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  1. My memory of the series is somewhat hazy, being some years since my last run through. However, I seem to remember an incident back in the AoL where the Aiel were sitting in a huge circle around a group of channellers that were killing them. They were singing as they were killed, trying to prompt the channellers to remember who and what they were. As I say, my memory is very hazy on the point. I'll get back to the point on this read through eventually, but I always assumed The Song was that song.
  2. That they had a clearer view on Brandon's abilities than you do.
  3. Read for enjoyment? Yes, that's what we do. But saying that, some of us feel that we would have gotten more enjoyment out of the books had a bit more effort, a bit more time, and a bit more work gone into them. It's not about just wanting to bash BS, it's about offering an opinion on the series and his work. There were things he could have done better. Had he done them better, I, for one, would have enjoyed the books more. Would you rather shrug and say good enough, or try and get the author to write the best damn books he can? Surely the books being more enjoyable is beneficial to reading for
  4. Yes, Elayne never read any of the previous letters, and had Mat written a well presented, standard formal letter, Norry would have filtered his letter the same as he did all the others. It's precisely because it's so irreverent and carefree in execution that it gets through to Elayne at all. That letter *HAD* to be like that, else there's no way that Elayne would ever have read it.
  5. They're more likely to travel in :)
  6. To go further with it, the creator says "Next time, my turn to be the dark one"
  7. It was RJ that said that there was 1 more book, only one, and one it was going to be. Because he died, we've gotten 3 instead. And, of course, a plethora of people blaming BS for RJ's failings as an author
  8. Perhaps it'll result in the Creator turning to his best friend (The Dark One) and saying "Well done. It only took you 44 million revolutions that time. Care for another game?"
  9. I've never read it at all. Listened to the audio books otoh, too many to remember
  10. There's also the good general purpose of eliminating the most potentialy effective weapons in the enemies arsenal (ie. channellers) for the least possible risk and cost
  11. Your defining 'being respectful to Brandon' as 'praising Brandon'. Those are two very distinct things. Actually, no I'm not.
  12. Nothing to do with the topic at hand, but I wanted to mention that killing time sounds like a really really bad thing for them to be doing, given the context of the eternal struggle between dark and light, and the resolutions desired by each side.
  13. The level of criticism directed at his work on this board is not consistant with being respectful to him. It is rare to see an opinion that he has done a good job, and very common to see long diatribes seeking to pull apart anything he has written. If I'd read these boards before reading the books, I might very well have come to the conclusion that they were so terribly written as to be not worth reading, rather than being among the better books in the series.
  14. Sanderson has done a fantastic job with the whole of the saga that he wrote. I really don't get how determined some people are to try and criticise his work.
  15. If you have a 0.000000000001% chance of winning with 1 strategy, and absolutely zero with any other. It is not insanity to bet everything on the strategy with the 0.000000000001% chance.
  16. There's so much light prophecy that we don't know, and presumably even more dark. Anything and everything could be covered by it, but since it happens without an on-screen reading of the prophecy, we will never know
  17. No, that's nto the shadow's goal. The shadow's goals have always been somewhat cloaked in mystery. But the dark one's ultimate ambition is to crack the wheel of time (or so we have been lead to believe). Having a few million trollocs eat a few million humans and demolish the nations really doesn't achieve that. The dark one NEEDS the Dragon for his objectives to be realised
  18. It's closer to say they have been remarkably vigilent in trying to force people to not become Aes Sedai. Preventing people that are over 18 from signing on as novices, having the penalty for failing a test being exile from the tower, rather than additional training. Being very less than vigilent when it comes to searching out potential. It's small wonder the white tower has declined over the 3 millenia
  19. Not to disagree with you in any major way Thrasymachus, but there have been a very small number of occasions (I can only recall 1 right now) where she has seen a conditional viewing. ie. IF Siuanne and Brynne stay together, they will both live. If they part, both will die.
  20. Since Min saw multiple lives for Birgitte and we know per RJ that Min's viewings *ALWAYS* pertain to the future, and that viewing was made post her being ripped out, we know for certain fact that Birgitte will be reborn if the pattern survives (which of course, it's going to.)
  21. I guess if you dehydrate sufficiently you'll stop sweating. Though it might be detrimental to your posting too
  22. It never got built. At least, not beyond the foundations
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