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  1. I immediently thought of Slayer and Demandred... but you now have me thinking on the Taim issue...
  2. Asmodean was one of my faves, that i wish we could have seen more of. And Logain, though I don't think he is finished with yet just ;) I would have liked to have seen more of Lans POV scenes.
  3. female, 28 and Nynaeve is and always has been my favourite, thought now im into Lan aswell... and Siaune Sanche has quickley became a fave after my latest read through
  4. i love nynaeve, shes my favourite charactor, i sort of see it as proof that the Aes Sedai are so wrong about so many things. Nynaeve would be the strongest in the tower, if this wasn't the start of TG, as in, Alivia would still be damane, Sharina would never be allowed to become a novice... Just because someone in the book SAYS something, doesnt mean it is true fact, the AS are all so sure of them selves that they believe everything they say as fact (well duh, 3 oathes an all) but that doesnt nessisarily mean it to be true. just my opinion anyway, some sort of graph or something on the heirachy of rank would be cool, i remember seeing one once before too but that was ages ago.
  5. im in australia and we have about 2 or 3 different book covers on the shelves at any time, ive never actually seen the Sweet covers for sale, except for in 2nd hand book stores (where i buy most of my books anyway) im pretty sure we got the illustrations up to book 9, then the next issues were all black cover with a different coloured 'wheel' logo, or the book was a marble colour (COT was dark red marble, KOD was greenish black) i would love to have the books all matching though
  6. i have been noticing the amount of 'tempest' mentioned in this book (only half way through) and im sure its because of all the talk here that i have been noticing it. its starting to get a bit annoying... maybe we could start a drinking game? every time the word is mentioned we have a shot :)
  7. i cant believe some people, you ask a simple question and pretty much get told of for not knowing the answer already. the point of these forums is to discuss these books we love so much, ask questions we might have about things so we can discuss and learn from other fans, not be ridiculed because we didnt know an answer.im crawling back under my rock... just got a bit offended by a previous post that could have been worded a bit more tactful.
  8. good point renfield... unless she could see where the weaves were because they were interwoven with the saidar, so she could see the blank gaps that she presumed to be saidin. isnt that described way back when with the bowl of the winds, there was 'gaps' (for lack of a better word) in the saidar that elayne guessed was the threads of saidin.
  9. im going to go pick my copy up tonight from the book store and its on special - $26 how cheap is that! (TGS was like $40 and i bought tht almost 9 months after its release)
  10. doesnt olver tell him, back in KOD (i think) when he finally reads the letter, birgitte told olver how to defeat the snakes and the foxes etc and when olver tells him where they live (in the ToG) matt remembers a tall white tower from his time on Bayle Domons boat and relises that must be the tower... dont have my books on hand but it went something like that i think
  11. My bf is one of these so called 'haters' yet he loves fantasy. Geez, i cant even begin to name all the fantasy he reads and loves - i think his biggest love is katherine Kerr and the silver dagger books. But seriously, we have probably 200-300 fantasy books at home. He actually gave me book 5 because he had read up to book 5 but just couldnt get into it, so at least he tried. when im reading he constantly comes up behind me and asks how rand is, or the wolf dude, or the dude with the sword (perrin and lan) he has said if i read all 17 of his katherine kerr books, he will give the wheel of time another go, and i think after i read TOM im going to hold him to this, as i really just need someone to talk about this... when i was younger i was dating a guy and hes the one that got me into the serious, me, him and his brother would have these major, hours long discussions about WOT and it was freakin awesome (and i dont feel like a nerd posting that here either woohoo!) i tried to get my brother into it, hes a huge LOTR fan, but nope, he just wasnt interested (think he read half of the EOTW) I can understand some of the descriptions that go on for pages and pages as off putting but seriously, RJ has created such a visual world, its like watching a movie in ya head instead of just reading a book. some people just dont know what they are missing out on
  12. oh wow i never thought of that! damn nsw not having a public holiday for melbourne cup.... good luck tracking down a copy, i have mine on pre-order at dymocks hoping to go pick it up as soon as its available
  13. hmm i just thought of something (i have no idea who mesaana is btw) isnt the oath rod process something like, you remove the oaths, take the oaths again, then say you are not a dark friend.... if mesaana went through this, wouldnt she have ended up being bound by the 3 oaths? yes, she could still say she was not a dark friend, but wouldnt the oaths still stick with her? so we'd have a forsaken who has taken the aes sedai oaths? i could be wrong.... probably am.
  14. yep, "mothers milk in a cup" has gotta be my fave, especially when i imagine Elayne saying it. dont think ive ever actually said any outload... yet....
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