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  1. Not sure on the best. Most of them have their faults. But I would have to agree Reven, on the White Tower hierarchy. The hierarchy of Novice < Accepted < Full Sister makes sense. But basing the sister rankings off power is plain discrimination.
  2. How similar is each turning of the wheel? Are they identical? I seem to recall RJ mentioning some things to suggest otherwise. Such as saying that Fain is an entirely new entity (but this could mean that it didn't exist in any preceding age before the last third age). It has also been implied that it is POSSIBLE for the DO to win.
  3. I have always wondered if warders aging is slowed also or if Aes Sedai out live several warders. When discussing the loss of a warder it seems to be mentioned as being an uncommon thing, but wouldn't most Aes Sedai loos them to age or do they release the bond once the warder is past his prime?
  4. I have always felt we are the first age, I don't recall any info about the length of other ages. For all we know the third age is incredibly short compared to the others. Also I was under the impression that the Dragon's soul is not necessarily bound to a challenge or task in every age.
  5. Tar Valon. Access to healing. Also even the regular people do quite well.
  6. Now that I have finally finished aMoL I feel I can finally return to these forums. One thing I would like to know everyone's thoughts on is the casualties of the Last Battle: Were you surprised by any charterers dying? Or were there any characters you expected to die that made it through? Sorry if this has been discussed earlier, I did perform a search but have been absent since aMoL was released. I guessing huge amounts of discussion has been missed. I for one wasn't really surprised by anyone dying, but I did expect Tam and Cadsuane to die during the Last Battle.
  7. I know there is evidence somewhere, but I can not recall atm and don't have access to the books right now. But Aginor and Balthameal were brought back, but I am trying to find the evidence in the books that says that they are Osan'gar and Aran'gar respectivily. Could someone help with this please?
  8. Do we KNOW this, from what I recall we know absoultly nothing about the 5th, 6th and 7th ages and very little about the 1st and 4th. Could the same soul possibly be used to herald the end of all seven ages? Maybe the first channeller was the same soul.
  9. I had a question regarding the Heroes of the Horn; Do they always have the same name and appearence? I seem to recall a mention that they don't. So are the heroes in TAR the immediatly previous lives of the heroes?
  10. Where did you get that from? When Min did a viewing on Birgitte, she thought it was very strange since there seemed to be an older man and a younger man associated with her. I always took that to mean she was seeing the future in multiple lives for Birgette. And that would mean your statement isn't correct. Sounds to me she is seeing the current future and the one that would have happended if she had been born correctly. Gadail Cain (i think that was his name, been a while) would be a younger man than her, but he was born before she ripped out so if she was born as she should have he would have been older.
  11. Maybe Moiraine ment no one can see the complete pattern. Min sees pieces and only those regarding people physically close to her. i.e those she can see.
  12. I had a thought. Its possible to hide weaves, but is it possible to make them LOOK like another weave. ie, she did swear on the oath rod, but not using the correct weave therefore, not bound by it.
  13. Rhurac, Thom I also like the suggestion of Olver being one.
  14. I was about 14 when i started reading. 23 now.
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