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    reading, mythology, basketball, football, and spending time with my cousins.

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  1. Wallace had no recorded children. *Slaps forehead* I meant I'm descended from his relatives. As well as the lord he was vassal to.
  2. Cutest Bonded Pair: Brandie and Kronos Most Likely to Bond: Tyler and blank As for the others, there are some pretty good candidates that I just can't choose!
  3. Cutest Bond Pair: Brandie and Kronos Most Likely to Bond: blank and Tyler Best Bonding: Time and Matty- http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/79698-times-hat/ Most Foolish: Cyan and Gayden
  4. This will be interesting. -An Amyrlin: Nya -A Keeper: blank -A Sword Captain: Kronos -A MoN: Time -A MaA: Tyler -A Captain General: ASG -A Banner general: Daruya
  5. Well, in my area, women are viewed equally by quite a few, but others (even women themselves! ) view women as being beneath them, just pretty things to hit on and entertain them. When my aunt called housing to get a new house (she has a big family!), they told her no in a dismissive way, even when she was calling about a plumbing issue or some other issue. Then when my uncle calls, they instantly fall all over trying to get things done for him. Then when girls express opinions, the boys shrug it off or don't take them seriously. Others who view women and girls as equals treat each other equally.
  6. Well. Here's my Jordy who died last night. She liked to lounge and cuddle. Then Max sits in the sink. Then there is Isis and Ceilidh The other ones I don't have very good pictures right now.
  7. Thank you to whoever sent me one. *Hugs* I really needed that. You have just made me not so upset.
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