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  1. Me too. I accept much of Elaida's rage and such but she is far beyond the acceptable range of AS behavior. Ok so she is mad with power but geeeeeeze.... she's nuts and we have yet to meet a non-black AS who is as unpredictable as she.
  2. We all know that AS can't lie, blah blah blah... and we know that AS can speak a lie if they believe it to be truth. It still just makes me curious about Elaida calling Egwene a DF during the dinner disaster so it obviously means that she sees Egwene as a true DF. But why? Sure, Elaida really really does not like this girl but Egwene hasn't really given her a reason to think her of the shadow, you know? And then I think about Mesaana. Is there a hint in that Elaida/Egwene/name calling scene that would a apply to Mesanna and the Oath?
  3. I LOVE that part too! And yes, it was Joline. To elaborate a bit, I love that whole scene from the catfight among the women in that tiny wagon, to Mat spanking her and, my favorite part, when Mat walks down the steps with Beleric and Fen (Joline's warders) towering over him on either side. I laugh thinking about Beleric's (or was it Fen?) shaved head that he is none too pleased about further adding to his grumpy mood. Definitely one of my favorite Mat scenes.
  4. Definitely agree with you; it was refreshing that Brandon's writing had a sense of urgency and quick to the point. At first I didn't really notice the difference in writing styles and besides, I devoured that book in days. Also, I didn't really care much about the differences until I joined this forum and began reading others' criticism and citing specific passages. I just began my 420th re-read of the series but not from the beginning nor in order, and within moments of opening the book I immediately notice RJ's unique writing style and realized the big changes in how tGS was written. As we all know, this topic has been discussed ad nauseam and I am almost certain I'm repeating myself by posting this reply but ehh whatever... new members join all the time so this won't be old news to some at least, haha. Anyway, like many others, I love RJ's lengthy and detailed descriptions. I loved the fact that I could totally visualize the characters, the scenes and Randland in general. He is so detailed, in fact, that some artists' fan art of the characters is so right on and almost always how I imagined the characters to look like. (Like that guy, Seamus Gallagher.) Although I will always love and appreciate the details, I do have to admit that after a while I started to skip over some of the parts so I could get to the meat of the story, especially with characters I'm not very interested in; it's crazy that his elaborate details take up several paragraphs, if not entire pages! One thing of RJ's writing that annoys me: it can be tedious, redundant and excessively wordy. (Not that I have room to talk!) I mean, do we still need to be 'reminded' six books deep about what the Five Powers are or how a ter'angreal works? Sure there are details we'll forget occasionally but damn, RJ must have thought we were brain-dead and incapable of retaining the most basic principles! ::) I've been reading (and re-reading) WoT since I was 15 and the series will never grow old to me. I want to read every scrap of story I can get my hands on -- even the boring stuff -- because I just can't get enough!! I know that ten years from now I'll look back and think about the raw anticipation I felt waiting for the next book, not to mention endless hours of reading forum discussions. A lot of us have read the series multiple times and it's not like the story changes the second time you read it so there must be something that makes us want to read thousands of pages again. I personally love reading the books over and over because it seems like I'm always finding nuances, foreshadowing and such; applying later knowledge to the earlier books always yields a discovery or two. How many other books would you reread and enjoy doing so? We all want to get to the end of the story but I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm going to miss these days when it's all said and done. No more books to look forward to... no more debates dissecting The Big Unnoticed Thing... no more unsolved Asmodean mysteries... no more embracing the source... and no more sniffing! Let's appreciate and enjoy what we have -- BS is doing us a monumental favor by completing this series and has certainly exceeded my expectations -- because I'm sure we'd all rather have a finished story than to be left hanging. Forever. :-*
  5. Interesting idea. It would make sense when thinking about who is going in to rescue Moiraine because it's looking like it's going to be a trio of non-channelers, you know? Mat, Thom and one other -- none of our most likely candidates fits the bill of a channeler.
  6. The mention of Teletext caught my eye and I had to google it. Had no idea what it was but now that I know, I think it's a pretty interesting feature... in a primitive sort of way, haha! Looking at screenshots took me back to the 80's. ;)
  7. You have to love the irony of someone actually able to properly use the word 'articulate' having difficulty articulating something. I concur. ;)
  8. Interesting... my stepfather did too when we lived in Gonzales. Unlikely to be the same refinery considering how many there are in that state.
