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Welcome, Sorcha al'Parr.


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Welcome to the nut house! Tell us all about yourself. Are you pretainted? Favourite games? Favourite asha´man?


Someone will soon bring you some brownies and you will be added to our hidden boards in a few days. Until you get access - feel free to jump into any threads or start your own.

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Ooooooo hello! I am Logain - you like me :biggrin:?


Hehe but seriously, welcome to the Black Tower, Sorcha! I am Logain, aka the Faction Leader of the Light, here, so if you need help navigating about the place and learning the specs, whether the BT in general or about the Light Faction specifically, feel free to ask me, private message or here or however. :tongue:


Enjoy those tainted brownies, and have a good time in the madhouse :happy:!

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