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Death Note Mafia (Night 4)

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Dear Diary,


The world has had many powerful people, but nothing like this, nothing like Kira. Some people think he is a God, judging the bad, protecting the good. But the police are trying to catch him, they are convinced he is evil. I don't know what to think. He seems like a good person to me, but my mom says it is wrong to kill other people, even if they aren't the nice ones. I'm not sure I believe her, shouldn't bad people get what they deserve? If they make a life out hurting people and stealing then they deserve anything bad that happens to them, including being killed by Kira. The police say Kira is wrong too, do they want a better world? If they kill Kira, won't criminals start hurting people again? I'll have to think about this more. For now, I think I like Kira, he's doing a good job.










Police Logs [Jan.15, 2010: 8:13 AM]


This is Detective Police Chief Yagami.


We have found out how Kira kills, but it doesn't seem to be leading us anywhere fast. We apprehended a man known as Higuchi, a company executive who was acting as Kira. We have reason to believe that he was not the original Kira. The notebook apparently allows the user to kill someone by writing their name in the book with their face in mind. There are a number of names already in the notebook, most of them former criminals, now dead. There are a number of special rules on the cover of the notebook which will be investigated more shortly. Also, we tried to bring Higuchi in for questioning but he had a sudden heart attack almost as soon we got him out of his car. No doubt Kira was behind this, but how could he have known that Higuchi had been caught? He either has to be in league with one of the detectives or he is one of the detectives. Both possibilities make me sick. How can someone agree with a monster who tries to hold the world hostage while elevating himself to a godlike status? Eventually the people will see...Kira is evil.


WARNING: I just made up these roles the past week or so and they may be skewed in favor of one side or another. I have tried to make it as even as I could but just be warned that if one side obliterates the other, I will make changes to balance it out.


This Mafia gets its theme from the popular anime/manga Death Note, a notebook that can kill someone when you write their name in it with that persons face in mind. Before you say that sounds like a lame concept for a series, GO WATCH IT! Anyway, if you want to get some more info on the characters go here:



However, when I PM the roles, I will include a short description of the character as well (and a photo).


With that said, I'll say some more. Here are the rules, don't break em (courtesy of Reyoru).


1) Mod is God. I reserve the right to change things and run the game the way I want(most likely I'll just leave things the way they were).

2) No editing posts. EVER. You WILL be modkilled, WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

3) You must post at least once every game day. If you go on LOA please inform me, otherwise you will be modkilled.

4) No revealing character names. You can claim whatever role you want, but no character names.

5) A lynch will be held everyday, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A MAJORITY. You may change your vote whenever you want but once everyone has voted, that's it! Any vote changes after all players have voted will be negated. In the event of a tie, a player who did not vote will be killed randomly. If everyone voted then one of the people who tied will be randomly killed.

6) Game days and nights will vary in length. I'll let you know when we start!

7) Character names, roles and alignment will be revealed after death.

8) To vote, you must Glow your vote. Same goes for unvoting for it to count.

9) No quoting PMs from the mod. Or anyone else for that matter.

10) You must defeat the ENTIRE other team to win. (i.e. Mafia must kill all townies). I may change this midgame depending on how it looks for either team.

11) No communicating off thread unless your role says so.

12) Once you're dead, you get a bah post then you may post in this thread, which will become the dead Thread.

13) No excessive spam. Sure, lead people down the wrong track, distract them, but not so you have to trudge through 8 pages of spam when you log back on. If you do spam, I'll bug Talya to delete your post. Or simply modkill you if you persist.




Now for the roles:


A note on awareness: If your role is listed as being aware of someone(s), you may ONLY communicate with those people and they may communicate with you. For example, if John is aware of Jack and Jack is aware of Sue then John and Sue may communicate with Jack but not with each other. Those that you are aware of will be PM'ed to you in the form of their DM name, not their role in the game. ONLY THE MAFIA, NEAR AND MELLO MAY COMMUNICATE ROLES DISCOVERED USING REVEAL POWERS. ANY MAFIA MAY COMMUNICATE THE ROLES TO WHOMEVER IS CURRENTLY KIRA (KIRA MAY NOT TELL THEM TO OTHERS). NEAR AND MELLO MAY TELL ROLES ONLY TO L IF THEY WISH. L MAY NOT TELL THEM TO OTHERS. Everyone else is free to suggest who to vote for to those they are aware of, they just can't tell the role of that person. Please post any questions on this thread.


Anyway, here are the roles:


MAFIA: Mafia vote along with the Townies during the day phase to lynch a player.


Light Yagami/Kira: Once each night you may choose one player and attempts to guess their role,

if correct, this person will die, you may not kill Soichiro Yagami nor tell Mikami to kill him.