  9. Nothing like that has even been suggested or implied in the books, making weaves look like something else that is. That is an interesting concept though but personally, I don't see any channeler being able to do it even in AoL... But then again, if a channeler can disguise herself or hide her ability to channel, then why not the weaves themselves? I'm thinking that the OP is the most basic essence of the ability to channel, the raw material to be worked with. I'd say that you can use that energy, or raw essence, to control the environment around you, including hiding your ability but you can't mess with the energy itself. To think about it in a different way, I'd compare it to what the sun is to us. We can stop the light from reaching us by blocking it, we can "see" the sun differently by, say, wearing kaleidescope sunglasses, and we can convert the sun energy into other kinds of energy -- however -- we can't change the sun's energy itself; we can only manipulate it after it reaches us. Don't think read too deeply on my analogy. I'm not even making sense in my own head right now =)
  10. Crazy idea, random thought... What about this? If Mesaana were to hold the rod, channel into it and then begin reciting the Oaths BUT while still holding and channeling into the rod, she says immediately following the Oaths, "I am not a Darkfriend," and then releasing the weave. What I'm thinking is, even though the Aes Sedai have said (I think) that they can feel the Oath settling into their bones while swearing it, I would assume that techincally the Oath isn't totally binding until she stops channeling into the rod. With this in mind, Mesanna could lie and say she isn't a Darkfriend because she spoke it before completing the swearing process. Kind of like claiming false information before swearing to the judge that what you say from thereon is truthful? :P
  11. I never really considered the fact that this forum wouldn't be mostly USA-based fans judging by peoples' responses and the countries they're from... It fascinates me to imagine all of us fans spread across the globe marked by little arrows on a Google map, haha.
  12. Hey! Me too! 8) About what part you hail from? I live in the Bywater/Upper 9th Ward. I work on Bourbon street and Decatur street. PM me if you are by the quarters and want free drinks ;D I lived in La Place for a short while as well as Gonzales and Saint Amant.
  13. Baltimore, Maryland USA ... at the moment.
  14. Not that I'm adding anything important or revolutionary but I came across this little tidbit today while re-reading tFoH and it made me wonder what Asmodean had in mind. Chapter Pale Shadows: "Rand was sure he caught [Asmodean] in a lie this time. Moiraine said that in the Age of Legends men and women had been equally strong in the Power, and she could not lie. ... [Asmodean replied,] What Moiraine believes to be truth, she tells as truth whether or not it is; one of a thousand weaknesses in those fool oaths." We all know that Aes Sedai can speak a lie if they believe it to be truth but what, exactly, are some of those weaknesses Asmodean refers to? Like I said, this quote obviously doesn't reveal anything but I couldn't help to wonder...
  15. Once upon a time I read a bit of criticism about the way RJ wrote CoT but sometimes I wonder if RJ was kind of practicing, in a way, for writing the final pages of the LB. (I know, he's had the ending in mind for 25 years or so and I'm pretty sure we've been told that he already has it written out, but still...) I haven't thought too deeply about what I've just said so my thoughts may get torn to shreds but basically, the LB is going to be a bunch of different story arcs coming together but in different places at different times with different groups of characters. Time isn't going to advance too much throughout the LB but I would assume that keeping so many characters in line with each other while maintaining suspense is challenging. As usual, I am not articulating my thoughts as clearly as I'd like but I hope you at least have a vague understanding as to what I'm trying to suggest.
  16. Ill agree with this. Although I think it is more than just avoiding the lying part, perhaps something to render the WHOLE of the Oaths void Good point... but how? Like most of us, I'm stumped as to how this is all going to play out and I've exhausted my mind trying to come up with every idea I can think of. Not sure how much I believe of this but, as others have mentioned, perhaps Mesaana has such control over her mind that she can make herself believe that she isn't lying. I think about how one can pass a lie detector test even though they aren't telling the truth. Takes absolute control but it's possible, I guess. Thinking about how mind control is very important in T'A'R... seems like this could factor in.
  17. Seeing how RJ has always set us up with information before it's needed, I think we should consider Verin's clever little loophole around her DO oath's... the part about 'until the hour of death'. I can't find the person whose comment I wanted to quote regarding this but basically, I am definitely leaning more in the direction of Mesaana finding a way around the actual wording of the oaths more than the theories favoring oath ter'angreals and such.
