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  1. Nakomi is The Mahdoubt. Search your feelings, you know this to be true.
  2. The Black Tower was left on the back burner well before tGS. Let's not lay that entirely at Brandon's feet. Hell, the whole "fix the tower" stuff should have happened a long ass time ago. Then spend the last few books fighting Taim and the Dreadlords. Teaming with Black Ajah and some Forsaken, and you've got trouble with a capital T even worse than pool. I agree that Logain was a letdown, but I also agree with those who suspect that was out of Brandon's hands to a great extent.
  3. I have not posted for a week or so, letting the book fester in my head. And more and more time goes by, I am frustrated by the whole series. Before the book came out, I suggested my wife read the series (she is almost done with book 2.) Now, I cannot in any good conscience ask her to read beyond book 3 or 4. There is so much buildup for no payoff. Veins of Gold, Egwene winning back the tower, Perrin makes the hammer - all awesome, amazing scenes, adequate payoff for 4-6. But the actual end of the series, payoff for 14 books, was just not there. There should have been a reason to tell this story, rather than the last turning, or the next turning. 12000 pages = status quo. The more distance I put between the finish and now, the more frustrating that becomes.
  4. If any of you have seen the movie Big Fish, this ending reminded me of that. I am not convinced there was ever a clear path from KOD to the epilogue of AMOL. Someone needed to step in a fill it all out.
  5. The whole argument that RJ would have blazed a lightning fast plot trail *now*, when he had not for 6-7 books in a row is really lame. It is impossible to prove or disprove. However, it is presented in this thead as though it is an unassailable fact.
  6. I will agree with others in that RJ shoulders some significant portion of the blame for things left unfinished. There seems to be a lot of griping that such and such should have been addressed, but at the same time there was too much wasted space in the book already. Or things just moved too fast, but lets add a few quick lines about some fanboy theoryland issue. Come on folks. To do justice from where we were after KoD in full on RJ wheel of time fashion, we needed another 5 or 6 books. And that was not going to happen.
  7. I finished yesterday, and here are my thoughts. I found the ending to be underwhelming, but I do not cast that at Mr. Sanderson's feet entirely. We were told from way back when that the ending was already known. In fact, I believe Robert Jordan said he thought of the ending first, then built a world that could lead to that end. But when we got there, the ending was just kinda *there*. I don't see the seed the opened up what started out as an amazing story (books 1-4 or so). I saw some TV show comparisons earlier. Mine would be the show "Lost". Incredible setup, but ultimately it bogged down in the minutia, then foundered under its own weight when it turned out there was no grand surprise. I don't know if Mr. Sanderson was better or worse. I really struggle to believe that RJ could have finished the same story in three books. There was so much going on, and after reading aMOL, I guess we would have finished then RJ would say 2-3 more books to finish. I don't think he gets from the end of KoD to the end of the series in 2500 pages. BS gave us a lightning quick narrative (a plus), with a lower quality (a negative). But I am left wondering if many of us are down because we simply didn't like the basic plot of the end, and that was RJ all the way. Edit: this is a more succinct way of putting my feelings. I think I was sold a ticket to look in the box, and when I got my peek it was empty. PT Barnum would be proud.
  8. Finished yesterday, and have let things percolate for a time. I would say I kinda liked the final book. But here is my question: We were told way back in the early 90's that the author wrote the story with the end in mind. What part of this last book was the "end" he had in mind? Nothing really stands out as a starting point to create this whole story. Is it just the final lines - there is no ending, but it is an ending. Is it the main character walking away with full control of everything and walking the earth? I never put a lot of thought into what that end would be, but I expected something a bit more epic from RJ. 14 books, 12000 pages of high fantasy often reaching greatness. All based, we were told, on a seed that grew from an ending. So I guess I found the ending underwhelming, or at best just whelming.
  9. Rand could have fought a bit harder. Will his side accept there comrades condemned to a life of abject horror? Alternatively, will Rand go back on his word or try to convince Tuon to relent?
  10. Boy, I thought I would see more discussion on things like the crazy huge Callandor reveal. Rand *agreeing* to leave hundreds of Aes Sedai and Wise Ones in cruel bondage. Instead, its mostly whining about this or that. Take a look at what is happening in the story, rather than some meta-discussion about the authors. SMH.
  11. I agree that the Camelyn "ambush" is kinda weird for the reasons stated, but I am enjoying the rest. As for nothing bad happening yet - the Black Tower group is a mess right now. They certainly appear more "DOOMED" than the rest. And now the dark side has begun rolling out their dreadlords. Really liking the story, hating my job right now.
  12. what was changed? And Snooze - I went with a skim of the prologue. When I read it first a few months ago, I was so enthralled with Talmanes' story that I found i paid little attention to the other sections. So I reread most of the others. Now onto Ch. 1. Dang work.
  13. Come on folks. We can get this thing to 64 page, and let me venture a guess about tomorrow's: "Tarmon Gaidon is here"
  14. Lan, finally and completely taking the mantle of his birthright.
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