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  1. A lot of them were bad. There were plenty of Thom/Moiraine clues early on. That one was easy. Galad/Berelain for me. Totally shallow.
  2. Funny, I have not posted for many years either. I recently went back & re-read the last 3 for the first time sine aMoL came out to see if I had a different take on them. I never really had an issue with how Rand ended things. I kind of liked that. My issues were about the plot (Verin's letter), some characters being off (to be expected some, but yikes on Mat), characters being really clever and then really dumb (Egwene reads letter from Darlin about wanting to keep some forces back to guard vs the Seanchan, then Elayne moves all her channelers who can make a gatewa
  3. I think the anticipation between books kind of started to skew things a bit. At least for me. The first 5-6 were really good. Then things kind of started to unravel a bit, with Crossroads of Twilight the low point. RJ seemed to find his stride again with Path of Daggers, but then passed away. The last 3 are controversial & divisive amongst the fanbase. I was glad they were written & thank Sanderson for them. But I get some of the criticism as well. But welcome. As an opening salvo, give us your favorite 3 characters & top 3 books. P
  4. Well, I was so disappointed (but not unexpectedly so) in aMoL I've been avoiding these boards since I finished, for fear I'd say something I'd regret, or might be hurtful to someone who read it. But I can do this: for me, TSR is the clear #1, and TGH is the clear #2. Put 3-5 in a hat and pick, they were all wonderful. I put tDR a clear 6th, and tGS and KoD in a virtual tie next. Next I go with New Spring. Everything below that I felt was either hard to read, too slow, or somewhat disappointing because of the awesomeness that preceded it. 10-12 were still good in spots, 13-15 had their moments,
  5. First off, I want to thank Brandon and all of Team Jordan for seeing this through. I'm happy that the series got an ending and that I got to read it. But that is a different story from how I felt about the book. I just didn't feel emotionally connected to anyone very often. Egwene is my favorite character from the Two Rivers gang, and her death didn't really bother me much. It was a heroic and fitting one. I thought the first 15 chapters or so were pretty bad. Lots of characters regressed (Rand and Egwene yelling at each other). The Dragon's Peace scene was particularly poor. Rand does
  6. 1. Lan's sheathing the sword on Demandred 2. Egwene 3. Dragon's Farce 4. Mat/Tuon reunion scene 5. Rand scene with Tuon and Mat and he joking the whole time 6. Bela's death 7. Siuan
  7. What arc? Thoroughly disappointed by Moiraine's arc after her return? Wasn't her return supposed to be critical to Rand's success? Yeah, she made an impact at the FoM meeting at the tent (I wasn't a fan of that scene), then did nothing. Virtually nothing from inside her head. Except tea?
  8. This is closer to how I'm feeling. Really, so many characters have regressed (Mat, Rand) and the Light is acting so stupidly, it is hard to read. I'm 15 chapters in, and I think the book is poor. Not horrible, but close to it. I did like some of the Prologue scenes (Bayrd, Isam, Moggy, Leilwin, and some of the non-slapstick Talamanes). I really got worried during the Talamens scenes when BS seemed to forget about the numbers. Talamanes had hundreds of men, but shouldn't he had around 15,000 (half of the Band?). OK, some attrition getting in, but with only tens (not hundreds) of thousands o
  9. Your summarizing quote gave me chills, it is my favorite scene in the first book, and Oh well CHILLS That is my favorite scene in Eye as well. And one of the best in the series, IMHO.
  10. Thanks for the review, Luckers. My copy is in town, but not yet at my door (as I track it online). Though Jordan's pacing troubled me at times (in books 7-10), I'm firmly in the camp that loved the fullness of the world, and the multiple viewpoints and many points of view.The WOT was a world of it's own, not just following a couple main characters as they moved through it. That, too, had it's issues, but the benefits were worth the cost. After reading your review, I hope the same can be said of steamlined stuff. Almost everything that has bothered you has bothered me also. Especially a
  11. Yes, Sanderson said that, and it is true. That's shocking to me. I totally expected Lan to have died offscreen after his charge at the end of ToM, and for us to hear about his fall and death secondhand. Rand abandoning Lan after promising Nyneave he wouldn't, while going out of his way to mend things with Hurin was one of the things that drove me crazy about ToM. How could Rand, and Egwene, let Lan ride unaided to his death. Or at least make an attempt to dissuade him? Out of respect for what he did for them. Out of the love they bear for Nynaeve. Anyway, I'm glad to see it. Lan's 1
  12. Why? Lan is attacking a hoard of Shadowspawn in Tarwin's Gap and Moiraine is with Mat and Thom outside the Tower of Ghenji. Agree with everything else you said, but I don't understand why Lan and Moiraine would be together. I'll be pissed if we don't get a Moiraine POV after 15 years. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll get one. As for prominent characters who haven't had a POV yet, here's some that come to mind: Logain, Taim (all Forsaken save Be'lal have had at least one), Berelain, Dobraine, Juilin Sandar, Rhuarc, Amys, Melaine, Gaul, Chiad, Alanna, Teslyn, Silviana, Balwer, Darlin, Carol
  13. I disagree and there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. In the Borderlands he is well known and highly respected by anybody that is anybody (being royalty and all), the other Warders and AS treat him like a legend and place him in a separate category, even the Aiel know and respect him and they know nothing of Wetlanders. By all accounts the author rated Lan as the best swordsman in the series. We do not see a lot of Lan's exploits as much happens off-screen or is in the past relative to the main story, but there is a reason the guy is a living legend. I think it is safe to say Lan is
  14. So, by the numbers, in terms of POVs: 72 POVs. 31 Different POVs. But some repeat: 1. Rand = 8 2. Egwene = 6 3. Mat = 6 + 3-4 each for another eight characters = 24-32 more POVs on top of the 20 for Rand, Eggy, and Mat. That's 44-50 among the top 11 characters. That leaves at least 22 other distinct viewpoints, accounting for 22-28 POVs. As to the identities of the rest of the "Top 8" characters. I think Perrin, Nynaeve, and Elayne are givens. As for the other 5, I'd guess Moiraine, Lan, Min, Faile, Tuon, Cadsuane, Fain, Moridin, Cyndane, Graendal, and Demandred are all viabl
  15. Tried not to look at anyone else's response, so I apologize if I repeat stuff said earlier. 1. Deaths that would make me mad. Moiraine, Min, Egwene, Nynaeve, Siuan, Loial. I think I could be mad (Min). 2. If we don't get something from Rand about how in the world AS functioned before the breaking. How were they raised and tested? Why no oaths? I have a feeling I'll be mad here as well. 3. The Moiraine/Rand re-union takes a long time. Ditto for other good Moiraine reunions (Siuan, Cadsuane, Perrin). 4. Someone doesn't at least try to have Damer try to heal Moiraine, Siuan, and L
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