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Bad Ending

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Rand dies obviously but leaves behind strict instructions on how things are to be after he wins The Last Battle. I think the future Aviendha saw in the ter'angreal will be at least partly true. He will agree to allow the Seanchan have some of the land back, the Aiel will stay West of the Dragonwall and not go back to the Waste. I also think the White Towers power will be limited heavily. With Rands dislike for Aes Sedai, I think he will whatever he can to stop them attempting to control everything after he is gone. He will make a deal with everyone. After all, he COULD choose not to fight Tarmon Gaidon. He wouldn't do that but he could. That's his card, his bluff, to make them agree to his terms.

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The Ashaman and the Aes Sedai bond each other (super 2 way bond giving each other the powers of a warder to supplement their own abilities) and agree to share Tar Valon (possibly calling it the Grey tower lol).

Men finally getting the respect and equal rights they deserve in Far Madding and similar misandrystic nations

The ridiculous rule on only women ruling in Andor scrapped

Malkier being rescued from the Blight

The misandrystic Red ajah changing their ways and admitting men are both useful and equal to them (yeah and the Dark one will change sides but I can hope)

The mystery about Luc and Isam being combined in Slayer explained

Egwene marrying Gawyn and Berelain marrying Galad

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I'll have to think a abit about what I would want to happen, considering all the people and plots involved. I guess there are several acceptable outcomes.


But when it comes to people dying, I'm going to hate it. I've been reading this series for so long that I know these people the way they are. Accepting their deaths is going to be excruciating no matter how it happens. If I had started reading two or three years ago, I might have handled it better, but not now. My opinion of the world and these people has matured and settled by now, so the ending is will not change too much for me, but emotionally it will be hard. When I read comments about who people want to survive and who they could imagine dying and I see names of my favorite characters mentioned, I feel like strangling those posters.. figuratively of course :laugh:.



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It seems to me everybody imagines the Last Battle to be a huge military engagement at Shayol Ghul involving millions of Trollocs, tens of thousands of Fades, and hundreds of Dreadlords versus hundreds of thousands of soldiers (both Randland and Seanchan), hundreds of thousands of Aiel, and several thousand channelers (Ashaman, Aes Sedai, Kin, Windfinders, Wise Ones).


What if it isn't a mega-event? What if the final showdown was more personal? Wouldn't it be interesting if the key players decided to settle things mano a mano?


Well, sort of mano a mano.


I propose that the Dark and Light champions settle their differences in a no holds barred Common Room brawl at the local inn.


Imagine this scene at the Tarma Gaidin Inn located in Far Madding. The following action takes place in a large common room where a dozen plus people are gathered in groups around tables.


Moridin is playing Stones with Perrin and frowning at the board.


Moridin: Don't you know any other games that are civilized shaggy man.


Perrin: OK, How about Daes Dae'mar? I'll have to give you a handicap though; you and the other Forsaken make the Cairhienen nobles look like geniuses when you attempt to play the Great Game...


Moridin: That's bold talk for a yellow eyed man without his axe!


Meanwhile at another table Mat dices with Shaidar Haran.


Shaidar Haran: That the 39th time you rolled sixes Gambler, are you fool enough to try cheating the Dark One?


Mat: Chill out you jumped up Half Man, don't get your small clothes disarrayed!


Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are sitting at a separate table.


Egwene: When is he getting here? I still don't like the idea of this meeting and not being able to channel...


Elayne: Well, Rand set it up this way; he said better the principals be inconvenienced then half of the continent being transformed into molten glass...


Egwene: Yes, I know, but being in the same room with the remaining Forsaken is bad enough without the tension.


Nynaeve: Rand told me he expects all of the Forsaken and that Haran character to submit peaceably or else...


Egwene: Or else what? Is he going to take them by the ear and lead them back to the Bore?


At that moment the door swings open and in walks Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn. He immediately spots Moridin and marches up to his table. At this point some oblivious patrons finally notice that some major league drama is about to go down and decide to vacate the premises.


Moridin: So the Shepherd finally arrives.


Rand: Ishamael, this Age isn't big enough for the both of us. I want you and your gang to leave this reality before sundown or I'll be forced to take you in.


Moiraine and Cadsuane are seated nearby observing Rand; they have become good friends since Moiraine's return.


Cadsuane: That insufferable boy, just when I thought he'd finally learned manners he starts backsliding!


Moiraine: The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills...


Moridin: Take me in? Lews Therin, you are still a fool; being reborn has made you no wiser! You expect to subdue me and my associates with your two misfit friends and some half trained girls?


Mat: It's time to toss the dice!

