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  1. Is it true that Harriet insisted on Bela getting killed in aMoL? If so, do we know why? Was it too Disney for her or...? :)
  2. Lan, charging alone towards Demandred and their duel, culminating with the "I didn't come to win, I came to kill you". Had me cheering. Oddly enough the "death is lighter than a feather" addition is one of my worst parts of the book. Such a great line, cheapened by a line that has been repeated dozens of times throughout the books.
  3. Nynaeve feeling that she failed her friends was the most heartbreaking part for me. Probably also because there was so little of her in this book. She's on of my favourites so I missed some kickass 5-power action by her on the battlefield. I don't know if this has been answered elsewhere, I've not come across it at least. Do we know why Harriet wanted Bela dead?
  4. i certainly hope that was not directed at me. I mean you hardly know me It was directed at the person whose post it followed, Mr. CyberTROLLoc. Most people who have Trolloc names also exhibit very (presumably deliberately) trollish behavior, hence Suttree's lightbulb. (See Nargsbrood from Wotmania for another example; I can't think of any other long-termers.) In my experience, though, the ones who own up to it via username are relatively harmless if you have half a brain. Couldn't agree more, it's the people who hide their trollish nature behind neutral names and faux assuredness that can be harder to squelch.
  5. Is a bold attempt NetSlider :) Might be too late, think Terez sucked up the last drop of funny a few posts ago.
  6. As I think you should. there are a small handfull of posters on these boards that make me and my girlfriend stick to mostly lurking. It's demotivating to read threads where a person will "win" arguments/debates either by stubbornly splitting hairs until the other party gives up repeating themselves or by doggedly conjure up strawman after strawman, and then state them as valid points for proving someone wrong. Anyway back to lurking and shaking our heads. :) PS Cads is a charismatic bully, that knows when and how to use the tools at her disposal. Easy as that.
  7. My top 3 is - with a rather large distance between them - as follows: 1. Gawyn 2. Egwene 3. Perrin (He acts more like a dense man possessed than a leader in love, most of the time)
  8. I doubt the OP will burn out in 1 huge "blast". Mostly because the glimpses of the future we've seen here and there, show people still using the power. This could be false prophecies of course, but I really doubt that. I can definately see the last battle being the beginning of the end for the OP though. We know they have had the AOL where it was at it's peak, and also that there has to be a cycle of no OP at all (our time) - I think whatever it is that makes the OP go dormant, will trigger into motion at the end of the next book.
  9. I've always thought Mads mikkelsen had the look and acting skills to play a good Lan. He has that "handsome if not for the stoneface"-look, and is familiar with movies that take place in a fantasy/mythic environment.
  10. I'll admit I've not read all responses. I'm not too well read in the theories of WOT. But I've always had the idea in my head that since this is supposed to be a huge cycle of our own world, and in all our known history we do not know the use of the power, there has to be a vast period in the bigger cycle that doesn't involve the power at all. My theory on how the story ends is, both the male and female part will be used to defeat and seal the Dark One in a much stronger prison. Both sides will be tainted, and thus the power will be pushed out of mankind over the coming generations, leading to the ages we know now, of technology and nothing else. Millinea ahead in the future, the seals will start to crumble, and the power will ooze into the history of man once more. edit: typos
  11. I still need to read BS's contributions so I can't state if I prefer his writing. I will make a couple of points I find to be big flaws in RJs writing. - His general portrayal of women, from barwenches to ageless Aes Sedai - they all have the same faults and demeanors, and it's not what I'd call positive traits. - The lack of actual danger/deaths. I found myself increasingly immune to the "against all odds, risk taking endeavors!" our main characters attempt - simply because they succeed over and over again. When they first travelled the ways, I was hooked, drinking in every word. By the time we witnessed Elayne trying to unweave a gateway - I just read through it, wondering what miracle would happen to get them through this time. I'm also reading "A Song of Ice and Fire" and I know Martin is on the other extreme end of the scale. I'd prefer an equilibrium, but given the choice, Martins way definately makes me more involved in the story.
  12. Wasn't there also something about Nynaeve being equally good at all the elements, much like Rand? Which is why she can heal the unhealable things such as stilling and the taint, plus use Balefire on instinct without ever having learned it?
  13. I hope the OP doesn't read this thread anymore, because the above is a major spoiler on his/her continued reading.
  14. Cheers :) And I wasn't clear in my question about the healing. It's Taim that teaches, but when Flynn is healing/containing the wound of 2 evils in Rands side (just before he goes off to take kill Sammael) in Crown of Swords, he tells the Aes Sedai that it was Dashiva that encouraged him to learn more of healing and always had very good advice about it, even though Dashivas own healing skills were non existant. Taim was the one to actually show the flows and techniques I suppose aye.
  15. Don't forget Mat had minor signs of old memories before he made his wishes. He still yelled and spoke in the Old Tongue now and then, without knowing it - I believe RJ said it was a sign of the blood of Manetheren was running strong in Two Rivers folk, and especially in Mat. Still, suddenly yelling in a forgotten language you never studied, without really knowing, is in the same ballpark as having memories of past lives, if on a much lesser scale.
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