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  1. I would love an update to the series to make it better. It always seemed silly to me that there are pracitcally never big changes made to a fantasy book after it is published. There are a few flaws in WoT that almost everybody can agree on. For example Mat's humour inconsistencies. Why would anyone not want to fix that? It could be done quite easily.
  2. Sheriam didn't know. I suppose Verin did it. IIRC when Verin talks to Egwene in ToM she mentions how tricky her situation was because she had to give out clues about the Black Ajah.
  3. In TDR, how did Lanfear figure out that the girls were hunting the Black Ajah?
  4. Actually, there is a website for that: http://idealseek.no-ip.com/
  5. When is the last scene we see Mat, Perrin and Rand on screen at the same time?
  6. I liked the her in this book if simply because I predicted an Eldrene-style ending for Egwene. Some character just HAD to die that way. Could somebody explain to me how she knew the light would be the signal to break the seals?
  7. Not really enjoying the book all that much so far. Why should I care about all these battles? In the end it will all be decided at Shayol Ghul. And why is Rand delaying anyway? It still looks like he's gonna go in there with a strike force. And he already has all the knowledge he'll get about sealing boar he can get. And Taim has a seal? That wasn't that unexpected but it's stupid for him to carry it around with him. It's also very strange that he introduces a new plot device like this in the last book.
  8. I remember there is a scene where Ishy talks about how he (and LTT) took swords and started using them as weapons in the AoL. Can't remember which chapter and which book it is in though. Anybody know?
  9. Well, there's still the possibility of an open ending. That would be very cruel :7
  10. If anyone gets bound to the horn I say it'll be Hurin. Arthur Hawking talks to him in tGH and sais something along the lines "maybe you'll be one of those to join us." + Hurin is awesome :)
  11. Well, but I doubt they'll fight again. In ToM they had this really big showdown where Perrin defeats Slayer. In fact we already had multiple pretty long battles Slayer vs Perrin. It just would be really anticlimactic if it would just happen again.
  12. How far into the book did each of the forsaken get released? Some are pretty obvious but others could be pretty far into the story. Demandred for example. Or Moghedin.
  13. Considering how long the books are a long intro is acceptable. But this "Ravens" chapter even before the prologue is bad imo. It doesn't really make the story better. Just for the fans.
  14. Personally I find Perrins doubts whether he'll turn in to a wolf or not much more annoying then the rescue of Faile.
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