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  1. I suspect it'll take about one week, just like usual.
  2. I think she was just trying to keep her figure.
  3. I don't know what will happen. I don't really know what I want to have happen. I do know that if everyone were to die I'd be okay with it.
  4. In preparation for MoL I have begun my reread of the series. Yes, the beginning of EotW is rather slow. It focuses greatly on walking us through the village of Edmond's Field and introducing readers to the inhabitants. Is it worth beginning the book this way? Sure, but it's rather dull. Fortunately the book picks up not long after.
  5. I could, but then I wouldn't have a hardback in my hands. Such a thing is important to me. Books fill up empty shelf space, and make good paper weights. I usually get new releases from my local book(ish) store. If the author is a bestseller a new release with a list price of $29.99 can usually be had for $19.99.
  6. I don't remember anymore. I think I saw it mentioned on a forum of an online game and decided to give it a go. I could be mistaken, however.
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