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  1. A lot of them were bad. There were plenty of Thom/Moiraine clues early on. That one was easy. Galad/Berelain for me. Totally shallow.
  2. Funny, I have not posted for many years either. I recently went back & re-read the last 3 for the first time sine aMoL came out to see if I had a different take on them. I never really had an issue with how Rand ended things. I kind of liked that. My issues were about the plot (Verin's letter), some characters being off (to be expected some, but yikes on Mat), characters being really clever and then really dumb (Egwene reads letter from Darlin about wanting to keep some forces back to guard vs the Seanchan, then Elayne moves all her channelers who can make a gateway by themselves to Merrilor; Rand admits the others have to win the LB, but does not teach them any handy AOL channeling tips; why didn't AS/good channelers just link more often, including men?). The list goes on. Would have liked to seen Hopper/Egwene/Siuan make an appearance when the Horn was blown. Alternatively, some chapters were great (Perrin forging the Hammer, etc).
  3. I think the anticipation between books kind of started to skew things a bit. At least for me. The first 5-6 were really good. Then things kind of started to unravel a bit, with Crossroads of Twilight the low point. RJ seemed to find his stride again with Path of Daggers, but then passed away. The last 3 are controversial & divisive amongst the fanbase. I was glad they were written & thank Sanderson for them. But I get some of the criticism as well. But welcome. As an opening salvo, give us your favorite 3 characters & top 3 books. Pour moi: 1. Moiraine Sedai 2. Min Farshaw 3. Rand Honerable mention: Thom, Lan, Nynaeve, Loial. Books: 1. Shadow Rising 2. Eye of the World 3. The Great Hunt Hon Men: Lord of Chaos
  4. Well, I was so disappointed (but not unexpectedly so) in aMoL I've been avoiding these boards since I finished, for fear I'd say something I'd regret, or might be hurtful to someone who read it. But I can do this: for me, TSR is the clear #1, and TGH is the clear #2. Put 3-5 in a hat and pick, they were all wonderful. I put tDR a clear 6th, and tGS and KoD in a virtual tie next. Next I go with New Spring. Everything below that I felt was either hard to read, too slow, or somewhat disappointing because of the awesomeness that preceded it. 10-12 were still good in spots, 13-15 had their moments, but the issues, some characters being off, or total lack of anything happening made them tough to like. My list in full: 1. The Shadow Rising. Definite #1 for me. All the Aiel stuff and the trip through the Portals and explorations of T'A'R. Very cool. The world gets bigger and more detailed, starting here. Plus, the epic triple ending, Perrin's win and Faile's triumph in the Two Rivers, Rand's win (sort of) in the Waste, and Nynaeve's battle with Moggy and the foray into the Palace in Tanchico. Oh, and Siuan gets overthrown. The best multi-arc ending in the series. 2. The Great Hunt. Some flaws, but still my favorite of the first three, but only barely. Intar's reveal. Our first look inside the Tower and Aes Sedai. Lanfear as Selene. Egwene's capture and rescue. Rand decides to Sheath the Sword. Great stuff. Still, a definite #2. ========================== 3. The Eye of the World. Again, some flaws, I still don't understand how Aginor died, what a loser. But other than that, a fantastic book. I still get chills when Moiriane tells the TR folk their history, and when Agelmar tells Nynaeve Lan's. The Green Man's sacrifice. Rankings 3-5 are so close for me, you could put them in any order. 4. Lord of Chaos. The ending is, IMHO, the best single arc ending in the Series. Dumai's Wells is simply epic. 5. The Fires of Heaven. I haven't cried that much reading a fantasy book (Mo's demise) since Thorin Oakenshield bit the dust. Mat's battle around Cairhien is also epic. ===================== 6. The Dragon Reborn. The first 6 are the best 6 in my book. But this one is my least favorite of them. ====================== 7. The Gathering Storm. Yes, I know there were issues. And maybe I was just so happy the series was back, but I thought both Egwene's and Rand's arcs were beautifully done. 8. Knife of Dreams. Jordan gets back on track. 9. New Spring. You give up after you are dead. Early Mo, Lan, and Siuan, I really liked it. Everything below this one, I felt disappointed in in some way. ================== 10. A Crown of Swords. In retrospect, it's not that bad, the one's before it were just so good. But a bit predictable at the end. 11. The Path of Daggers. A better book on re-reads than when I first read it. 12. Winter's Heart. Yes, some dreary stuff in the middle. And Elayne forgets about linking (aargh!). But the Cleansing scene and the wonderful scene with Elayne and Avi becoming sisters at the beginning make it worth reading. =========== 13. Crossroads of Twilight. Not enough happened. RJ realized he had got himself into a pickle, and the Cleansing was so earthshaking that everyone would have had to feel it and it needed to be acknowledged in every arc with a channeler. 14. A Memory of Light. Too much not addressed, and too much in the first 300 pages was just utterly painful to read. An ending is better than no ending, I guess. 15. The Towers of Midnight. Trainwreck. Despite some really nice parts with Perrin and Faile and Hopper's passing.