If Kira is killed, this power passes to a random mafia member. If this power passes to Mikami, his Death Note now has a 100% chance of killing someone. If this power passes to another mafia member (i.e. not Mikami), they may choose to use it OR their previous power during the night phase.


You have 1 defense against lynching and are a member of the task force.


As a member, you are only aware of Soichiro Yagami. You are also aware of Misa, Takada and Mikami. If you die, all remaining mafia become aware of each other.


If you die, all mafia become aware of each other.




Kiyomi Takada: Once at least one member of the mafia is dead, you may choose a task force member and convert them from townie to vanilla mafia (this power may only be used once). You are aware of Light Yagami. If you choose to convert a member of the task force, PM the role name (i.e. Touta Matsuda) and that person will be converted. You may not convert the Cheif.* (see below for details)



Teru Mikami: You may either (once per night) choose to reveal the role of a player of your choice (1/3 chance of success) OR choose

one player and attempt to guess their role, if correct, this person will (with a 2/3 chance of success) die.

You are aware of Light Yagami.



Misa Amane: You may choose one player each night and reveal their role (there is a 2/3 chance of success). You are aware of

Light Yagami.






TOWNIES: Townies may vote on a member to lynch during the DAY PHASE.


L: Your vote is worth one, two or three votes instead of one in the lynching process and will take effect after all votes are in.* (see below for details)


You are aware of Near and Mello.


Near: You may choose one person each night and attempt to reveal their role (there is a 1/3 chance of success).


If L dies and you are still alive, your vote is now worth three.


You are aware of L.


Mello: You may choose one person each night and attempt to reveal their role (there is a 1/3 chance of success).


If you discover the identity of Takada using reveal powers, you may chose to block her convert power if she chooses to use it. You will be PM'ed if she uses the power, you may then decide whether to block it or not, if so, her power is wasted.


If you discover the identity of Near, you may (if you wish) kill him and then join the mafia. However, if you do so you lose all your powers and become a vanilla mafia member.


You are aware of L.



Soichiro Yagami/Cheif: A member of the task force, you have 1 defense against DAY PHASE lynching. You may, at the time of your choosing, reveal the names of any task force member to any other member. You may not post their names on the public thread, only via PM. For example, you may tell "player X" that "player Y" is on the task force. If you do, then these members can now communicate via PM as well.


IMPORTANT: The task force will begin with three random members (the chief included) and will grow by one member at the start of each day phase. Also, if you cast a vote (during the day phase lynch) against L, Near or Mello, you will die.


As police chief, you are responsible for organizing the task force, thus, you are aware of all other members.


If you die, the role of chief is passed down to the next person on this list. Light Yagami cannot become chief.




Shuichi Aizawa: A member of the task force, you have 1 defense against DAY PHASE lynching. You are aware of the chief.



Kanzo Mogi: A member of the task force, you have 1 defense against DAY PHASE lynching. You are aware of the chief.



Hideki Ide: A member of the task force, you have 1 defense against DAY PHASE lynching. You are aware of the chief.


Hirokazu Ukita: A member of the task force, you have 1 defense against DAY PHASE lynching. You are aware of the chief.



Touta Matsuda: A member of the task force, you have 1 defense against DAY PHASE lynching. You are aware of the chief.


*All defense values as well as L's voting power will take effect after everyone has voted. For example: If L and Misa vote for Ukita, it will look like Ukita has 2 votes for him. However, once everyone has voted, L's vote counts for 3 and Ukita has 1 defense so 3 (L's vote) + 1 (Misa's) - 1 (defense) = 3 votes total. You may choose what value your vote takes on. To do this, once you have voted, PM to me the value which you want your vote to take on (1,2 or 3). Once you have done this, you may still change your vote, but not the value. You may choose a new vote value once per day phase. If this power passes to Near, he follows the same rules.



*A member of the task force who is converted by Takada gains the appropriate awareness of the mafia (i.e. if Light is alive, they become aware of him, if he is already dead, he become aware of all mafia). When the task force member is converted, they may still communicate with the Cheif but may not reveal the identity of the Cheif to the Mafia.



Please feel free to post any errors you see in the roles that conflict with each other or with the rules. This version was meant to be quick, fast paced and have a very detective-like feel. I need 13 players and I hope you enjoy it!


1. Dsworn L

2. ed

3. Talya

4. Reyoru Mogi

5. Pale Merlot Mikami

6. Tynaal

7. Tigraine Ukita

8. Jadyn Ide

9. Alanna Takada

10. MCS Mello

11. Krak Near

12. Aemonkristen

13. Aljenn Soichiro Yagami


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Can we have a list of all the stuff you had on the other thread please Chrono, and a list pf players. it helps a lot.


thanks sweetie :)

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Guest dragonsworn1991

Checking in. I will be on limited activity until Monday


your number eleven buddy

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Code fail :(


I forgot about the ,2,300... maybe I can make that a bigger number... *Goes to find out*


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