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  1. I am sure glad I was reading and enjoying the book instead of counting every single person in the fighting.
  2. I am glad I am not the only one. And after Noal saved him, what he said....almost lost it.
  3. Hey, where are the feathers on the dino! Get with the times! :)
  4. The chance that the dark one will break free increase greatly due to the the incremental need to drive the plot
  5. Shame on you for skipping! Just Kidding If I don't feel like re-reading then I audio book them. Now I have a silly rule of not listening to the audio book (non-fiction) unless I have already read them, but that is arbitrary and just a silly rule I came up with myself. I definetly would read or listen to earlier books before reading/listening to the last book or I doubt it will be a pleasent read without context. Welcome back!
  6. If "Death" was accidentally capitalized, we are all going to feel silly! I originally thought it could be Ituralde but after not looking at it for a while it seems obvious that it is Rand. After getting the "obvious" Mat losing an eye thing wrong, I think I have learned my lesson.
  7. He's at the Dark One's underground house ;) Looks ok in small form and much better in a larger format!
  8. Who else think that it will be like a Scooby Doo reveal in AMOL! "Its really Demondread....Jinkies....Zoinks!"
  9. Maybe we will know after Mat blows the horn...then we will see if anyone is missing from the Heroe's.
  10. Johnny Depp is a vampire......Set to draaaain...secret destroyer...hold you up to the flame.. @Sweet_Babesy just add Smashing pumpkins

  11. If ya believe you get your own planet full of hillbilly's, you might vote for Romney-fake J-Foxworthy quote inspired by @JakeFarrWharton

  12. If Lan was Ta'veren, it's a fair bet we would of been told through Siuan. True, true. I could justify my position reason but I'd still be wrong.
  13. Have faith, they will get it... when their dead RT @thegoodnewsbook ...The delusions haven't stopped!

  14. Sorry Mystica, about the over posting, I tried to post it once and I must of screwed up. I agree with you that these boys did the right thing while others just watched and that they are the true representation of what people are really like and should be. You did a great job of being impartial and showing the human side of the story. Why I commented(negatively I admit) was to balance out some of the comments like Arez had, giving their religion credit that (to me) wasn't deserved and to expose to people that even though their core beliefs are sexist, these boys still helped out of the goodness of their hearts.
  15. Wow or Uh? Is Pat Robertson’s Reefer Madness Code for Resisting Mormon Advances? http://t.co/hEZTvZHv via @thedailybeast

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