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    reading, mythology, basketball, football, and spending time with my cousins.
  1. Well, I think the cities have all the nice things (assuming they're left behind) I think I would probably end up using some mansion's awesome pool to play around and swim laps in. Sorcha al'Parr ~ Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
  2. I swear to respect all members of the WT Community, despite any differences we might have in background or opinion. As Aes Sedai are sisters, this Org is my online family and I will treat them as such. I swear to always remain a member of this Community at heart, even if life might take me away from it for a time, and always strive to return to it. Once an Aes Sedai, always an Aes Sedai. I swear to be a true and faithful member of the Green Ajah and to uphold the dignity and ideals of my Ajah and the White Tower. I am a true member of the Green Ajah.
  3. Sorcha al'Parr- Green Accepted Sorry I'm late. I think I'd rather be free while I can and have that freedom until someone stops me.
  4. *Hugs* My mentee sister has joined me! Welcome Hallia, and congratulations. *Hugs* I have presents for you in your party on the Green boards.
  5. Sorcha al'Parr- Green Accepted I like the two groups how they are. However, if the group leaders decide that it is best, then I will not leave.
  6. Congratulations Panchi and Chuckles! *Hugs them both*
  7. :happy: *Hugs* Thank you all so much! I'm happy to have found my home.
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