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  1. Thank you, Ladywordsmith (now I have a central source for all the fun stuff), I really need to find the time to make butterbeer....or rather a good ale to make it from. Autumn is the best time of year for that in my opinion (thought the first time I had it was in the heat of a prairie summer). I also want to try those mushroom pasties. I am making pumpkin later this week. Did the rest of you know that Viking Wire Weaving can be used to trim men's clothing? It looks AMAZING. That is actually the original purpose of it and it was always found in double or greater weaves. I don't remember all the stitches. It is such a peaceful quiet pasttime. Definitely something the knitting circle could sit around practicing without being noticed. ;) A useful thing at times. Working with thread takes more thought for me unless it's finger loop braiding. I can't think of a reason Randland would have this...but I can't think of a reason they wouldn't other than limitations on lengths of braid which can be woven. I shall have to ponder that some more. A good place for info on those patterns is fingerloop.org Those ladies did an amazing research job and it is so simple!! If only I had more time to practice and my hands hadn't grown soft again. ;) The longest I've been been able to make is 36 in. Oooooo.....pretty trim and sash ties and hair ties! Yes! That's what they would do with it. :D :D Have a great day.
  2. My favorite is Kachapuri. A yeast bread with 2lbs of melted cheese baked in the middle with cilantro.
  3. *chuckles* I'm not worried about the time of trading recipes. Just the length of my favorite. I think it usually takes up around two pages single spaced in Word and about 3 hours to make. ;) The cake sound Delicious! Yum.
  4. Recipe exchange! I love recipe exchanges...and yes, yes, Lady Wordsmith does make wonderfully delicious and creative food. :D I've had the pleasure of enjoying it many times. ;) I'm afraid the recipe I enjoy sharing the most is a bit of a lengthy process...I wonder if I can simplify instructions for the yeast bread with 2lb chees filling....*becomes thoughtful*
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