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Yellow! The New Color of Love: Flowers VS Chocolate VS Gifts


Valentine's Day gifts: Flowers or Chocolate  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you prefer:

    • Flowers
    • Chocolate
    • Other gifts

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Ok, so the poll question is what do you prefer: Flowers or Chocolate?


So you guys and gals can vote and discuss here why you prefer which gift to receive.


Also we can also discuss other gifts that one would get on Valentine's Day.

It just so happens that flowers i.e. roses and chocolates are the most popular ones to be given on Valentine's Day.

Also what kind of flowers and chocolate are your favorite if you were given any?

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I voted for other gifts, because flowers die, and chocolates disappear at an alarming rate. I prefer other gifts like a cute stuffed animal, or a movie that we can watch together, or just spending the day together. It means more that way, and it's also not as detrimental to the wallet, or to the hips :happy:

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Flowers are good for times of the year when she DOESN'T expect it. Chocolates... she is more than capable of buying herself... but gifts... ahhh.. gifts. Now that is something that, if you know what you are doing, can win you all KINDS of points! :biggrin:

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I like flowers and chocolates well enough. But maybe I'm an out-of-the ordinary kind of girl when it comes to gifts. I would rather have something practical that I've been eyeing for a while to make my life easier or something involving my interests.


But no more stuffed animals. I have waaaaay too many of those to begin with. :wacko:

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I rarely get flowers or chocolate but maybe because I'm a guy and that we're suppose to be the one giving them to our sweethearts. I do like to give a rose out every now and then to girls i liked. Also maybe a box of chocolate as well. I do give like teddy bears to those i liked. So i mean, I think they like it.


If i was given something for Valentine's day, i think it would be chocolate. I have a sweet spot for chocolate. I just LUV chocolate. :biggrin:

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I don't care WHAT he gets/gives me, as long as it comes from the heart. It could be a simple "I love you", a poem, a song, chocolates, flowers, the moon on a string of stars ... doesn't matter.


To put it simply:

Hellova expensive flowers with a 50 carrot diamond necklace that his secretary got because he didn't remember since blah blah Valentines = worthless

A flower that's actually a weed that he nicked from the neighbour's yard = priceless


Guys don't get that, do they? Lol


And none of that "I don't do Valentines because it's just a commercial ploy" crap either. It means something to ME, so I would like to do something special for him that day, and I would like him to do something special for me.

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Definitely other gifts. Don't know about anybody else, but I have a fun time choosing that extra special gift for fiance. I love to get him something that I know he'll enjoy (usually computer stuff haha), that conveys that I was thinking about him and know/love him enough to get something he'll truly enjoy.


That being said, I agree with Elgee on the presents part, I don't need a fancy expensive gift, just something you picked out for me.


We do (fiance and I) think it's very commercial though and so we don't do big fancy things. I think it's great for those who do, but that's just not our style.

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I voted for other. Something related to my interests...an unusual stuffed animal, a special necklace (like a D20 necklace), a pen set, a warm fuzzy blanket to snuggle in


There are many things. I am even happy with just a thoughtfully romantic dinner. But please, please, please, don't get me something and then tell me you only got it because it was on a ridiculous sale (sale is good, telling me that is the reason you bought it is not) and don't say your mom bought it for you to give to be because 'x', nor make the mistake of showing up for a valentines dinner I've made with no gift while the friend who drove you over did bring me one. These are all huge turn-offs and you will get no where. ;)

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