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  1. Egwene's not going to die. RJ's been having characters hype her up as the perfect Amyrlin since the very first book. I find it more likely that Gawyn will be the one to die.
  2. Egwene haters are nothing more rand al thor fanboys. Nothing more nothing less. Notice how they constantly moan about all thinsg aes sedai and the white tower and yet have no problems singing the praises of those sisters who are rand al thor lackeys. No matter how much they try to give pitiful reasons for their hate or try and justify it, deep down they know that's the main reason. And they will seldom admit it. But you dont have to take my word for it. Every single poster on this board with the egwene hate blinders is a confirmed al thor fanboy Yep, you sure nailed us. Time to pack it up guys, our ruse has been discovered. It was a good run, but Elan Tedronai has lanced straight to the beating black heart of our rage and exposed us for the charlatans we really are./sarcasm In any case, 10/10 troll post, would laugh again. Keep up the good work Elan, you're always good for a chuckle or two.
  3. The Dark One has clearly cornered the Trolloc and Darkfriend vote, giving him an edge in the upcoming elections. He's made some ambitious promises in the past few months, with Immortality and World Domination heading up his list of reforms. On the other hand, can he really be trusted to keep them after he becomes President? He is a politician, after all. Despite everything, he really does have a snappy slogan. 'VOTE DARK ONE NOW - CHAOS YOU CAN BELIEVE IN'
  4. Can you provide specific examples of this? I don't mean to be difficult or anything but this is the first I've heard of it. If it is true then that is a worry since hugbox-style environments are a cancer that halts authorial development.
  5. On that note, Emu on the Loose often had quite a lot of interesting ideas. I have no idea if he still posts here - I haven't seen him do so at least - but his theories and arguments were always well thought out and interesting even if I didn't agree with them.
  6. There's also RJ's own philosophy that mankind's greatest achievement was the acknowledgement that time is linear rather than circular.
  7. I didn't read it as a possibility to kill the Dark One. I read it that a completely out of the box solution might be the real answer (almost certainly is or that phrase wouldnt be there). I'd say killing the Dark One would be pretty permanent and out of the box, but we'll have to wait and see I suppose.
  8. The most interesting point was Rand considering whether a more permanent solution to the Dark One could be found. The possibility of the Dark One being not only sealed but killed off for good has now been raised in-series.
  9. The atmosphere has become pretty toxic. I'll probably be leaving the site after AMoL is released, maybe before if things don't improve. Since the admins and mods here are some of the more vociferous Brandon critics and since they have come out and said we're not allowed to criticise the act of criticising him, I can't see this place getting any better. It really says something when the WoT thread on Something Awful is a more positive and upbeat place to be than the actual main fansite for the series.
  10. Ambition is fine. Ambition that results in other people getting hurt and acting like a colossal hypocrite is not so fine.
  11. Egwene was not a leader at that point. She was actually still a learner herself, still being tutored by the Wise Ones. She had no authority to punish Nynaeve, particularly since she herself was violating her teacher's orders at the same time. There really is no possible way to excuse her actions here.
  12. Unfortunately none of this is relevant because the point of the whole horrendous event was to cover up the fact that Egwene did not have permission to be there. She actually giggles about it in her POV. Egwene wasn't setting out to teach Nynaeve anything, the whole event was to keep Nynaeve wrong footed so she would stop asking about the Wise Ones.
  13. Because summoning a pack of thugs who proceed to tear at their target's clothing in a manner akin to sexual assualt is simply teenage behavior, right. Not what she did, though. Egwene made the brutes. She didn't hold them, and didn't instruct them. What they did was all based on Nynaeve's projected fears. I'm not saying this absolves Egwene, but nor was it "sexual assault". Egwene loosed them. She's responsible for their existence. Whatever they do afterwards is certainly her fault. Victim blaming is disgusting at the best of times.
  14. Melindhra, Nalesean, Hopwil, Fedwin Morr, Jain Farstrider, all very well done. I honestly didn't care about the deaths of any of those characters except -perhaps- Jain Farstrider. Most of those are barely secondary characters to begin with who barely recieved any development at all. If those characters had all recieved the same development as Verin, if we had seen their thoughts, hopes and dreams as we do other major characters then I would agree with you.
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