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So, where are you based?


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Uhhh... I guess the closest city that people would actually know is St. Louis, but it's like an hour and a half away. I live in a small town of 18,000 people (larger than that during the school year- it's a college town).


And that's in Missouri, in the United States.


Currently I am in St. Louis, MO USA. 


When I started WOT I was in central Virginia in the US.  Though I've read WOT all over the world, Spain, Guam, Bosnia.  Lord of Chaos came out while I was in bootcamp in Orlando Fl. and I snuck it in there and read it when I cold.  Not easy to do and get away with, though I don't know for sure if I would have gotten in trouble or not, but didn't want to find out.

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Two places are my home at the moment:


caister, Norfolk, UK (~2 Minutes from Great Yarmouth, 45 minutes from Norwich, ~3 hours from London) during the University holidays


And when I'm at University I'm the other side of the country - in Bath, Somerset.

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@Owayn: Enfield Co.Meath calling!


Got lost in Meath the other day or was it Kildare. Maynooth, Kells and Clane that area. No bleeding sign posts. Was driving the beetle down from the mechanics and that was driving me mad too, couldn't turn down the heating.


By the way its cool to have another Irish person here, I had a feeling you were from this part of the globe from some of your posts ,well here or UK. I think you used eejit in a sentence.


Hello by the way.

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New Orleans, Louisiana


Hey!  Me too!  8)


About what part you hail from?  I live in the Bywater/Upper 9th Ward.


I work on Bourbon street and Decatur street.  PM me if you are by the quarters and want free drinks  ;D

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Vårgårda, Sweden.


Oh, you don't recognize that tiny spot in the world?

Well, about 70 km north-west of Göteborg (Gothenburg) then...

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Closer to South Haven, but I'll say Kalamazoo MI since people are more likely to recognize that one.  For a long while I was in Grand Rapids...oh how I miss it.

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