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  1. Hi, I'm stalking your page again. Just thought I'd let you know and say Hi :) PS: Happy Easter

  2. Dear Reds, I miss Marta...so much so that I left the Tower for a great long time seeking something, ANYTHING, that could sate the need of her snugglebite. In the meantime....whats a warder to do? Kar
  3. We can dance if you want to, we can leave your friends behind, cause...

  4. A film adaptation of one of my favorite books , Cloud Atlas, is comming out this year. Im excited but worried as well because the book is 6 different literary styles/ stories that are interconnected thus large potential to "mess it up".
  5. Do not forget the link of teh song :-) i didn't get it last time...

    *hugstighttighttight* sorry, needed that...

  6. Im here! I'm here......just swamped with work :\ Still, you'll be getting a PM from me in an hour or so :p

  7. You are missing... Again -.-

  8. Why would you think I'm crazy??? I was talking to my white ninja squirrel Tim.

  9. <<


    AH, I no longer think you're crazy...I...I've been seeing Monsters too. Still... *presses my fingers to my lips* Sssh...if people find out, they might throw me into 'The Box' again >_<

  10. I see monsters everywhere! o_O And here I thought AH was just going crazy....but now the WT is visited by none other than Count Dracula?! *will have to have some garlic bread with dinner tonight*
  11. *gasps, points, and rubs my eyes* Maaaaybe Ive had.too much oosquai last night, because Im imagining Im seeing Monsters....
  12. *pins the Kar newbie medal on Daybreaker* Loving the Karate Kid reference btw :p
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