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    reading, mythology, basketball, football, and spending time with my cousins.
  1. I murder Moon because i accidentally stepped on a Lego.
  2. I murder Leelou because I have a headache.
  3. I murder Leelou because tomorrow is Friday!
  4. *Stabs the evil Cloudflare as well* Happy Birthday Christine!
  5. I murder Moon because the cat is calling for blood.
  6. I murder Vambram to put him out of his misery.
  7. Love Underworld! Did you see the most recent one?
  8. Taylor Lautner. I don't like his mustache, though. It doesn't look good on him.
  9. *Stabs them all in return* Thank you. It must be a special dagger.
  10. I murder Vambram because he's a fellow Darkfriend.
  11. Nevsky. The Russians could be very good at combat.
  12. Wallace had no recorded children. *Slaps forehead* I meant I'm descended from his relatives. As well as the lord he was vassal to.
  13. *Stabs* Thank you. I shall make sure to occasionally share my minions with you.
  14. Wallace. Because he's my ancestor and I just love Braveheart!
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