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  1. I found the Swedish translation of the first two at a book fair in ... um ... 1996 or so. Looked at them, did not like the covers much, but the cover text sounded good and I wanted something new to read. So I bought the two parts making up EotW. Then I borrowed the next two from the library. And ... began bying the English versions after that. CoS was the first one I had to wait for, I believe, since that's when I started to buy hardcovers... ;)
  2. Female, 39 (almost 40...) I was about 25 when I started reading this if I remeber correctly (somewhere in mid 1990s). Certainly my view of the characters have changed, but I'm not sure all of it has to do with my aging. All major characters have evolved, som are more likable - or perhaps more interesting to me - in the first books (ex. Rand, Perrin), others I like more in the later ones (ex Nynaeve, Mat). That does not change much when I re-read them now. But sure, Nynaeve is a good example of a character that I found very irritating the first times through the first books ... but she
  3. Yes, if you're referring to the helaing of the madness in that Asha'man (I haven't read further than 20, and I have read about that).
  4. Strange, how the same scenes can be viewed so very differently... I'm through ch. 20 now and is in the mindset of "yay, something's happening at last, people are actually talking to each other about what they feel and what has to be done". Particularly Faile & Perrin, Elayne & Mat. Sure, Rand is fashinating, but to me only his POV would be boring to me. He's almost to much right now. Nynaeve, on the other hand.... To me, this one is already better than tGS.
  5. There are only three sentences in the seventh paragraph in that chapter...
  6. Vårgårda, Sweden. Oh, you don't recognize that tiny spot in the world? Well, about 70 km north-west of Göteborg (Gothenburg) then...
  7. I'm 39. Don't remember exactly when I started reading WOT, but somewhere around 1995 probably. The last book I managed to get in paperback is LoC, so I assume I had to wait for CoS... That should give whan I started reading, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now...
  8. My car's registration plate beginns with TAR. Wonder what it's doing by night... ;)
  9. You know, RJ saying that Demandred has never pretended to be Mazrim Taim isn't lying if he hadn't pretended to be Mazrim Taim at the point when RJ said that! So maybe he is Taim NOW, but wasn't THEN! It's brilliant! Or maybe Taim is DEMANDRED, not the otherway around! Brilliant! Wait... did RJ say "Demandred has never pretended to be Taim" or did he say "Demandred is not and has never been Taim"? You could argue that if Demandred is Taim - that is, Taim has never been anyone else than Demandred - then he is not pretending to be Taim. Twisting words, I know, but RJ was
  10. Are you saying Lini might be a channeler? After living most of her life in the Palace in Caemlyn where Aes Sedai are accepted and none of them ever felt it? No, I don't think so. She is decribed as old, too. Do we know the ages where these women had their daughters? Early, perhaps - Elayne is about 18-19. If Lini was nurse to Morgase's morther in her teens (not unthinkable) it might be like this: Nurse to Morgase's mother: Lini about 15 Nurse to Morgase: Lini about 35 Nurse to Elayne: Lini about 55 Now: closing on 75. Not improbable, IMO.
  11. Tam al'Thor, definetly! Solid, reliable, no-nonsense kind of man ... around 50? Suits me perfectly.
  12. Nice cookie! Always fun to help someone in need, and that happens to be one of my favoruite parts...
  13. I want a cookie, but you'll have to ship it far.... ;D I belive it is chapter 50 in the Dragon Reborn. Perrin and Co are chasing Rand, and they dock in Tear, get to an inn and next to it is a forge. Perrin works there for the day, Faile watching him, and gets that big hammer as payment.
  14. I'm not sure, but isn't Isam at least as old as Lan? He was born before Malkier fell anyway, so he must be. While I don't remember exactly how old Lan is, he was not a "boy" in New Spring as Rand was born.
  15. I skimmed through the chapter ... Who knows what the Forsaken knows about ... but Sammael does not mentioning any dagger. He talks about what Carridin is in Ebou Dar to find - and if you don't know what that is yet I'm not telling right now, but it has noting to do with the Shadar Logoth dagger - and sees Mat as just an inconvinience not to be dealt with if he does not intervene. As I stated above, I think it's only Carridin's memory of what happened in the prolouge of book 2.
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