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  1. It would be an easy chose to start searching X far from Cairhein once you understand how long they had been gone, the general size of the party moving, the knowledge of the unit being able to moxe in a day, and that they were probably heading towards Tar Valon. Add to that how many A'shaman present that could Travel, so they could all be watching/searching as well.
  2. I think it could go either way. Clearly, Rand dying at Shayol Ghul fits the "his blood on the rocks....", but I have always thought that was too obvious. With RJ having so many clever forshadowing and small twists it could mean several different things. The Aiel, Gawyn, Elayne, Moridin, or Slayer. I'm sure I am missing some, but it just seems like there could be more secrets there. Or just as a fan we are hoping, with the end so close, to be blown away with this book.
  3. What if the Nim's barrow soul is someone who have to give themselves up to create the Nims. Like Aes Sedai who were nearing the end of their lives and wanting to do the greater good. Give themselves over to the process of becoming a Nim. This could also lead to how they have some simplified use of the One Power.
  4. *Lan and Nynave will live. *IF the Dragon's Peace isn't established prior to the Shayol Ghol attack then Rand will live. *Rand will die and pre ressurected *Gawyn and Galad will die. *Perrin help in TAR with the Black Tower. Allowing the Rebels to leave and get help.
  5. I think this is indicating that all three would need to be together to actually win the Last Battle. Rand alone is getting swallowed up. Rand and Perrin sustain. But maybe adding Mat to the mix would show that the 'Light' actually started to overwhelm the Darkness?
  6. I think with the entire idea of the time being cyclical that Rand/LTT has to actually repair the bore and not just cover it up, so that in the next AoL it can be opened again.
  7. Perrin could have 'known death' due to, if I remember right, most of his family being killed. He's lost a great portion of his family back before the return to Two Rivers. I also thought Fain was the one to have the prophecy written on the wall in Fal Dara. Since thats when he stole the Horn/dagger, and had the most motive at the time to draw Rand out. Didn't it say something about Waiting for you in Falme or Almoth Plains but he scrubbed that part off?
  8. Thanks Jason, That was a great read, and I thought the letter to RJ an incredible idea. I have written to a friend that has passed before, and this felt right. I know my wife would never understand if I tried to explain how anxious I am to read this last book, or how sad it will make me to know it is all coming to an end. I've been reading this series longer than I have had most of my friends. I know more about Perrin, Rand and Mat, than I do most of them (sad to say, lol). Sharing my love for the WoT with as many of these friends as possible. 3 of us would read through the series together and go sit at our local diner and discuss all the "if this happens.." moments, and try to guess at what we though was going to happen. I've read the books so many times that my covers are worn and some books even bear some tap holding them together. At some point I am sure they'll need replacing, but it will be a hard parting to let those old tomes go. I now have a 6yo daughter and 2yo son, and I look forward to a time that I can let them read TEotW for the first time. I'll be the dad with bedtime stories about Trollocs and Fades and Forsaken and the Two Rivers kids finding their way. I've gone on much longer than I intend, sorry. The idea of the final book being so near has me in a odd emotional/excited state. I'm new to Dragonmount, but I am glad I have a place where most, if not all, of you understand. Deacon
  9. I really like Talmanes, but I think he's dead. A lot of people are going to die that we know and like, I think. Which should make the story so much better.
  10. Happy Birthday, Dragonmount. Glad I finally found and joined you guys!
  11. With Fain being a 'Unique' to this age. Perhaps he will allow for the perfect seal to the prison. Perhaps, even just Fain's pressence in Shayol Ghul is enough to counter act a lot of the DOs influence. He clearly has no fear of the creatures in the Blight. ( Killing the Worms because it had to be done right). Whatever kind of evil he got into, he could very well just be the difference maker by being. Aridhol consumed itself back in the day, couldn't he have the same sort of result in the blight? Thus weakening everything for Rand to put on a show. Fain could always decide to assist with the DO getting killed/reimprisoned, and realize he can kill Rand later, at his will.
  12. What if the 13x13 method effect is a temporary thing? they only mention the hollow stare/smile with the 2 newest people we are aware of, so maybe there is like a 'reboot' period where the person really is just a husk of a person as they learn to be evil and become their new selves. IF that were the case then Taim could have been turned by the AS that freed him, and his time missing before Rands declaration would have given him time to descover his new self.
  13. I agree with you, Fish. I think there will be more as well, but Camelyn makes the most sence strategically. It has new destructive weapons and it would make more sense to hit there first to resolve that threat first so they aren't expecting any sort of conflict. Since I think its seems all the characters seem to think all the fighting would just be in the blight and SG, I think there will be a lot of strikes against some of the larger cities. Would be interesting to see a battle with troops and Aiel defending the Stone of Tear or another strong fortification, and hearing about places like Murandy, Illian, and Cairhein getting overrun. Its not hard to believe that Tarmon Gaidon will change the face ot Randland. Perhaps condensing down a lot of the nations into a few. I think it would be interesting to see the trolloc hordes to push far into other lands. keeping most of the Seachan occupied. Possibly running rampant through most of Randland other than where mass amounts of troops are. See places like Kandar, Arafel, and Shienar became Malkier 2.0 if Lan and Nynave were to live. Andor and Cairhien become one under Elayne. Whatever the Seachan hold. Tear and Illian having to join to stay strong with the Seachan sitting next door. Maybe Perrin and Faile getting Saldaea. Although I doubt we'll get much of this only because thats a lot of political manuevering that would have to be done after TG.
  14. The other possible reason they didn't just manufacture S'angrel (spelling) could be due to unforseen requirements. What if creating one costs a soul? or one of the creators losing their ability to channel as an offering? Or, there really wasn't a need to S'angreal because they could make circles of larger numbers so more power was already available. So plain Angreal would be more than sufficient for an average individual need.
  15. Not to mention. Things like that are muscle memory and physical traits. Rand may remember LTT thoughts of sword fighting, but LTT skills would be near useless since Rands muscle memory could be completely different from LTTs. Thus making his previous knowledge moot. I think of all the sword things Rand has learned, his most important lesson was from Lan about Sheathing the Sword. *edit* Also, I think taking up the sword was more of a survival tactic until Rand 'Developed'. I kind of felt it was his wilder block of sorts. He started most of his early fights as sword conflicts and channeled during the fight.
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