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  1. I also thought that he is going to marry Morgase. The books mentioned several times that it is not so unusual for the Andor nobility to marry a commoner. But now we know for sure that it won't happen. I would like to see Tam al'Thor as a husband anyway. We know him as a soldier, we know him as a father...the role of husband could deepen the character. I think that's a good point, but honestly, I don't think we will see it simply due to there being no room for it. I mean, so much stuff has to happen in AMoL, I don't see Sanderson marrying Tam. It would really just be a waste of space. It would be nice and all feel good and what not, but unless it served a real purpose, I don't see it happening. I dont see this happening either, and I think Mrs Sanderson would have something to say about it as well . On a serious note though, I dont think Tam will marry again. He's been dodging so many "oh my sister is a better cook than me" type insinuations since Kari passed, he just isn't looking for another wife/partner at such a late stage in his life. A.
  2. Ahh... Actually you are very correct in this, one of my uncle's is blind and he has a whole wall in his lounge and all up his hallway packed with bookcases with books on tape/cd going back to the mid 70's (shelves and "covers" are labled in braille). Also a friends child who is 12 has severe learning difficulties and only reads at a 5 year old level loves listening to audiobooks, because it means she "read" the same books as all her friends. Personally, I just like the easy of them, listening to them on packed buses or while driving. Also, while I'm actually really hacked off that the release date has been pushed back again, it's one of those things that I'll just have to live with... No use crying over spilt milk soft of thing. A.
  3. And Bain and Chiad sitting at the table like good village girls as if they had been doing it all their lives lol. A.
  4. It is stated somewhere, maybe one of the multitues of interviews, just can't rememeber where, that there are one handed sword forms for either shorter bladed or shorter hilted swords, so Rand's abilities aren't competely wasted, he just has to spend some time learning said forms. When he has the time to do this is another topic entirely. A.
  5. I've always invisisioned something like a very thin glass rotating door that just gets wider as it spins, going from thin line to fully open in a single 360 degree turn. A.
  6. Keep in mind that they must follow the Dragon Banner. And, the Dragon. Sorry that was more towards "sealed to the flames'" comment. http://books.google.com/books?id=g4ktXZQtTvMC&pg=PA560&lpg=PA560&dq=the+Heroes+of+the+horn+must+follow+the+Dragon+banner.&source=bl&ots=ZzOxcqokLX&sig=kK_tLKJLFS5iS6DxFY-kO1ZFKfI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=MpIoT7CeAuaYiALWhdSnAQ&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=the%20Heroes%20of%20the%20horn%20must%20follow%20the%20Dragon%20banner.&f=false The question that keeps bugging me is, do they ALWAYS have to follow the Dragon banner, or is it just because the Dragon soul (Rand/LTT) has been spun again and Artur recongizes him? Say Mat blows the Horn in TG, Hero's come and spank a few bottoms (ala Pennilor Feilds(spelling) in the LoTR's movies), day is saved and everyone sings the HappyHappy JoyJoy song for a couple of hundred years. Then one day some personage decideds "stuff this" and changes the track to 'Lets All Start a War', goes and raids the Hero's of TG's tombs, pinches the Horn from Mat's statue (and lets say the Ashandrei as well), walks up to the leaders of the world and demands they grovel to him. They laugh at him so he starts a solo-rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee and good old Artur and Rand (as the most recient reincarnations) turn up, still coughing their loungs out because Gaidal just hotboxed T'A'R with the good stuff and look at their new master. He commands them to attack and kill everyone, they then look at each other and say "Nah... You don't have the flag... Catch ya later" and disappear again... The ledgend would end up sounding pretty crappy in the end "The Horn of Valere, just a shiny trumpet unless you have the Dragon Banner" A. P.S: Sorry for the rambling, 81 hours and no sleep make Homer something something....
  7. That's not actually true......While time is cyclic and repeats itself, it may not do so in the same way every time......It may not be a bore in the pattern every time.....Or the same types of seals.......The previous turning might not have even had heartstone to make the same types of seals. And that is my point......There has never been any proof, be it in the books themselves, or by acknowledgment by RJ, the COL being born twice always happens. A great example of this would be the fact that RJ has said that the Horn of Valere did not exist in the Last Battle of the previous turning of the wheel. It did exist, it just wasn't used. RJ has stated in interviews that it was created in an Age before the AOL. A.
  8. Granny Weatherwax vs Moiraine... Headology vs Aes Sadai word play... Talk about a match to do your brain in, my heads hurting all ready . Others I'd like to see get through the opening rounds would be: Iorek Byrnison, Gimli, Tyrion Lannister, The Wicked Witch and Tomas. A.
  9. Like a double breasted coat? That would be nice too Not sure if it's double brested, i'm thinking more something along the lines of the discription of the Legion of the Dragon uniform (don't have my books so I can't find the exact lines) but it's something along the lines of "a coat of bright blue, buttoned up the side so not to break the figure on the Dragon on the front". A. Something like these, you mean? http://www.supernalclothing.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5 Yes, like the fourth one down but without the shoulder buttons and with a high collar. A.
  10. Yes, his mother/father would have taught him to read and write, but by his own admission he was never into books/studying as much as Rand and Perrin were, so I could understand bad spelling, but that being said, the blatant "errors" were over the top and made me shake my head. Apart from the bad spelling the letter was ok, not the best but it did sound like Mat. A.
  11. I think Machin Shin's reaction to Fain was due to the duel darkness's that are within Fain. He was the DO's hound, has had his essense distilled over and over at SG, but then when in SL he is taken over by Moredeith, the opposite evil of the DO. Poor Machin Shin just didn't know what he had bitten into... Like biting into a perfect looking apple only to find it rotten to the core. A.
  12. LOL!!!! "I drink Dragon's blood at breakfast". A.
  13. In a series with the number of named characters that WoT has, keeping track of some of the minor/supporting characters is hard. There is a thread on here, which I can't find at the moment, that touched on this topic. The thing that makes keeping track of minor/supporting characters difficult for me personally is the similarities in the names, Seane and Sarine (spelling doesn't look right), the two Aes Sadai are an example. A.
  14. Like a double breasted coat? That would be nice too Not sure if it's double brested, i'm thinking more something along the lines of the discription of the Legion of the Dragon uniform (don't have my books so I can't find the exact lines) but it's something along the lines of "a coat of bright blue, buttoned up the side so not to break the figure on the Dragon on the front". A.
  15. To me, that coat makes me think of the long black coats Taim wears. I personally see the Asha'man jackets to button up the side like the Legion of the Dragon's uniform coats are described as doing. A.
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