Mat flicks the dice into Shaidar Haran's face and then punches him in the jaw using a fist with a strapped on Foxhead. Shaidar Haran falls backwards in his chair and hits the floor, half senseless.


Perrin: It's time for the High Lord to Dance!

Perrin grabs the distracted Moridin and bodily tosses him into a nearby table where Demandred, Cyndane, and Moghedien are seated, knocking them all to the floor.


Nynaeve grabs a confused Moghedien and starts to choke her senseless, "I'll teach you about using compulsion..."


Elayne grabs a vase intending to hit Cyndane but Egwene stops her.


Egwene: No, not the good Sea Folk porcelain. << hands Elayne a plain wine bottle after taking vase >>


Rand snags Demandred by the collar while he tries to crawl away unnoticed and lifts him upright.


Rand: So the Dark One's finest general tries to slink away when he has no army in front of him? Not so fast, you have some explaining to do...


In the back of the room three cloaked men throw off their hoods and cloaks, and brandish knives faster then eye can see. They start threading their way through the room seemingly faster then a Myrddraal.


Mat, who is double teaming Shaidar Haran with Perrin, suddenly stands when he notices the three new attackers.


Mat: Burn me! It's @#$%&*! Gholam again, three of them this time! Nynaeve use that Well thing you’re wearing and hit them with that new Stasis Field weave.


Nynaeve responds after banging a semiconscious Moghedien's head on the floor one last time.


Nynaeve: Finding more work for me, eh Matrim, just like old times. More of them you say, I thought the one you disposed in Caemlyn was enough?


Rand surveys the room, noting the number of struggles and general anarchy.


Rand: It seems the Lord of Chaos really does rule!

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@cuendillar-88!.... :laugh::laugh::laugh:




"Rand: Ishamael, this Age isn't big enough for the both of us. I want you and your gang to leave this reality before sundown or I'll be forced to take you in."




"Elayne grabs a vase intending to hit Cyndane but Egwene stops her.


Egwene: No, not the good Sea Folk porcelain. << hands Elayne a plain wine bottle after taking vase >> "



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@cuendillar-88!.... :laugh::laugh::laugh:




"Rand: Ishamael, this Age isn't big enough for the both of us. I want you and your gang to leave this reality before sundown or I'll be forced to take you in."




"Elayne grabs a vase intending to hit Cyndane but Egwene stops her.


Egwene: No, not the good Sea Folk porcelain. << hands Elayne a plain wine bottle after taking vase >> "



Thanks, I’ve always loved the saloon brawl scenes in the classic Western movies; it starts out with a protagonist vs. antagonist confrontation and somehow escalates into a melee involving everyone except the piano player! I set my little would-be scenario at an inn instead of a tavern because it would cause extra angst for Egwene (subconsciously imagining said bedlam occurring in the Common Room of her beloved Winespring Inn). I really do like Eggy but can't resist tweaking her nose like Rand and Mat when they catch her in one of her rare mistakes. I really could imagine her spending most of her energy trying to stop the brawl or trying to minimize the damage instead of trying to subdue the Forsaken. Here are more details of the infamous knock-down, drag-out at the Tarma Gaidin Inn:


Egwene with arms crossed and stern expression observes free-for-all.

Egwene: Rand, stop this nonsense; they're destroying the proprietor's property!


Rand: (ducking thrown jar) What do you suggest, I march them to the local Wisdom for a lecture? It really isn't my fault, I just gave Moridin a choice; Mat and Perrin started the actual fight...


Egwene: (mumbles to self) Of course! It's always the other two woolhead's fault; no matter which you ask, woolhead #1 was just standing there minding his own business when his two best friends decide to cause the biggest disaster since the Breaking! Grrrrrrr! (gnashes teeth)


Perrin grabs a chair intending to wrap it around Shaidar Haran's head.


Egwene: No, Perrin that was made by a Master Saldean Craftsman!


Perrin stops to examine chair and is belted by Shaidar Haran, causing him to drop the chair on floor whereupon Demandred falls on it and breaks it.


Egwene does face palm and decides to look at another part of the Common Room and shrieks in horror as she spots Mat and Birgitte swinging on separate chandeliers...


Mat and Birgitte manage to drop kick the two Gholam still standing but Mat crashes to the floor when the base of the chandelier tears loose from the ceiling.


Mat: (in Old Tongue) They don't make these things like they used to, why I remember one time in Barashta I had to teach two drunken Warders a lesson...


