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    Fantasy art, books, adventures, wildlife, feminism, justice, misunderstood heroes, Tom Hiddleston, mythology
  1. Oooh - sorry I'm late! Elusive Athena, Accepted, and I'm a cat person. They seem so free and independent in their personalities - like humans in a way, whereas dogs I find to be almost slavish in their loyalty...
  2. Elusive Athena - Accepted I have Tumblr that I update often: http://athena-the-elusive.tumblr.com, (well, 2 blogs if you count my one for Tom Hiddleston - no one's interested in that one right? ) I also have a Facebook that I don't use very much, and a Twitter acount. I check DM regularly so don't really need updates...
  3. Congratulations Key and Ishi! That exchange made me a bit teary, it was so beautiful...
  4. Haha... Yeah - you gave me a crazy cupture as a present Boopsy! But thanks. *snuggles back*
  5. No worries! Yeah - it'll be great to make siggies - I can make prizes for game threads too which will be awesome! (It's addictive hosting games)
  6. Yes please! I'm hopeless at making siggys - it'd be great to learn!
  7. *cocks her head quizzically* GIMP? *doIreallywantoknow*
  8. Unable to contain her joy, Athena attemps to not only return Daruya's hug with fervour, but to simultaneously jump up and down on the spot, giggle crazily, cry, and hug Key and Sakaea. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!! I'm so honoured and proud and happy, I could sing for joy!
  9. Athena entered the room, holding in her slightly shaking hands a scroll of paper. The young Accepted was wearing a freshly laundered dress, perfectly starched, and her face was pale, but excited. As her eyes met those of the First Selector, she gave a tremulous smile, took a deep breath, then marched up to the desk, laying the scroll down onto the carved surface Daruya Sedai, it should come as no surprise to you or any of the Blues to discover why I am here. I have completed my requirements to become Aes Sedai, save those of petitioning the Ajah and participating in a thread sponsored by that Ajah. I would petition to the Blue Ajah. I hope that you will accept me... please? The Selector said nothing, but opened the scroll, in which Athena had written, in her best calligraphy, her answers to the template for aspiring to the Blue Ajah. DM handle/name: Elusive Athena Real life first name: Laura Gender: Female Birthday: 24 November 1993 Date you joined the White Tower: 9 December 2011 Reason you wish to join the Blue Ajah: Where do I begin? I have always felt drawn to the Blue Ajah, ever since I first opened the books of the Wheel of Time. Several of the most inspiring characters in the eries came from there - Moiraine and Siuan in particular. With characters that especially love, I roleplay them in my mind, imagining that I am experiencing what they experienced and being brave like them. I would often imagine I was Siuan. When I finished the books I was curious as to which Ajah I would be "suited for" and so I did many online quizes (about 6) and in every single one I was a Blue. When I joined DM, and participated in the January World Class - I was delighted to learn that the Blue Ajah was the fantasy Ajah - and that they were all so friendly! I am a HUGE fantasy nut, and that meant I felt there was instantly common ground between us. Also, although all the Ajahs were friendly to Initiates wanting to learn more about the Ajahs - it was the Blue Ajah which made a real effort to go beyond simply answering my questions, and made me feel that my posts and thoughts were valued. Since then I have participated in many activities and threads, and I got to know the Blues better, in particular Ithillian, who inspired me to lead threads myself, and whom I nominated for Woman of the Tower. When I was "Summoned" before the Blue Ajah Eyes and Ears - I was extremely happy because I felt that the Blue Ajah was as interested in knowing more about me as I was about them, and I stretched it out as long as I could because I enjoyed being there so much. The Summoning really confirmed for me what I had been leaning towards for a long time - that I am a Blue in my heart. What it is about the Blue Ajah that draws you: In the books, I loved that they were the Ajah for great causes and the champions of justice. I am an idealist, and I am not afraid to fight for what I believe in. But on DM - the Blue Ajah was more than the slightly stern and austere Ajah of the books - it was so friendly and full of fun! I really *click* with some of the members, and they encourage me to be a real personality on DM rather than a lurker. I love being at a place where my love of fantasy is completely agreed with, and... well it just feels like I belong there... If you could be an animal what would you be and why? Ooh... That's hard. I love so many animals, but to be one? It would be a tie between an eagle (who wouldn't love to fly?) and an ocelot (because they are the most beautiful and graceful cats, they live in the jungle and they seem somehow mysterious and elusive because they are so rare).
  10. A few photos from my Year 12 formal. That was such a fun occasion! Although wearing a long dress hampered my dancing somewhat, I used it to great effect swishing it around when I was dancing crazily.
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