  5. First off, I want to thank Brandon and all of Team Jordan for seeing this through. I'm happy that the series got an ending and that I got to read it. But that is a different story from how I felt about the book. I just didn't feel emotionally connected to anyone very often. Egwene is my favorite character from the Two Rivers gang, and her death didn't really bother me much. It was a heroic and fitting one. I thought the first 15 chapters or so were pretty bad. Lots of characters regressed (Rand and Egwene yelling at each other). The Dragon's Peace scene was particularly poor. Rand doesn't discuss his plans for it with anyone, and Aviendha doesn't discuss her trip through the columns with him. Same thing with his other three women. The Rand/Avi scene should have gone more like: Shad of my heart, I am a Wise One now, and I have seen something in the columns that needs to be addressed, for the future of my people, your people...." And then we should have had a discussion about what to do. Instead, we got, "you will be me now." And then the whole thing falls together by happenstance because Moiraines back? I thought the Mat/Tuon scene was similarly painful. And the Rand/Tuon scene more so. No evolution in thinking from Tuon at all. And then she thinks about breaking her word? This, from the "I always keep my promises" person? She almost backs out with the world itself at stake, after she has already decided that the world IS at stake (look at the sky?). The battle scenes kept things moving along. But I expected some more craftiness (from both sides) on using weaves. Would have been nice if Rand would have taught some 2nd Age weaves to some of the channelers on his side. Maybe then, you know, more of them would have survived. I DID like the idea that Mat had already died and thus been severed from the Horn, but thought the whole "Faile in the Blight" arc was unnecessary. And Lan's ride to Demandred. Birgitte's return. Galad revealed as Tyr. But like I said earlier, the emotional connectivity read like a David Eddings book. More Belgarion than Frodo for me at the end. Sorry. And that makes me sad. Anyway, it's a bottom 5 book in the series for me. And even though I thought ToM was bad, I had more emotional connection in certain scenes (Hopper's death, Perrin's forging of the Hammer) and at least some characters showed some growth (Gawyn, Galad, Faile, Berelain) rather than regressing, as was the case in aMoL (Rand, Egwene, Tuon). Anyway, I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, and aside from some of the scenes I mentioned, it wasn't good. It just felt like a Hollywood action flick that keeps throwing more action scenes at you but there isn't much depth to it. Thick book, but mostly shallow.
  6. 1. Lan's sheathing the sword on Demandred 2. Egwene 3. Dragon's Farce 4. Mat/Tuon reunion scene 5. Rand scene with Tuon and Mat and he joking the whole time 6. Bela's death 7. Siuan
  7. What arc? Thoroughly disappointed by Moiraine's arc after her return? Wasn't her return supposed to be critical to Rand's success? Yeah, she made an impact at the FoM meeting at the tent (I wasn't a fan of that scene), then did nothing. Virtually nothing from inside her head. Except tea?
