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  1. I reckon your profile neds a random post from me :D

  2. Then in violent frustration, he cries out to god or just no one. Is there a point to, this madness. And all that he was is just a tragedy.

    1. Mrs. Cindy Gill

      Mrs. Cindy Gill

      shhhhhhh.... its alright......

  3. Woohoo! Saturday nig..Oh wait. I'll just take a bunch of pills instead. Totally beats having friends and a life. #selfpity

  4. I think it's a lot more cringeworthy than dreamshard. At least that might have been something described in the notes that RJ never actually got around to putting a name to. Unless you know something I don't? Wouldn't be the first time. : ]
  5. I take it to mean a personal confrontation. I feel like if it was a full scale battle he'd have said "You defeated my armies" instead of the much more personal "me". Could be totally wrong though. Could be a good question to ask Brandon and it isn't exactly spoiler material, so I don't see why he would have a problem answering if there's something about it in the notes.
  6. Yeah, I feel a bit sorry for folks like you that are new to the site. I've been here for five years, and it used to be much, much more enjoyable. I can understand people's problems with his writing, a lot of them have valid critiques. But literally, and I mean literally, every single thread, no matter the topic, at one point or another (Usually within the first three posts) devolves into people talking about how shitty a job he's done. Whether their critiques are valid or not, some people could at least do others the courtesy of keeping it isolated to the many threads already devoted to how shitty a job they think he's done. But they have this insufferable need to pollute every thread with it. As if it hasn't already been made abundantly clear by them many times over.
  7. I'm starting to feel like they should change the name from Dragon Mount to Brandon Bash.
  8. Have you seen Miks' theory on how SH and Moridin are one and the same Fish? It's interesting at the least.
  9. It's a fine line you walk Mik. Tiptoing between convulated theory and Felix Pax land. Somehow you always manage to stay just barely on the right side...which is of course epic.
  10. The Dreadbane thing was horrible if for no other reason than that we've seen plenty of Borderlanders interact with characters known to have killed a Fade and never once did that title come up.
  11. I notice he's been on the site today but hasn't posted. That tells me a lot.
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