Birgitte: (guffaws) Yes, this is a lot more fun then that boring Caemlyn Palace; speaking of which, where is my adventurous Queen? <<Looks around, sees Elayne examining an unconscious woman surrounded by fragments of bottle>>


Egwene resigns herself to catastrophe, looks upward (possibly addressing the Creator) "Am I the only one with any sanity left?"


Elayne: Egwene, that Cyndane woman is really Lanfear transmigrated; didn't she try to kill you and Aviendha at the Cairhien docks?


Egwene: (snaps back to reality) What! That @#$%&*! is Lanfear? If that's true, that *&%$# is going to wish she was never reborn! Why I'm going to proclaim an exception from the Dragon's Non-Torture Edict and then I'll get started...

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the only bad ending would be a poorly written one. even if the dark one won, and everyone died, shakespeare showed that there is power in tragedy, and he was far from the first. if one goes into a new book in this series with things they think must happen, or into any book series with those types of thoughts, they will normally be disappointed. we are here to see another person's vision, no matter how much we theorize, or try to guess at events to come, if our theories are wrong that doesn't mean that the author is wrong. it means that the author is the one who made it.


i understand in this case there is a second author involved at a late stage, one thing we can be happy about is that the last chapter was written by rj himself. but i already expect allot of idiots to think bs destroyed the ending by his choices on the parts he had to put together. i just see that people are going to complain no matter what on any book with sanderson's name on it. now that is a small minority, but i can still see it coming.

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If nobody important dies I'll be disappointed. This is supposed to be the big one, the battle for the fate of this Age. If the good guys steamroll this one just like they have most of their other battles it'll be incredibly trite and boring. There has to be risk.

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Fairly certain Rand will die sealing the DO's prison but after that at some point during the new Trolloc Wars that are already springing up in ToM Mat will blow the Horn of Valere and we'll get to see Rand one last time with all the other heroes :biggrin:

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Well, before the LB commences, Rand & Elayne and Min and Aviendha, plus Mat & Tuon, Perrin & Faile, Thom & Moiraine, Egwene & Gawyn, Lan & Nynaeve, Berelain & Galad, and Siuan & Gareth Byrne decide to plan the attack at an Inn, where Master Gil serves all the food.


Just as they sit down, after ordering french fries, the screen fades to black.


Wait, that was the Sopranos.


I'd like something along these lines:


1) A Memory of Light is more than a title. As alluded to by Greandal in ToM, one of the Forsaken (I'm thinking Moridin or Lanfear) remembers what is was like before turning to the Shadow. If it is not Moridin, then the Forsaken in question (Cyndane, Graendal, Moghedein) realizes that a DO win won't mean them ruling forever, but a destruction of everything. And they figure a couple more hundred years is better than dying tomorrow. So they do something to preserve their own life, which also tips the scales. Or, if it is Moridin, he realizes that nihilism is all bullsh!t, and that a DO win isn't inevitable. Remember, Rand is seeping into him as well. Buddha Rand is seeping into him. Still, we've been hearing that "no one can walk so long in the Shadow they can't turn back to the Light" for a long time, and it's time we really see it (though I suppose Verin and Ingtar quality, but not nearly to the same depths).


2) The Aiel, some of them, reswear the Way of the Leaf.


3) The rest can form new kingdoms in the lands that would easily follow any king that would protect them. As Ingtar says about Hadran. For the Aiel, the lands along the Spine: Hadran and Mar Haddon make the most sense, but Caralain, Maredo, and Kintara are also good candidates.


4) We find out about that bloddy Song the Tinkers are searching for.


5) Tuon gets her head out of her rear.


6) Egwene and the AS do as well, join with what's left of Asha'man, and like the Kin (under Elayne's direction), Windfinders, and Wise Ones, start to use their abilities to actually Serve the people en mass. Again.


7) We get to find out how AS were raised in the AOL. Before swearing the oaths. What were the tests, if any?

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I think Mat is going to be killed by a Foresaken who is then balefired and so then he can "die and live again". Or when he dies he will join the Great Hunt and become "part of what was, and what will be". I also think Lan and Nynaeve will die, but they will become like Gaidal Cain and Birgitte in the Tel'aran'rhiod.


I think that Rand will have to unite both the male and female Aes Sedai, and they all link, (equally, none of this "let's have all the Ashaman take control of all the female Aes Sedai and occupy the White Tower" rubbish)as well as all the sul'dam and damane linking with Aes Sedai and Wise Ones and Kin - all the channellers link to break the last seal on the Dark One's prison, then the Dark One battles with Rand, Rand dies toweaken the Dark One enough so that he can be sealed again. This time with thirteen seals.


And I don't know what else...

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