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  1. Thanks Jason! And thank you Robert Jordan and everyone involved with bringing this story to a close. Tai'shar Dragonmount!
  2. I just got this crazy idea, which is very likely wrong and has probably already been discussed. But what if the Eye Blinders are the 100 companions? Didn't they all supposedly die at the strike at Shayol Ghul? Or did they just immediately go mad? I don't remember. Obviously, the likely answer is that they're the Aiel men who go to spit in Sightblinder's eye only to have the Shadow spit in theirs when they're 13x13d, but this random thought just came up and will probably get shot down immediately. What dya'll think?
  3. Just to be clear, my understanding of Slayer is that the Luc side of him is the emotional/evil side. The Isam side seems to be a victim of circumstance, who is really good at hunting and obeying/doing what he's told. Isam was the infant cousin of Lan who was lost and never heard from again. Obviously, we now know that he was raised in the "Town" near Shayol Ghul, and so he's obviously been brought up to serve the shadow, but his childhood was so frightening that he still resents his upbringing there.
  4. These are great. The first one actually feels more like how I imagine Moiraine looking though. Also, while I love all of these, none of them capture the "evil" side of Lanfear very well for me. She is exotically beautiful, but with a tinge of psychotic that only a very naive shepherd wouldn't recognize.
  5. Thanks Dragonmount, for being so awesome! Hurin.
  6. This idea has been brought up before. The lights that Min sees are stronger when the three ta'veren are together, and they overcome the darkness, but when they are separated the darkness wins. When all three are together at the Last Battle it has been theorized that their "ta'verenness" will work together like steel bands that will keep the Pattern intact even as the DO breaks free and makes an attempt to "blowtorch" it appart as you say. I believe that since ToM, it is clear that Rand realizes that he does have some control over his ta'verenness, as long as he "does the will of the Pattern" which, to me, is to keep it intact. I think that Rand will use that power combined with Mat's and Perrin's and the threads of everyone on the side of the Light to do something very similar to what you are theorizing. The DO's prison won't be "patched" it will be completely whole and strong, as it was when the Creator first sealed him in.
  7. Min. Most definitely. While I love redheads, Aviendha is just too mean for my taste. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to post these links. This is exactly how I envision Min (and the music's not bad either): Kimbra-Settle Down (watch Cameo Lover too): Awesome song by Gotye featuring Kimra: This may be more of a "Elmindreda" but I'd take her any day of the week!
  8. Interesting! I've always thought that it's possible that the Creator is a god-like individual who takes on flesh similar to how christians believe the Christ was God-in-the-flesh. Just as Jesus is believed be both the Father and the Son, so the Dragon may be the Creator and the Champion (in the flesh). Anyway, this would explain what that Aiel said "Sightblinder means to blind the Great Serpent." The Great Serpent may represent time, but it also may represent THE DRAGON (which is obviously a Great Serpent). We know that Moridin/Ishy/Ba'alzomon ALMOST succeeded in blinding Rand, and the blind man sat on his own grave and wept. Luckily, he received his sight and all will be well.
  9. OH, haha! I should've fully read the post before commenting ;) She already said that.
  10. What amazes me is that even though many of us give D.K.S a bad wrap, how his Mat from tFoH is still the iconic Mat that we all use to base our Cosplay and fan art on.
  11. Didn't RJ compare his hometown to the Two Rivers somehow? Could it be related to "Aes Sedai from the Two Rivers?" Edit: duh. I feel stupid. Just realized that it has to do with something they can DO.
  12. Thom is the Creator in the flesh. It's as simple as that. :)
  13. That's a good point. I hope I'm not getting too graphic here, but if wounds you receive in T'A'R affect your physical body, then I guess if you had your hymen broken in T'A'R it would be so in the waking world. But, when she had her dream sex with Gawyn that was a regular dream, right? I don't think it was Tel'aran'rhiod. Makes you wonder if it was "dream sex" so it was "too good to be true." If that's the case, I wonder if it will be a rude awakening when she finally does seal the deal for real :) I don't think it's usually the most pleasant experience for women the first time. Edit: TMI
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