visiting Elayne and giving her the seed, he made crowns for Nynaeve and Lan, he took time to visit Egwene, etc. Cadsuane asked Rand what he was giving Min, but I don't recall seeing mention of what he gave her, if anything. I mean, it'd be hilarious if he left a will behind that named her his heir, to his fortune and to his crown. But I doubt that he'd do that.
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