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  1. I dont care about previews or readings or any of that. I am not usually the one to wish bad luck to people, but I want another screw up from ebook publishers. this time distributing it 3 months ahead of schedule........
  2. 3 points on Egwene 2 points on Gawyn 1 point on Min. I hope its all 3 of them.
  3. nope, earth is like the 6th or 7th age. It is implied that a nuclear apocalypse is the cause of the end of "our" age.
  4. i just wish someone else in googlereads or some other online book site screws up and post the whole book early. And I can finally say Christmas has come early. Thank you Santa.
  5. upon reading the prologue, I think he is the murandian farmer(sheepherder?), who was being groomed to be the unified king of murandy. that was the first thing that popped in my head.
  6. One person asked where is Olver, I'm sure he's in a tent guarded by Setale, tied in every which way possible. I think he is dead. While reading I thought he would literally go out in a bang, suicide bomber style, while dancing Gangnam Style.
  7. All bluster no teeth. I won't be disappointed because I have zero expectations from him.
  8. i use chrome reader for pc reading. i like it more than mozilla reader, its much "brighter". although kindle on my tab is what i use since i can take it to the bathroom lol.
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