  8. This is closer to how I'm feeling. Really, so many characters have regressed (Mat, Rand) and the Light is acting so stupidly, it is hard to read. I'm 15 chapters in, and I think the book is poor. Not horrible, but close to it. I did like some of the Prologue scenes (Bayrd, Isam, Moggy, Leilwin, and some of the non-slapstick Talamanes). I really got worried during the Talamens scenes when BS seemed to forget about the numbers. Talamanes had hundreds of men, but shouldn't he had around 15,000 (half of the Band?). OK, some attrition getting in, but with only tens (not hundreds) of thousands of Trollocs in Caemlyn (and spread throughout the whole city), it seemed a little off. But in these scenes, the characters weren't acting stupidly. Far from it. Through the first 15 chapters, it had been incredibly bad. First, why is is that Mat took off for Ebou Dar again? Never mind, I guess that isn't important. Never mind that he's the greatest living battle commander around. Why on earth doens't some one send for him, or at least ask where his is, with all this military planning go on? Say he's essential for the Seanchan thing? Well, wouldn't it have made more sense to have him come back to Merrilor, then be sent on instead of regressing (after he's given his eye to save the world)? Speaking of which, the Dragon's Peace scene was awful. AWFUL. Rand regresses. Doesn't explain his reasoning (good idea Perrin, I'll explain it just like that). Both he and Egwene turn into bickering 15 year olds, as do the the rulers of every nation. Until Moiraine appears, with no more words of wisdom than quoting the K cycle, and everyone falls into line? Who is and isn't ta'veren at that meeting? And the military distribution of resources is beyond stupid. So, we make a plan where A) The war will be fought on four fronts B) The idea is to fight delaying tactics in Kandor and at the Gap, while Elayne tries to take out the smaller enemy force in Caemlyn, and Rand prepares to go into the Blight to face the Dark One with a fourth force. And it all depends on Elayne getting her job done first, then going to help the others. So how do they divvy up their most potent force (channelers)? Apparently, not very well. Lan gets next to nothing, they have to send for help once enemy channelers (and where are they, by the way) finally show up. And Elayne also seems pretty thin, though she has Kinswoman (who I guess are just healing, aw isn't that sweet, with the Last Battle here and all), and a few Wise Ones and a couple Asha'man with Perrin. That is it. Meanwhile, all the Aiel, Cadsuane's group, and most of the Asha'man appear to be with Rand (doing nothing), and out of the 750 or so Aes Sedai and over 1000 novices and Accepted, Egwene rallies all of 100 to fight in Kandor. Nothing from the Aiel of any virtue. Nothing from the Sea Folk. Nothing from the Ahsa'man (many of Logain's faction already been gone from the Tower). And the AS using less than 5% of their actual force in the fighting. Oh, they are all healing. We've seen Aiel channelers in battle (Dumai's Wells). We've seen Sea Folk channelers work to devastating effect (Elayne's resuce). We've seen what Asha'man can do (Dumai's Wells, Rand's battle with the Seanchan). We've seen novices and Accepted perform well under pressure and lend their strength to an AS in battle (Seanchan attack on the Tower). We've seen AS form circles at the slightest hint of an attack and go out to try to help (Rebel Aes Sedai preparations fighting bubbles of evil). In most cases, using those abilities with the One power to aid in military operations. Through chapter 15, we've had none of that. By my estimation, there are well over 3000 channelers available to the light (750 AS, 1000 Novice and Accepted; hundreds of Kinswoman; at least 1000 Aiel channlers, if not more; at least 50 Asha'man (probably more); plus all the Sea Folk have to offer) and they only manage to get around 100 or so in the field in Kandor, with next to nothing for Lan, and really the only channeling aid I've seen for Elayne is healing? And eveyrone else heals? How about this. Take a bunch of channelers down to Caemlyn. Draw them out. Form a bunch of circles, use the angreal there, and wipe them out. Since that is the linchpin of the whole plan, right? Ituralde has shown to be beyond cunning, and Byrne and Bashere very competent. Now they are incompetent hacks?We've seen Rand and a the Asha'man wipe out tens (or was in hundreds?) of thousands of Trollocs at Emarin's (forgot his proper name) manor in Tear, but now we are retreating halfway across nations (Elayne and Lan) with far MORE channelers at our disposal? And with the enemy hardly having shown any channelers of their own? Bah. It is BEYOND STUPID. And that's not even gettin into the trainwreck of the Aviendha/Rand/Moiraine/Dragon's Peace scene in detail. It is just too painful. And how about using some of that ancient knowledge to impart some of the "deepest mysteries of the One Power" we've been hearing so much about to some of the channeler's on your side? Eh? Think that might help? Nah. And, golly, Rand kind of cut it close with Lan, yes? I mean, I know it's been over a month since he promised him