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  1. I started The Eye of the World Christmas Day 1990. I recall seeing it, and told my mom that was a gift my little sister could give me. I was 14 at the time, and remember thinking I wish Ewin Finnegar was one of the main characters because he was my age. I finished two or three days after the release of A Memory of Light. I was quite a bit older than all the mains when I finished, and noted that WOT has been in my life the greater part of it. I have read EotW and TGH easily over 10 times, and the rest of the series several times with the later volumes being reread less than the preceding volume.
  2. Perhaps in every Age where the "Bore" gets fully restored, there are "Mat and Perrins" as well. It was mentioned that Mat had done enough to be tied to the Horn. Maybe he and Perrin are occasionally spun out just to help the Dragon who also isn't tied to the Horn as a hero.
  3. Not exactly a "prediction" especially since I'm pretty sure RJ answered the question, but I think pains were taken to show the level of blademastery in the three Demandred duals. I've seen long threads on DM where people disputed RJ's ranking of the blademasters. I always believed that Lan was above both Gawyn and Galad, and I think it was shown that he was.
  4. I've also noticed the copy I bought from the bookstore has a slight defection also on the "anchoring" color map on the front cover. It is small, and minor to me, but a collecter would be displeased as it would not qualify as "mint". Luckily so far no missing pages. I am through the long chapter without missing pages in this copy at least.
  5. So I got my copy delivered at work today from Amazon while I was in training for new software we are rolling out. Of course the training ran long when all I wanted to do was get home and get to reading. Eventually that happened and I got home ate and was rolling right along when all of sudden the book jumped 60 pages or so. The iniside map page that is glued to the cover also had a minor tear inside, from what looked like to much glue building up in one spot. Luckily I live within a few miles of a mall and it was open for another 30 minutes, so off I ran to get another copy. They had two left so actually disaster basically averted, though I'll be requesting a return through Amazon for the defective book. Hopefully not too many others have a badly manufactured printing.
  6. Really? I've had two of my friends who are fantasy fans read the series, and one gave up on the series in Path of Daggers because the story was going nowhere; the other gave up The Shadow Rising because it was "too slow." I generally tell people to read up through LoC and then just read the chapter summaries before going back into reading Sanderson's books; at least that way I know they'll actually not lose interest and wander off. To be honest, if it wasn't for the fact that I got really tied in to rasfw-rj in 1997-1999 I probably would have given up on the series years ago, but now it's just kind of inertia that I have to see it through to the end. The Shadow Rising was my favorite book of the series, while Path of Daggers was my least favorite. I still really like the series though. I would say I'm directly responsible for about 7 or 8 people reading the series and I know some of them have also gotten others to read it as well. I don't know how far it branches out from there.
  7. Goodkind would never see that. He is too busy writing important books containing "important human themes" to know what "deathchoosers" do on the internet.
  8. Bode Cauthon and Perrin - So Mat and Perrin can be in-laws. Padan Fain and Egwene - I'm not a big fan of Egwene and somebody already paired her with Shadar Haren Narg and a grolm - some may think Rand killed Narg in TEotW, but he secretly survived. Gawyn and Semirhage - just so she can torture that idiot Lan and Tam - "Lets go practice some sword forms." Olver and Eldrin Cauthon - Not sure how old Eldrin is, but she is younger than Bode Bela and Pips - If only Pips was not a gelding. Pips has the deep chest and whithers to please Bela, but alas he was "cut". I've never been a fan of Rand's polygamist ways, and of the three, I liked him with Aviendha the best. Which would free Elayne to pair up with Ewin Finngar and Min to decide she fancied Cenn Buie.
  9. I had planned to do a re-read of the entire series but just have too much going on right now. I have been just reading favorite parts here and there though. I've done several rereads over the past 20 years or so anyway. I know for sure I'm in double didgets on TEotW and TGH. as I think I read them three times before TDR even came out. As to the OP putts' reading the TDR, and reading the Mat sections. I remember Mat rescueing that book for me. TDR was the first book in the series I had to wait more than a week for, having gotten TEotW right at TGH's release. Being 14 or 15 at the time, Rand was still my favorite character back then, and I was bummed because it didn't seem to have any of his POVs, but then we got Mat POVs and he soon became my favorite like many others readers. I know it seems to me like most people find CoT as their least favorite WOT book, but for me that was PoD since there are no Mat POV chapters. Also,now that I really like Nynaeve, I also look fondly on her early character in rereads.
