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  1. Yeah all we need now is a WOTpedia smartphone app or at least a mobile website
  2. I don't think tatsteful use of deus ex machina is inherently abhorrent in fiction, especially SF/Fantasy. Some interesting stories involve basically textbook definitions of it. Ringworld, Game of Thrones, umm... Chronicles of Narnia kinda... and clearly any object in WoT that comes from tAoL, especially ter'angreal would at least earn partial credit. About FoM, I still feel like the the name of the field and weather it's been mentioned once is a little nitpicky, even by dragonmount standards :-P
  3. The actual name of the field or how few times it has been mentioned doesn't really bother me too much. I have a feeling that much of what occurs there is going to be so character-driven that the particular location is somewhat inconsequential. Really the fact that it is so unknown points to that very supposition. The Dreamspikes are a little plot device-y but in a story that has had so many of them, I don't think they really stand out too glaringly. My biggest problem in the last three books is that we still have to deal with unnecessary filler. Four chapters of a ghost story in Hinderstrap? Umpteen chapters about Perrin "finding himself"? How many chapters about Mat wasting time honoring Verin's deal before he *finally* goes to Finnland? No wonder it takes years and three books to finish.
  4. I don't get why some people try to explicitly equate "character x" in WOT to "character y" in whatever myth. I was under the impression that while clearly there are similarities to real-world myths, the whole idea is that as these "legends fade into myths" characters and stories end up bleeding into amorphous and loosely based analogues of their original. I don't believe this is all simply a retelling of Arthurian Myth, and I think it's misleading and somewhat egregious to boil down the similarities in characters to a simple matter of "x = y and a = b". I do find the analogous nature of Wheel myths to real-world ones to be somewhat blatant at times and it's part of what I love about the series, I just think it's easy to over simplify and over analyze these analogies. Far be it from me, though, to accuse a WOT forum of over analysis! :-D
  5. Just wondering, when can we start our own threads? This is getting a little ridiculous, and makes me just want to start using my TheoryLand account so I can just post without being limited to 16 'blanket-spoiler' threads. How long do we have to have our hand held for this? edit: grammah
  6. How about a Seanchan thread? We had a Fortuona POV and there are some things to discuss. Also I have a silly theory regarding Fortuona and some strange occcurances that involve her. Also I second the Mirrilor Plain thread.
  7. That's the American English spelling. It's correct (here in the States, at least ) http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/judgement.html
  8. US edition, page 445. "Deepe" is spelled differently a quarter way down the page, "Deep snapped his jaw shut..."
  9. I have a quantum mechanics test the day it comes out, and C++ homework the day after. So I'll be done studying when it comes out, but I'll still have a lot of homework to do. I don't know that I will have the willpower to do homework instead of reading though...
  10. So from the time you get the book to the time you read the snippet of prophesy on the last page: how long? Figuring in the time I have to allot to homework, I'll finish it in about a week. I know most people are a lot faster than that. Some of you crazy nargs are going to finish it the first day and start posting spoilers.
  11. I still will never understand this sentiment. The Wheel of Time isn't going anywhere. We will all finally have a complete set to read. I mean, I guess I can understand a little that it is fun to come here and guess what will be in the next book. The anticipation of new releases is fun too, but really, I'll just be happy when it is complete. The work deserves to be completed. Besides, there is always the Encyclopedia to look forward to.
  12. Take your time Brandon. Do it right. This is SRS BUSINESS here.
  13. I don't think there is necessarily a disconnect here. RJ's answers suggest there MAY be a way of detecting it, we just don't (and definitely did not at the time of his answer) know how it's done. If you dissect his answers as if they were coming from an Aes Sedai (and we know he liked elusiveness), then it may in fact be possible for one TP channeler to detect another. He says that they can't feel you using it, etc. like the One Power, not that there isn't necessarily another way to detect it (as I suggest below). Clearly, even if he hadn't intended on its detectability in the beginning, he was leaving the possibility open that there MAY be a way to detect it, that we don't yet know of. Much like the new weave for using animal spies that uses the TP. Except the Dark One. Okay, that's pretty clear, but when you are using the TP, you are "connected" to the DO right? Much like you can use the TP to use animals for spies, there very well could be a way to use the TP to communicate somehow with the DO to "see" someone who is channeling the TP. Why would Graendal say this unless she has tried it and seen for herself that it's possible? I guess it could be an assumption on her part, but it seems like she would hesitate to make such a claim unless she knows either from experience or second-hand knowledge. We can assume she has been in Morry's presence since she gained her new found abilities, so she would not only have a chance to attempt detecting TP channeling, but she certainly would want to know if Morry was channeling it in her presence. So if has been in his presence since her new abilities were gained, I think it's safe to assume she's tried (and succeeded) in detecting TP usage.
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