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  1. I have been looking over the picture, maybe I am wanting to see things but near the top of the page, on the main stalagtite there looks to be a face. I have asked my children to look in the vicinity and tell me what they see, they say they see a face too. So maybe I ain't crazy, who knows. The other thing I noticed was the lack of black clouds and that implication. I haven't seen it mentioned about the lack of them looks a lovely partly cloudy day temps in the mid 100's in the good old blight. If Rand is using the dagger the parting of the clouds would be a alarm bell that he is there, cos shouldn't they be billowing black and silver? The knife ain't going to be any good is it?
  2. Listening to ToM is GC the son of Grady, Grady states that his kid is damn ugly, not in those words but that's his meaning. Grady is talking with Perrin about going back to the black tower when he mentions that his son is not a handsome boy. Also Rand talks about getting his 'people' organised because he won't be there to fight for them. I read into that, that Rand understands it's NOT all going to happen in one place and wants to position his forces in the best place and that by gathering his forces then dispersing them gives him the best chance to accomplish this. I also think Avi will get back to Rand just as the are concluding the Dragons Peace, then interupts it and discusses the Aiel being included. I always thought the Aiel would make a good police force in general, have them do that. So does Callandor have a deliberate flaw? A flaw created during its making deliberately. I don't know that it does, but listening to what is said about it, it does seem to indicate that, rather than it being discovered, or was it during the testing of it before sticking it in the stone, they discovered the flaws within it? The Dark Ones own luck, how does that make you lucky, that damn creature has never escaped never 'WON' how would anything that has always lost (I know he can have degrees of success) be lucky? Also how does Moridin escape ToG, I thought things of the shadow weren't tolerated. So how come the Finns didn't stop him, or was it Slayer or Proxy who went in for Lanfear? It seems that Moridin waltzed in and took what he wanted, maybe asked about the Shadow book of prophecies at that time? Also does anyone have Ashaman numbers, or a link to a page that give me an idea on their numbers?
  3. Sorry should have clarified, I knew that part of the prophecy was tampered with, I thought Rand could actually fulfil it, without him knowing that he did, even though its a false prophecy before he 'binds' the DotNM, which is strange since she ain't no longer DotNM now.
  4. When I signed up for Audible it was thru Facebook, just to get TOM, I decided to get it for free and cancel, I should have grabbed the offer when. Which was the same as the monthly billing but the price was the same as an entire year as in $14.95 for all the same benefits as a monthly $14.95 subscription. 3 audible books a month, so I could have got all of them, DOH. BTW only 41 weeks today 287 day to go and in 287.5 days it will be read.
  5. I thought inverting the weaves would work even for for a man to sense...same as naeff going to the BT he's going to be disguised and can't let people know he can channel, otherwise he's gunna be a dead man.
  6. I always thought Rand was going use Justice and hand it over to Tuon, when he 'kneels to the Crystal Throne', ie he kneels to give her the sword as respect not as an inferior. BTW is there any other prophecy that uses the word 'bind'? This is always a bit that interested me is the when the Aiel first meet Egwene they talk about the last dreamer the Tower had, I would like to know if the Aiel trained her too, or left her to her own devices in Tel. When Nakomi (I know this is coming from Jupiter never mind left field), I thought that was her, and that her task was to tell Avi.
  7. I always wondered if Taim was Moridin then is he using TP to mask and hide the fact that he has tons of saa flecks across his eyes? Also Matrim when talking in the ToG the Finns tell him he is a the center of it all, not part of the center, not one of three but he is at the center, is that because of his rescue of Moiraine and the important role she has. Personally I don't think so but who knows. Maybe this should be in ask a question section.
  8. I think Mat's Tavereness? made him state 20 days. The pattern knew Mat would be needed to save Moiraine to give up half the light of the world, just look how much his luck increased, also there are still alot of mercs around and some of the band. Also the DO I don't think has any idea of the cannons plus they don't know how to use the correctly either. If you have played with cannons or read up on them they take specific amounts of gunpowder too much its a bomb that explodes, too little and the ball doesn't reach the intended target. I'm not worried about the cannons, Mat needs to be alive to re blow the horn.
  9. The Dark One has had Thousands of opportunities to break free he hasn't so far because this is how the creator wanted it to happen. Men work hard build technology get self serving think they can match the Creator (ie search for new power sources) BAM Dark One is accessed to bring a restoration to the world, for virtue and vice to appear. To me he has no intentions of escaping and knows with his role within the pattern. His energies turn the wheel, he seems to have a more direct involvement when he his able to touch the world. Moridin thinks that the DO wants to end it all, why would he? End the strife, murdering, manipulation, terror he can create for what nothing, personally can't see the benefit for him to do that. I do admit there is a CREATOR and if he truly is the opposite would be the DESTROYER, but I think he is slightly less powerful than the creator that is why he cannot break from his prison.
  10. Listening to the Black Tower part in ToM, Androl description of the Two Rivers men destroying the rocks digging the trench sounds like what happened about Maradon, to the wall. How many of Logains followers are still in the Black Tower? Has Naeff reported back to Rand yet about his visit to the BT? Did Rand show Naeff how to disguise himself?
  11. Listening to the audiobook, I noticed Chesmel announces to a disguised Elayne, that the Shadow was planning an invasion of Andor. I'm surprised that Elayne didn't make necessary plans to counter, though she didn't know where. I would have still thought she would have increased Tower Guard and Soldiers or did she?
  12. It has been speculated the Brandons favourite character or the one he is most like is Perrin. Perrin has 3 chapter 53 where he is the main character in the chapter. I wonder if it is the third of those??
  13. This is from Moghediens conversation with Nyneave in Tanchico about the AoL'ers travelling to other worlds. A spaceship lands where SG is and the crew gets out wondering WTH happened to their homes and starts blasting everyone with their shocklances. Or The same story but they come back thru Portal Stones with the organic mighty putty to reseal the DO.
  14. It is hard to fathom how you can keep creating new prisons, this battle has been going on for infinite turnings of the wheel, it is not impossible that the bore has been drilled into before and repaired. I think what is happening now has happened before and Rand will reseal it so as to seal the DO away again, it will probably take a culmination of channelling and 'singing' to restore balance, that is why i feel the 'song' has been made a part of the story especially with Rand's Rhuidean visit. I think that Mat needs to look at the 'book' Elayne has, to see if he can find the section that has 'songs' in it to see what you do, because it had a fiction and non fiction sections in it. ;D BTW I do like the mighty putty analogy but you need to use the 'organic' stuff to make the DO prison appear to have been resealed naturally. :P
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