  10. I thought the ebook delay was for two reasons. First as already been mentioned, was for the Best Seller lists. I also thought it has been said that the other reason for the delay was that Harriet wanted to help independant brick and morter book sellers by giving them a window of time where they don't have to compete against the ebook versions. I'm an avid fan of ereaders, but of course I have always planned on getting the hardcover. My initial read will be the hardcover, and I'll either scan it and make my own ecopy (for my own use, I don't distribute it) or wait and buy the official one. I haven't decided yet. I did this with the last book and it was pretty time consuming for me, so I don't know if I want to invest that kind of time again.
  11. In my mind I pronounce everybody's name the way I want. Especially the early characters as I started the series 22 years ago at the age of 14 when I was more prone to mistakes. Though I always did consult the handy glossery. For instance I know RJ did not like Mazrim Taim's being pronounced as the word tame, I think he had a quote along the lines of "there is nothing tame about Taim". In my head he will always be tame, though. Now, if I'm in an actual conversation with someone, I will try to pronounce them correctly so as to minimize looking like an idiot.
  12. Part of the reason I will be sad is that the books were with me for such a long period. I'm going to feel as the the end of an era in my life is closing. Its just not the actual book I'm going to reflect on, but all the places and times in my life when I read it. I'm going to flash back to being 14 and reading TEotW and then pestering my parents to read it too. I'll be transported back to the end of bootcamp in Orlando Florida, where I got a copy of Lord of Chaos and it took up just about all the space in a tiny personal locker I had available to me.
  13. Just reading any news now about AMoL, chokes me up. When I actually sit down to read it I'll be a 36 year old man bawling with a book in his hands. Started the series when I was 14. WOT for a while has been in my life longer than it wasn't.
  14. Mat single handedly saved The Dragon Reborn for me, which was a surprise considering I wasn't too impressed with him before then. I was bumming because TDR, didn't Realy have much of Rand POVs, ( I was only 15 or so when it came out and really only cared about Rand then). I had read TEotW and TGH about four times waiting on TDR and when I finally got it it skimmed through curious for the Rand. As I went along, and we finally got to Mat's POV and I was like "who is this Mat?" as he seemed quite different to me. It's a bit hazzy after all the years since, but I probably was skimming TSR for Mat chapters when I first picked it up, as it was pretty quickly that he became my favorite. However, on retreads he always seems like a different character in those first few books and not a very good one. I would say some of it was a writing tool "unreliable narrator" in that we only see Mat through the eyes of others, and their perspective could skew Mat wrongly. Though in later books, people seem to see Mat as not such a jerk that he comes off in the first two books, dagger notwithstanding. I think RJ might have changed Mat's arc somewhat. Perhaps part of it is due to cancelled fourth taveren, IDK.
  15. I feel this is pretty much correct. The only think you probably could nitpick is the understating of Gawyn's level of douchebaggery, because if douchegaggery was like the Source, Gawyn's walking around with both Access Keys all the time. We all know that RJ has a military background, so its logical to think that he would draw from that expirience and possibly use it as a model. Servicemen and women have to follow "Lawful" orders and oppose unlawful orders. Now, you can rationalize that Gawyn was a forign dignitary and not part of the tower chain of command. Still, from his point of view he is in the middle of an attempted coup, so he sides on the lawful side. I don't consider him choosing one side, the side he believes to be the established lawful side, and and thus killing for that side to make him a murderer. It makes him a combatent, but not a murderer. Now do I think his feelings about Suian, for what happened to Egwene and Elayne, played a roll or made it easier for him to choose Elaida and the Tower? I'm sure it did, part of his douchebaggery. We could look a little closer into his actions leading up to and around Dumai's Wells and its possible some of those actions could be considered murder. He also has considered murder when he decided he wanted to leave the Younglings, I think he would have killed if he had to when "deserting". So, again he is a Douchebag.
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