  18. I think 'healing' death will make one 'undead' and an Aes Sedai who does so could be considered a necromancer of sorts. I would guess that bringing the dead back to life would be more along the lines as something 'evil' or the dark side of channelers. Maybe I've played too much EQ over the years.
  19. I really, really, really.....really doubt this. haha, yes I agree... quite an exaggeration!
  20. I can say for sure that there are several Led Zeppelin songs that have LotR references in them. In an interview with Paige and Plant, they confirmed this and said that the book made a deep impact in not only their music but also in their personal lives but also said that, despite popular belief, Stairway to Heaven's lyrics were not inspired by the book. LotR references are strong in the songs, particularly those for "Ramble On" and "Battle of Evermore," Plant uses Tolkien-specific terms such as Gollum, Ringwraiths and Mordor. Other, more indirect allusions may be found elsewhere throughout their repertoir. Yep ;D Thats the reason i put them down, with all the references and obvious impact LotR had, they might be interested in WoT Yay Zeppelin!! Yes, Yay to Zeppelin!! Led Zeppelin was one of the very first bands I fell in love with... and (most of) their songs still haven't gotten old and played out to me. Led Zeppelin is just one of those 'standard' rock bands that (almost) everyone loves so me saying that I love them so much kind of like someone saying they love music, haha. IMO, asking someone if they like music is kind of like asking one if they like to breathe. :P Now if only we could find LZ references in tLotR, life would be complete. 8)
  21. Woah, woah, woah! I definitely was not implying whatsoever that I do not support our military. I was only pointing out certain similarities and that is all. Not the place to talk politics anyway... and I certainly did not mean to hit a nerve like I did. Sorry! I also have two brothers in the Marines and support them and their cause 1000%.
  22. Ah, did not notice that you shared this bit of insight before I did... Great minds think alike, I suppose!
  23. As usual, forgive my lack of detail or ability to cite applicable references. That's where you seasoned members with your remarkable ability to recall information save the day! ;D It seems like Rand doesn't want to put the Maidens in danger (if only because they're women) even though the Maidens want to guard him -- and they have good reasons, too. He has gone behind their backs more than a few times, much to their dismay and have expressed their anger and frustration to him because of it. Add that to Rand insulting the Aiel by 'using' them as well as his disregard for their customs and abuses/misinterprets his role as Car'a'carn. It seems like he dismisses the Aiel and just 'expects' them to be at his beck and call since they are The People of the Dragon. The Aiel are following him all over the land, doing as told but not appreciated in return, you know? <<< Ok, here's where my apologies for not being specific come in. If I remember correctly, didn't some of the Maidens say to him at one point that they might very well leave him and haven't other Aiel spoken out loud about their consideration in returning to the Three Fold Land? So I wonder, do you think the Aiel will come to a point where they've had enough and desert Rand at a time when he will need them most? I imagine him turning around only to find that the Aiel are just... gone. Of course, if they deserted him like that, I definitely see them coming back somehow and saving the moment. Whatcha think?
  24. A minor bit of speculation to add to this: I vaguely remember reading (in tGS?) a part when one of the Aiel says that battle is what they do best, not playing policemen. (That's obviously not verbatim, by the way.) This brings up an interesting point, however, even though the Aiel are simply bad-asses, they are warriors at heart... even those who aren't fighters for a living like the Maidens, even though every Aiel knows how to wield a spear and they have created a remarkable societal structure in regard to how they live on a day-to-day basis... but I'm digressing... Anyway, comparing our modern day military in Iraq to the Aiel in Arad Doman and such, I remember reading some criticism once upon a time about how our soldiers have been given general orders to 'restore order' and are doing more 'policing' of civilians than fighting. Our soldiers are taught how to fight, not how to manipulate a people and poltics -- especially in a country with such unfamiliar and complex, yet 'barbaric' customs compared to our own, unable to comprehend or have a grasp on how life 'works' there -- kind of like how the Wetlanders see the Aiel as primitive barbarians even though we know they're not; they're just waaaay different and are not understood by outsiders. If you think about it, most of our soldiers are young men straight out of high school and many of whom have not had advanced education. I'm not saying their stupid, just that they joined the military to fight, not to 'fix' the people. With that being said, both our soldiers and the Aiel are capable of playing police but they do better when they're put to use the way they know best -- to fight.
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