aid. And if he always intended to come through, don't you think it would have been smarter? I mean, he still has hundreds of channelers at his disposal. How about a trip to the Gap to say help is on the way. What did Gandalf say to Aragorn, on the (tenth?) day, look for my coming, ... at sunrise? Just hold on a little longer, Lan? Guess it wouldn't bee as dramatic that way, but a LOT more believable. And more interesting. And true to where Rand and Egwene supposedly are, all caring about the people and such. I mean, they only had a month, or more. I guess we'll never know what Rand did there. And, by the way, the Agelmar/Lan scene was bad. Yes, Lan needed to hear it. But it was again the Brandon issue of making one person look stupid (Lan) in order to make another look smart. And wouldn't it have been more poignant if Nyneave had delivered that lecture, not Agelmar? Or if Lan had come to the realization that he wasn't going to his death, but he was going to do one thing before he died, and that was lead the remaining willing Malkieri to battle the DO at the Last Battle and try to spit in his eye on the last day, if nothing else? I'm a lieflong fan, and I'm not saying this to bash Brandon (some of RJs stuff was poor in spots as well), but I must say, I entered this book with low expectations, which were raised a bit by some of the reviews, but I now wonder what is was these people were reading. I hope it gets better after chapter 15, but the main characters act shallowly, stupidly, and seem like cardboard cutouts for the most part. Smart battle commanders act stupidly, and there are obvious things that need to be explained (why is Mar riding south?) that just aren't. And Mat gave up his eye so Moiraine could quote the K cycle to everyone and magically fall into line? My God, why didn't Aviendha and Rand just have an intelligent, grown up discussion about what she saw and the Aiel? No, lets save it for a fly by the seat of the moment reveal in that incredibly sucky scene in the tend! Great idea, that will be awesome!!!!!! If feel like I'm reading a book meant for 12 year-olds. Shallow. Not well though out. The only thing remotely interesting has been the interactions in shard-land between Rand and Moridin and Rand and Lanfear. And wondering what Lanfear may be up to, despite the awkward, and sudden, shift to Perrin again. EDIT: And I do think the solution to the Aiel problem was a good one, if we got there in a silly way. Amazing how things come together when the main characters actually start talking to one another in a meaningful way. But we can spoil the big scene reveal and add some depth, that just wouldn't be as much fun! Barf.
  9. Your summarizing quote gave me chills, it is my favorite scene in the first book, and Oh well CHILLS That is my favorite scene in Eye as well. And one of the best in the series, IMHO.
  10. Thanks for the review, Luckers. My copy is in town, but not yet at my door (as I track it online). Though Jordan's pacing troubled me at times (in books 7-10), I'm firmly in the camp that loved the fullness of the world, and the multiple viewpoints and many points of view.The WOT was a world of it's own, not just following a couple main characters as they moved through it. That, too, had it's issues, but the benefits were worth the cost. After reading your review, I hope the same can be said of steamlined stuff. Almost everything that has bothered you has bothered me also. Especially about ToM. However, my expectations after tGS were so high, perhaps I expected too much. But tGS got my hopes up (Egwene's arc was beautifully done, as was Rand's, and the Verin thing was just amazing) that I couldn't wait for Moiraine's rescue and Rand's meeting with Egwene in ToM. Splat! This time, it is just the reverse. I'm both excited and terrified to read it. But after ToM, I'm setting my expectations a LOT lower. My fears have gotten the better of me on this book. But, if you think it is an improvement over ToM, I think you've given my some hope again that the book will be well worth it. Damn! I failed to keep my expectations down all the way. See everyone in a week when I get done. Gonna savor this one.
  11. Yes, Sanderson said that, and it is true. That's shocking to me. I totally expected Lan to have died offscreen after his charge at the end of ToM, and for us to hear about his fall and death secondhand. Rand abandoning Lan after promising Nyneave he wouldn't, while going out of his way to mend things with Hurin was one of the things that drove me crazy about ToM. How could Rand, and Egwene, let Lan ride unaided to his death. Or at least make an attempt to dissuade him? Out of respect for what he did for them. Out of the love they bear for Nynaeve. Anyway, I'm glad to see it. Lan's 13 POVs rank him 14th among named characters, but 8 of those were in New Spring, and the remaining 5, his only main sequence POVs, were all in ToM. Glad to see our old friend get some more POVs. Much rather read Lan than Gawyn or Galad. I don't think Brandon nailed him completely, and it was a bit jarring to see him descend into his own world on the eve of the LB w/out considering ramifications, but I guess he's entitled at bit.
