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  1. It is not that absurd later in the series. Most of us probably read these books over 10-20 years, but the time that passed in Randland was not that long. The characters are still quite young despite their positions and their hardships. It is not surprising that they are still acting that way from time to time. To judge that characterization, I think it would be better to ask someone who read them all for the first time (in less than a year).
  2. I would have loved the prequels if they were written by RJ. I would probably have looked forward to them as much as AMoL. I also loved New Spring for the freshness of a new angle at some of my favorite chars and a new look at parts of Randland some years before. If I remember correctly, RJ had planned a prequel about the hunt for Rand leading up to Moiraine's arrival in Emond's Field, and the other about Tam's adventures in the Aiel War. I could have accepted those if written by Brandon too (if approved by Harriet) but only from detailed notes prepared by RJ. And since those notes don't exist
  3. I've had a break of two months because I didn't feel like reading any fantasy at all, and not even coming here. It wasn't that I was disappointed with aMoL (although there's a couple of things I won't forgive Brandon for), but it was a thing in my life that had been going on for 17 years and.. well, "what now" for me was to get it completely off my mind for a while. I will check back for recommendations, and considering how much I love WoT, I'd be happy to get some pointers as to how these book compare. Its not that anything has to be just like WoT but its a good benchmark.
  4. I voted no but I really wish it would be. I do not like the idea of cyclical time and I don't think it really makes that big of a difference in the WoT other than to depress us.
  5. Just got it. My hands were literally trembling as I looked at the chapter list. It's been 16 years soon. No book and no characters will ever make the same impression on me again. Very emotional. I've been staying out of DM for some months, both for RL reasons and because I didn't want to risk _any_ possible spoilers whatsoever. There's plenty of stuff coming up in the days ahead so I'm not sure how soon I will start reading, but I'm obviously not going to be able to wait for very long. I think I'm gonna read through the chapter summaries of tGS and ToM at WoT Encyclopedia before i start.
  6. It seems obvious that Thom did in fact kill Taringail. I mean, it was a "hunting accident" (teehee), Thom would have been the first to pick up on Taringail's ambitions, and well... he was there. Considering the fact that Taringail was Elayne's father and Moiraine's (half-)brother, this could become.... interesting. These are probably the two people Thom is the closest to. Do we have any insight into whether Moiraine or Elayne suspect it? I can't seem to remember anything specific other than the fact that Elayne in ToM issued a declaration clearing him of crimes commited in Andor or Cai
  7. Mat is unknowingly hitting on Siuan v2.0. One of the lesser known scenes I guess but its one of my favorites with two of my favorite characters.
  8. Perrin learning about what happened to his family.
  9. Aviendha's vision of the future of the Aiel and the Seanchan.
  10. Has there been any word on what will be corrected in later editions of BS's books? Will there only be minor spelling/name/word corrections, or will there be bigger changes? I'm not talking about serious rewriting here, just the kind of corrections that the team can do itself without really affecting the prose.
  11. I agree with the top 3. If it wasn't for Rand/Moridin/Lanfear having experience from the last Age, I would definitely place my bets on Alivia.
  12. Graendal. The idea of losing your mind (literally) is more scary to me than torture and the rest. What she does is a few levels worse than damane breaking/brainwashing which is pretty damn scary and infuriating too.
  13. Not just irritating but infuriating. Like not just wanting to throw stuff or bang your head into your desk, but actually doing it. Or very close to at least.
  14. Siuan was raised in 988, when she was 30. So she reigned for ~11 years. As to how, yep that would definitely be interesting. Seaine supported her, I think that's all we know about it. Although she is very intelligent, that is probably only a part of the reason.
  15. I would like to see that as well, IF (and only if) there are detailed notes. I don't need to read fanfic about that time period, then I'll rather just have what we currently have.
  16. 1.tSR 2. KoD / aCoS 3. tFoH / tDR / tGH / LoC 4. tEotW / tPoD 5. WH 6. CoT I can't judge tGS or ToM yet since I'm currently reading tGS.
  17. There was just a thread about this. As I said there, I think the similarities are there to warn us and to remind us about the danger of not cooperating, not to imply anything about previous lives. The simplest explanation makes more sense and fits with the themes of trust and cooperation.
  18. I find it interesting that it is included in these books, and that it has not to my knowledge been made any big deal or criticism out of. Other topics in the series like homosexuality, gender relations, and rape has caused huge discussions here and other places, but not this. I don't know what to make of it. Even though it doesn't make much of a difference to me I guess it is probably a huge thing to have it included for those who have an interest in it. Maybe this is material for another thread, I just found it somewhat strange that its so hard to predict what will create controversy or
  19. That's perfectly fair, I didn't mean to imply any criticism of something that is so personal and subjective. Fantasies are something that defies logic and ethics at times, and that's ok. I was just pointing out the difference in regards to how it worked in the books, which is something I have a huge problem with.
  20. I realize this is a thing for some people, but I thought the whole point of it was power play based on trust? The sul'dam-damane concept is nothing like that.
  21. I've only just started tGS so I'm possibly setting myself up for a spoiler here but.... Do we know why the Aes Sedai that came with Cadsuane are with her? Did she scoop them up while traveling and made them follow her just because she was stronger in the Power? I seem to remember that that hierarchy wasn't as strong outside the Tower, so that would make it less likely. Does she have another goal and are they in on it? From the text it hardly seems like it, and I've been looking for hints since she showed up. Several of them are both likable and seemingly atypical in being non-manipulative
  22. I'd like to see: Slayer / Rand or Slayer / Lan Galad / Rand Moiraine / Siuan Moiraine / Nynaeve / Lan Elayne / Morgase Since I'm only at tGS some of these might have happened already.
  23. I think its a shame that those with the ability (or ter'angreal) didn't meet across factions in Tel'aran'rhiod. Tons of stuff could ahve been resolved if those had met more (or at all). Rand Perrin Egwene Siuan Elayne Aviendha Wise Ones
  24. For me, it is without doubt the concept of damane. When I began reading the series in 1997, I remember being really creeped out and angry about the collaring of Egwene in tGH. I'm not sure exactly why but it really got to me, it was possibly the concept of someone turning you into a pet, something lower than a slave, with no hope of ever escaping, and slowly eating away at your mind in addition to the physical imprisonment. I think my PTSD considering damane and the Seanchan was/is probably as bad as Egwene's ever was. When I read a Seanchan POV or someone speaking about collaring marath'd
  25. I'm curious if there was a moment or a topic in the books that really, really made you scream/cringe/throw stuff/curse out loud while reading. I'm not asking for a list of what simply annoys you or smaller elements, but if there is something very specific you feel/felt so strongly about and got to you in such a way that it caused real rage. I'm hoping for some interesting insights and stories about how one element in this series really got to you, and not just a poll or listings.
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