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  1. I think so, but my memory has gotten fuzzy with my absence (could be lack of sleep..). Still, drop me a pm if you need something specific to help around here.
  2. Sorry Heart, I would take the role of Disc. Lt. again if I could, but my life has been pretty hectic and I am not able to put adequate time into it. That being said, I'm happy to help in some capacity as a Quartermaster or Disc. Lt. Emeritus.
  3. Hi, I'm stalking your page again. Just thought I'd let you know and say Hi :) PS: Happy Easter

  4. Dear Reds, I miss Marta...so much so that I left the Tower for a great long time seeking something, ANYTHING, that could sate the need of her snugglebite. In the meantime....whats a warder to do? Kar
  5. Congrads Arez, it seems that I missed most of your escapades while I was away, so I guess that means Ill have to keep my eye on you now. Glad to have you in the ranks!
  6. We can dance if you want to, we can leave your friends behind, cause...

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