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  1. Hey Dusk, curious as to what some of your other favorite fantasy characters are? Cheers.Off the top of my head...Glokta - First Law Now I am blushing...
  2. When I left for work (I am in France) there was one hour to wait... Hopefully, when I'm back it will be available and downloaded!
  3. In 13 hours for me (France)... Considering taking a day off
  4. Hi, I have followed your advice... I have never listened to an audiobook in my life, so in "preparation" of listening to AMOL, I bought The Shadow Rising to see how it is.
  5. Do we know the reason for Harriet to delay the ebooks release? It does not make sense to me, and it is especially unfair to the "rest of the world" readers who will not be able to get a hardcopy either (by normal channels...) Is her decision irrevocable? Is there no way she could be convice to have the ebook release at the same time? (or is it technically too late anyway???).
  6. From book 3, I have re-read the entire serie at each new book, and in addition, I must have re-read the whole serie at least twice. When I started, only TEOTW and TGH were out. I remember very well where I bought the books and that I was looking for a long serie and thought that this one would be at least in 3 books... Well, I am so glad I picked up these books... Having a story being told over 20 years and still being excited about it is a great gift that RJ gave us.
  7. Yes please Why would it mean that he dies? Because BS says it is going to be "poignant" which I interpret as sad. And I think that the "something sad" might be Logain's death. Sorry English is not my first language....
  8. i am thinking a Forsaken too maybe I thought I would open a new thread regarding the identity of the POV in River of Souls. From BS interview, we have the following clues: He/she is: someone we know about a bit about their past, but not much someone whose motivation we already know about, but not all We also know that this part of the story is distracting is sad I would think it could be Logain or Slayer. For both, we know a bit about their history but there also a lot of blanks that would be interesting to find about. It could also reveal extra motives for what they do or are about to do. It would be distracting because it is not essential to the wrap-up of the story. If it is Logain, it would mean that he dies (after knowing Glory) and that would be sad because he is a good guy and deserves a long and happy life If it is Slayer, it would mean that the extra information shows that he has been turned bad against his will and it would be sad that he is killed because of his bad actions when deep inside he is a good guy. To reply to the previous posts, I don’t think it is a Forsaken, because: -We know about their motivation. - The “distracting element” must belongs to a sub-plot and I can’t remember any sub-plots involving the Forsaken - I can’t see how this new information about a Forsaken could add sadness to the story. Now, let's argue!
  9. - Rand will live (since the beginning of the series, it has been predicted that it woud die, it would be too obvious if he did. Also as explained by someone, it is very unusual for the main character to die in Fantasy books. It would be a "bad ending" and I don't thin it is RJ's style to write a bad ending). - Lan will live. He can't die because of Min's viewing and, also, as for Rand, his death has been so much predicted. He wil be a king again which is another similarity with Aragorn (figher on the road helping "commoners" and teaching them how to fight). - Nyn will live (because Lan will... and because it would be another bad ending if her talent at healing was lost to the world) - Egwene will live. She cannot be the youngest Amrylin and have such a short reign. I think she need to have time to put some of her innovation ideas. - Min will live: what would be point of making her die? - Elayne might die and her mother will go back to the throne of Andor - Logain will kill Tam: they have been enemies for a while and Logain needs his moment of glory - Demandred will help the Light (probably unwillingly) - Perrin will kill Slayer in TAR - The Town won't be much of problem for the Light. It is been introduced too late in the series to have a big development when there so much to clarify already. - Mat... I am confused on what Mat's role will be... - channeling will still be possible
  10. Yes. No. It's not really a moral question. It's neither right nor wrong. If they want to do it, why not? Also, it wasn't a choice on the part of the ogier - you simply can't channel in stedding. No. Not really. The nature of free will means that people have the ability to make bad decisions, like joining the Shadow. The only real way to stop it is to deny people free will. If people can channel, it magnifies both the good and the harm they can do. The damane system merely shifts the power - rather than a bomb with free will, you have a man with free will with his finger on the button. The community isn't being sacrificed. Channelers can both help and harm. If you deny people the ability to channel, you deny them the ability to help with the OP as well as to hurt with it. And most channelers have done more good than harm. To deny channeling across the entire world thus denies the world much good - more good than bad. Would you say it's right to deny access to skills and abilities that will save 20 million? I totally agree with you and thank you for expressing my thoughts better than I would do. I would just stress the point about the Seanchan. How can it be other than WRONG to enslave people? For whatever reasons? The whole system of Seanchan society, based on slavery, humiliation, lack of freewill for the majority is revolting.
  11. Excellent! I mostly agree with you, but would say that before opening a gateway, they would need to know where Mat or Perrin are.
  12. I hope you're right... It would be sad to have Lan dying after all he went through. There is also Min's viewing of the baby with a sword... but are we sure Nynaeve is not pregnant? How much time is it since they got separated?
  13. I do. They take stubbornness at an infuriating level! I mean we are used to people being tenacious or obstinate (depending on your point of view) but the Sea Folk... and they have no sense of humour!
  14. Mat and Aludra. They understand each other and are/were attracted to each other. I always thought they would end up together... until Mat got married to Tuon
  15. @Coldestcaress.. Let's make a deal... I leave you Mat... You leave Lan to Nyn and you let me have Logain and Asmo... Especially Asmo. I will save him, I will be his tiny bits of grass and rescue him!
  16. +1 with this... It does feel strange to have characters actually communicating with each other and not being incredibly stubborn! But if, as Rand says, they need to be united to face the DO, so it is about time they start communicating... The characters changes or evolutions would have been done differently (read more subtly) by RJ, but it is BS we have to take us to the end of the story... sigh...
  17. I don't think the book says Perrin could not smell Rand's emotions, but that that he could not smell his madness. He says “Well, you still seem like yourself". Which I interpreted as a good sign as Perrin's sense of smell has always been reliable.
  18. I won't cheat for this one. Sometimes, for other books or TV series, I do because I really want to know if one of my favorite character dies, but for the WOT I will resist. Part of the reasons why I love these books is that I keep wondering what is going to happen next and how, so I'll make it last as long as possible.
  19. Nah it's not working for anyone. Hence I'm trying to distract you all from rage with dry wit. You are failing sir. I am now seriously considering annoying my brother to distract myself. Bela is the Neigh'blis. Randy pandy puddeny pie kissed the girls and made them cry--because it was girls plural. That bastard. 'I've read this book. Don't you die at the end?' --Rand, to the Dark One. Well done... now I have to go back to work...
  20. Nah, I think he was just making a very common error with pronoun-antecedent agreement. I don't think it would be a major character because this is something that RJ would have planned. But I don't think it can be Talmanes either because, even if he does not die, readers now expect him to die from his wounds. Also, from the quote, BS says that they succombs to their wounds but a character dies (the bold is mine). I would interpret this as a group of secondary characters gets wounded and one of them dies. So my guess would be one of the Wise Ones, or either Berelain or Galad. It's growing more popular in common day English to use "they" and "their" instead of "he or she" or "his or her". I think this is just another instance of the new rule. Thanks to al for the grammar lessons!
  21. Although they are celebrity posters, I would still mention Terez and Luckers for their immense knowledge of the books. I also really like Suttree's posts for being so passionnate, but absolute favorite poster is Barid Bel Medar. His posts are well written, smart and... often in agreement of what I think but can't find the words to write here...
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