  12. Why? Lan is attacking a hoard of Shadowspawn in Tarwin's Gap and Moiraine is with Mat and Thom outside the Tower of Ghenji. Agree with everything else you said, but I don't understand why Lan and Moiraine would be together. I'll be pissed if we don't get a Moiraine POV after 15 years. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll get one. As for prominent characters who haven't had a POV yet, here's some that come to mind: Logain, Taim (all Forsaken save Be'lal have had at least one), Berelain, Dobraine, Juilin Sandar, Rhuarc, Amys, Melaine, Gaul, Chiad, Alanna, Teslyn, Silviana, Balwer, Darlin, Caroline Damodred, Agelmar, and Hurin. I'm sure not all of Terez's 15 (or was it 14?) POV from known characters, but I'm hoping more than a handful do. For the record, we have had POVS from: Loial, Olver, Alliandre, Birgitte, Tylee, Harine, Slayer, Sulin, Sorilea, Bain, Shalon, Bashere, and Dyelin.
  13. I disagree and there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. In the Borderlands he is well known and highly respected by anybody that is anybody (being royalty and all), the other Warders and AS treat him like a legend and place him in a separate category, even the Aiel know and respect him and they know nothing of Wetlanders. By all accounts the author rated Lan as the best swordsman in the series. We do not see a lot of Lan's exploits as much happens off-screen or is in the past relative to the main story, but there is a reason the guy is a living legend. I think it is safe to say Lan is the kind of guy gleemen and bards would write stories of in the 4th Age. Agree 100%. He's done all kind of impossible things. Killing six assassins sent after him by himself in New Spring. Or winning the duel with only one arm? Who knows what other exploits he has accomplished. He's universally regarded as the best of the Warders, and known all along the Borderlands, in Tar Valon, and by the Aiel. Just Rand and his Two River hay hairs didn't know him. The Books are mostly from their perspective, and that is clouding the perspective of the Hall of Very Good position, in my opinion. If Lan, isn't bound to the Horn previously to this iteration, he certainly is among those whose accomplishments this time out may merit it. Obviously not at Rand, Moiraine, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nyneave level, but right up there with Elayne, Cadsuane, Ituralde, Bashere, Siuan, etc.
  14. So, by the numbers, in terms of POVs: 72 POVs. 31 Different POVs. But some repeat: 1. Rand = 8 2. Egwene = 6 3. Mat = 6 + 3-4 each for another eight characters = 24-32 more POVs on top of the 20 for Rand, Eggy, and Mat. That's 44-50 among the top 11 characters. That leaves at least 22 other distinct viewpoints, accounting for 22-28 POVs. As to the identities of the rest of the "Top 8" characters. I think Perrin, Nynaeve, and Elayne are givens. As for the other 5, I'd guess Moiraine, Lan, Min, Faile, Tuon, Cadsuane, Fain, Moridin, Cyndane, Graendal, and Demandred are all viable candidates for the 3-4 POVs. I could also see Loial, Galad, Gawyn, and Siuan could have multiple POVs. If it IS the LB scene, I'd go for Moiraine, Lan, Fain, Moridin + Cyndane.
  15. Tried not to look at anyone else's response, so I apologize if I repeat stuff said earlier. 1. Deaths that would make me mad. Moiraine, Min, Egwene, Nynaeve, Siuan, Loial. I think I could be mad (Min). 2. If we don't get something from Rand about how in the world AS functioned before the breaking. How were they raised and tested? Why no oaths? I have a feeling I'll be mad here as well. 3. The Moiraine/Rand re-union takes a long time. Ditto for other good Moiraine reunions (Siuan, Cadsuane, Perrin). 4. Someone doesn't at least try to have Damer try to heal Moiraine, Siuan, and Leane. I don't care if it works or not (though I'd like it to on Siuan and Leane at least). 5. If the Ogier and the info the Traveling People had (Tell the Dragon Reborn......) doesn't turn out to be important somehow. 6. If we don't find out why it was so critical that the Shadow remove Nynaeve and Egwene to the other side of the world. Remember that, all the way back in TGH? 7. If all of Min's viewings and Egwene's dreams don't get resolved in a way that makes some sense (cough, cough, no more Carlinya's). I think I'll be mad here. Fortellings, I don't really care about. 8. If the book ends with the last battle. Like Return to the King, I want there to be afters. The story of how the surviving characters get on with life AFTER the big battle is over should be handled well. I'll be angry if it ends with the battle and then is essentially over. 9. If we don't find out that Demandred has been doing something really cool, and evil, for a while now (since LoC). 10. If we don't get some attempt/fruition to turning someone from the Dark back to the Light. Could be a Forsaken switching sides, or an attempt to bring a 13x13 victim back. 11. If we don't find out what Moiraine asked and got in the land of the Finns. Ditto Rand. 12. If Tuon doesn't get some degree of come-uppitance regarding channelers. 13. If the DO wins.
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