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  1. This linking scene is the first thing that really ever jumped out immedately as being wrong Until now I've been willing to give Sanderson/TJ the benefit of the doubt. The inconsistencies were around relatively minor details due to being rushed. They said this would not happen with this book. And then they go and contradict a scene which is not only a climax of a book, but is regularly ranked as the most favourite scene in the series. This does not fill me with hope. This is actually unforgivable. I could understand if it was a throw-away line. Or if the scene being contradicted was minor.
  2. Hmm I don't know, the two ter'angreal Wise-ones use seem to be altruistic to me, as does every ter'angreal so far. The glass columns ter'angreal seems to rely on people to do themselves damage judging by what Rand saw of the Shaido potential clan-chief. And the rings ter'angreal admittedly has less evidence either way, but the fact no other ter'angreal we have seen has built-in dark-detectors to me says that it doesn't have any special measures either.] And naturally if she became a DF after becoming a wise-one then the argument is mute about these ter'angreal.
  3. So Sorilea is Demandred then? XD On a more serious note: something is up with Sorilea I feel. We haven't really had a (major?) Darkfriend in the Aiel. We had the Forsaken helping the Shaido, but we haven't actually seen a DF Aiel (red-veils aside).
  4. Lambada Novice last time I looked - although the req's seem to have changed, so *shrug* (Haven't been active at all on DM really recently - Second year of University seems to be designed to give you as little free time as possible.)
  5. First post in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I can see two possibilities for how this will turn out. Dream Spikes can stop gateways forming. Depending on the time-lines (of which I am highly uncertain), the Black Tower 'rent in blood and fire' could be resolved, and the Dreamspike there taken to the White Tower for examination (something Egwene will undoubtably order if she hears of this ter'angreal) - she already knows that something affected T'a'R in her battle with Messaana. Thus forcing the Seanchan to appear outside Tar Valon, certainly outside the Tower. Commence the
  6. Sent off my drtica application last night and already have a phone interview in January.

  7. #thatakwardmomentwhen you realise people can't spell awkward.

  8. Let's get busy with the fizzy.

  9. Still think the confused.com advert makes it look like a dating site.

  10. Facebook isn't loading anything beyond the banner bar at the top and copyright at bottom. Just me? Using chrome.

  11. Watched avatar for the first time ever this afternoon. Wow at visuals. Meh at story.

  12. Turkey curry is in the way wooo

  13. Self imposed internet excile ended. Woooo

  14. So its official. Daniel Radcliff was beheaded on qi.

  15. I shall try to not spend tomorrow browsing the internet or playing pc games. This could be hard based on last time I had no internet.

  16. Just seen points cards for Facebook, farmville and Mafia wars for sale in game. We have reached a new low.

  17. My laptop shut down normally last night. Now it says my Hdd is not a bootable disk...

  18. Happy Birthday Grandad. You should be with us now :(. RIP.

  19. Its snowing but not settling.

  20. High on my ToDo list this xmas is to format my laptop and reinstall vista.

  21. And the voting is open people! http://sf-fantasy.suvudu.com/2010/12/cage-match-2010-championship-rand-althor-versus-the-mountain-that-rides.html What do you think of the write-ups?
  22. I'm hooooooommmmmmeeeeeeee!

  23. Japan keeps its trains running the day after Nagasaki... Kinda makes us look pathetic with our snow.


  25. Notepad was responsible for using 50% of cpu and increasing gpu temp by 4C. Wtffffff?!

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